Walgreens: $10 Register Rewards when you buy Zyrtec?

I just wanted to share this email I received from Melanie.  If you need this product, this seems like a good deal:

I just wanted to pass along a bargain I got at Walgreens today. The Zyrtec 40-45 ct is on sale $26.99 with a $7 RR. Well, I bought mine using a $6 off coupon from the mfg website, and I got a $10 RR! I don’t know why it was $10 instead of $7, but I tried two transactions and I got $10 both times. Makes the final price $10.99.

Has anybody tried buying this product and gotten the same result as Melanie?

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  • Andrea

    I’ll try and confirm later – I need to actually go and get some anyway. If this is the case, this is good news! My husband eats Zyrtec like it is candy at this time of year.


    It’s the 45 ct. that’s $26.99.

  • I was just going to post this too! I just bought the 24 count used the $6.00 coupon from the 4/18 RP insert and out popped a $10 reward!

    • Natasha,

      So is it the 24ct or the 40-45 count. the ad says the 40-45 ct are the ones $26.99


  • Oh, I’m sorry! I got so excited I wrote the wrong thing. I bought the 45 count and it gave me a $10.00 RR.

  • 1956okie

    Did it for me yesterday, too. I bought the 45-count, used a $4 off Q, and it gave me a $10 RR. Love it!

  • Does anyone know if the RR work for childrens Zyrtec?

  • Teri

    Isn’t there a Walgreens store coupon in the April savings book too? Can you stack that with the manufacturer’s coupon?

    • Hi Teri

      The coupon is for the 70ct, unfortunately.


  • Megan

    You guys should seriously take a look at RiteAid’s rebates because there are a couple of overlapping Allergy rebates. One is the Allergy rebate that is from Feb-end of Aug & and the other one is for April’s rebates. I already did the March rebate too, so I’m overlapping both March and April with the Allergy Rewards program rebate. I figured out that after using $5/$20 Video Value’s coupon, $2 Zyrtec Video Value’s (says liquid gels but works on regular capsules), and the $6 coupon from http://www.zyrtectv.com…I will actually make $21!!! That’s the basic scenario for 30ct & for one run to the store, but do this multiple times (while adding in a free after rebate item as a filler to reach $20) and you could do really well after rebates. Just make sure you reach the $75 (before coupons) and you will make both rebates work for ya!

    • Kelly

      Wish we had Rite Aids.

  • Amy

    There is also a Walgreens q for $2 off Zyrtec from one of the books at an endcap display from last fall (?). I’m not sure if you can use this & the $6 one, but I will try it & let you know! =)

    • Amy

      The 2nd $2 WG q is actually a manufacturer’s q, so I couldn’t stack it with the $6 q. I did get the 45ct Zyrtec $26.99 for $3.99 (after $6 q & then I got both a $10 RR & $7 RR)!

  • Mary

    I did the transaction two different times today. The first transaction I bought the 45count tablets and I received a $10.00 and a $7.00 register reward. I went in at a different store and purchased a 45 count liquid gel cap and only the $7.00 register reward printed. I wonder if the $10.00 register reward is attached to the tablet form? Anyway, I ended up with $24.00 in register rewards!!

  • Laurie

    Thanks for the tip! Today I got the 45 count tablets for $26.99. I used the $6 manufacturer’s coupon, and received both the $7 and $10 Register Rewards. I did this transaction 4 times with the same results. Thats $3.99 each AFTER coupons and RR’s!

  • Keri

    MEghan what scenario are you using to make $20 on the Rite Aid Allergy rebates?

  • Kellee

    I bought 45ct Zyrtec for $26.99 and received a $7RR and $10RR! Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi there,

    You got a $10 RR because there is a monthly RR deal including Zyrtec

    Get $10 RR WYB $25 participating Zyrtec, Tylenol, Simply Sleep, Motrin or St. Joseph products

    • Mary

      I only bought the Zyrtec in each transaction. I did not purchase any Tylenol, Motrin, Simply Sleep or the St. Joseph products.

  • Kate

    I also got the $10 and &7 RR today. Since the zyrtec was the only thing i bought the cashier was a little weary but gave me both of them.

  • Megan

    It’s a pretty detailed scenario, but I’ll try to lay it out here. Please, be aware that apart of my scenario includes the J&J March SCR#24 rebate that included zyrtec, but ended 3/27, so you will not be able to do apart of it. I just think that people might be able to still make a good deal & possibly still close to free.

    My purchases:
    Trans#1 on 3/27 –
    Zyrtec 45ct – $26.99
    $2C (VV)
    $4C MFG
    OOP $15.99

    Trans #2 on 3/27-
    Zyrtec 45ct – $26.99
    Tampax 20ct – $2.99
    Total Before Coupons =$29.98
    $2C (VV)
    $2.50C MFG
    Total = $20.48
    $20 RiteAid Gift Cert = OOP $0.48
    Receive $1 Rebate for Tampax

    Rolled = $20 Rebate Gift Certificate
    Total OOP = $15.99+$0.48=$16.47

    Rebates Approved 4/9/10 – $26.00 ($1 & $25)
    ○ $20.00 Successfully Rolled
    ○ $6 Paid after P&G Rebate, but still able to apply the zyrtec purchases to the
    Allergy Rewards SCR #553.

    Trans#3 on 4/15:
    Zrytec 30ct $18.99
    Crest 3D Vivid White TP $2.99
    Total Before Coupons = $21.98
    $6 Printable Coupon from zyrtectv.com
    $2 Zyrtec VV
    $1 Crest MFG
    = OOP $7.98
    REBATES – $2 Crest & $18.99 Zyrtec toward SCR’s #552 & #553
    Without counting Zyrtec rebates – $5.98 after Rebate

    4th Trans 4/16:
    Zyrtec 30ct $18.99
    Pure & Natural B1G1 Liquid Handsoap – $4.69
    $3 Pure & Natural VV
    $2 Pure & Natural MFG
    $2 Pure & Natural MFG
    $2 Zyrtec VV
    $6 Zyrtec Printable from website
    = $3.68 OOP
    Reached Allergy Rewards SCR #553 – will receive $20 for spending $75

    5th Planned Trans 4/17:
    Zyrtec 30ct $18.99
    Contact Solution $7.99
    $5/$25 (from RedPlum.com)
    $6 Zyrtec Printable from website
    $2 Zyrtec VV
    = $13.98 OOP
    Total After Rebate for Contact Solution – $5.99
    Reached April Allergy Reward for SCR #552 – $25 for spending $50 (be careful of what count & kind of Zyrtec)

    Finally (sorry so long) my total OOP = $62.11
    – Non-Zyrtec Rebates: $9.98
    – Zyrtec Rebates – $70

    Total After Rebates = $7.89 MONEY MAKER! (Ok, so it didn’t turn out to be the $20 I thought it was, but this is awsome for 180ct of Zyrtec – 5 bottles!)

  • Gina

    I got $17 back tonight!!!! A $10 I guess for the b$25 in Tylenol Products, etc and got the $7 from the Zyrtec! WOW!