DEAD DEAL: Walgreens $10/40 coupon good 9/12 AND 9/13

Last time this coupon was out I was a little skeptical about how we could put it to good use. But there are tons of smart people out there who were able to come up with awesome scenarios.

Get yours here.

Update: No scenario here, we decided to go away for the weekend so I may be sitting this one out.

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  • OnlyOnSale

    Hi. I am a little confused about this coupon.. Does the 40 total have to be after coupons or can you just give the walgreens coupon first and then the other coupons? Thanks!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Onlyonsale,
    You have to make sure your total after all of the manufacturer coupons is above $40. So after this coun is applied your total can be as low as $30.

    For example if you have
    $60 in merchandise
    -15 in manufacturer coupons
    -10 walgreens 10/40 coupon
    =35 plus tax oop

    Hope that helps.

  • Lauri @ A Day Spent

    I like to use these for the Free After Rebate items each month…makes the overage even more.

  • momof2girls

    Ok, here’s a question. Are the register rewards considered coupons or cash? IOW, can we base the total on $40.00 after mfgr. coupons but before the rr’s?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Momof2girls,
    Unfortunately register rewards are considered manufacturer coupons.


  • momof2girls

    Oh shoot. I was afraid that might be the case, thanks for the info so I can plan accordingly. Great blog, btw. I got here via moneysavingmom. I’m hoping to get some much overdue shopping done tomorrow at Walgreen, CVS, Target, etc…while I’m in the city.

  • Anonymous

    I saw on MoneySavingMethods that there is supposed to be a MIR on Glade Flameless Candles this weekend. If it is true this could be a serious MM and great way to push up to 40.


  • Mercedes

    Hi Charlene,
    You just have to be careful because some of those MIRs stipulate purchase period. If the purchase period doesn’t start until after Sunday if you buy before that then they will deny the rebate.

  • Andrea

    Check out my scenario!

  • OnlyOnSale

    I did some scenarios.. BEFORE i knew it had to be after coupons. They are over at my blog.. too bad I wasted my time. Will the computer not let it go through if it goes below 40? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    can you do one transaction and get back 2 or 3 rr?

  • Mercedes

    Hi anon, you will only get one RR if you buy six or more products. you need to split your transactions.

  • Sonia
  • MelissaW

    I know the coupon states it must be after all coupons, but I just hand my coupons to the cashier & they ring them in the order they are in the pile, so I've never had an issue. Watch, now that I've said that, when I go in there today, I will…..