Walgreens: 11×14″ photo poster only 25 Cents! (reg $9.99)

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Amazing deal from Walgreens photo right now.  Get a 11×14″ photo poster in satin for just 25 cents.  Just use the coupon code 25CENTS at check out to get this steal.  Choose to pick it up in store to save on shipping.  Otherwise shipping is $1.99.  Offer valid through March 2.

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  • Rob

    I’m being told this is fake and not being honored. It’s nowhere on the walgreens website. Might want to investigate or take it down.

    • joe

      it worked for me it only if you send your pic from your iphone

    • ssm

      I work at walgreens as a photo tech and we are told to honor this coupon

  • Bri

    I work at Walgreens and just tried it. It does work.

    • Bri

      At least through the app it works. Online not so much

  • Joan

    I got it to work!
    I had to use the wags app.
    Cool thing is I could do more than one order and use the code.

    • noel

      What is the wags app? is it the walgreens mobile app?

      • Joan

        Yes. The Walgreens app. Then use the photo button. Surprisingly user friendly.

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  • theresa

    just tried to use that code and didn’t work

  • R L

    I just bought some using the code, got a little slack from Walgreens about how they were losing money on the order. Went to order more, and now it’s no good.

  • Rob

    Help Center is currently working on a fix to stop the code from working unless they’ve already done so

  • Lynn

    I tried to get this deal, but when I applied the code at checkout I got this error message: “We’re sorry, coupon code(s) 25CENTS cannot be applied. Please check the coupons and try again.”

  • jodi

    Hey thanks ALOT! NOW THIS IS PULLED! Way to go on getting this cancelled. I hope Walgreens drops you as an affliate for putting this out before it was ready. Nice Job claps all around. The coupon is not valid until the right date so no stores have to honor it now. You ruined an AWESOME DEAL! I am so PO over this thank thanks a lot really!

    • Christy M

      I think you need to calm down. It’s not the end of the world! It works on the iphone app if you have one.

    • Hi Jodi,

      If the coupon was out there and working. There were no effective dates stated for it. I am not omniscient.


    • wow

      FYI. Responding to a small problem with rudeness and sarcasm makes you look ridiculous.

  • Christy M

    I was able to download the walgreens iphone app for free and make 2 posters for 20 cents each! It doesn’t work online today but might tomorrow. Thanks!

  • sam

    this coupon did work for me … i got two copies of a poster.. paid 54 cents.. when i come home.. there was an extra one.. they gave me three… cant beat that! i saw it on dealnews 2 hours later it was posted.. but when i tried it again at night time.. the deal had expired.. oh well.. got three at least for 54 cents!

  • stephanie

    Can someone help me….. it does not seem to work for me. Am I doing something wrong??