Dead Deal: Walgreens: 15% Discount Coupon and Holiday Register Reward Scenario

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I have revised this scenario because it seems the 15% discount coupon also adjusts the value of Walgreens coupons by 15%.  I am a little late to this party but if you were planning on shopping at Walgreens later today 12/17 then maybe this deal will help you:

$27.96 when you buy four John Frieda Root Awakening products $6.99 each
$2 two Blistex products
-$4.50 when you use 15% Fan and Family Coupon
– $1/2 Blistex coupon from 11/15 SS insert
-$10 when you use two $5/2 John Frieda Printable coupons
-$10.2 when you use one $3/1 John Frieda Walgreens Coupon from Big Savings coupon booklet
= $4.26 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 Holiday register Reward Back

Then do this transaction:

$13.98 when you buy two 6 ct packs of Viva Paper Towels $6.99 each
$2.50 Ghirardelli Chocolate bag
$0.25 add small filler to use Holiday register rewards
-$2.50 when you use Fan and Friend Walgreens coupon
-$1/1 Ghirardelli chocolate printable coupons (IE Link) (FF Link)
-$4 when you use $2/1 Viva manufacturer coupons
-$3.4 when you use $2/1 Walgreens coupon from Big Savings booklet
-$5 when you use $5 Holiday Register reward from previous transaction
=Pay $0.73 plus tax out of pocket!

In total you pay less than $4.99 for all of these! Please note that the Viva printable manufacturer coupon says Redeemable at Kmart but they are manufacturer coupons, will scan and Walgreens will get reimbursed.

Thanks Abundant Food Savings!

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  • Kristin

    I may be wrong on this but I’m pretty certain that Walgreen’s coupons (I’m referencing the John Frieda coupon) are reduced by 15% when you use the friends and family coupon. I remember last time they had this coupon available I used a $1.00 Wags Q (for the Huggies I believe) and it only deducted 0.85. So the John Frieda Q may only deduct $10.80 in your first scenario.

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  • Kellee

    The friends and family coupon deducts 15% from each item, not from the total! Be careful when using coupons and trying to reach a total of $25 to receive the $5 RR! I would ask the cashier before I purchase my items just to make sure!

    • How is it different if it’s from each item or total? In the end all values are summed up to get to the total. But that’s why I added the Blistex to make sure the total after 15% is still $25


  • Kristin

    I just realized I did my math wrong…the John Frieda Q should deduct $10.20. 🙂

    • Thanks Kristin,

      I had no idea. I have only shopped FF 15% once.


  • Erin

    The second transaction, you would have to add another filler item since you are using 2 viva MF coupons, and 1 Ghiradelli coupon, + 1 walgreens $5.00 RR… Those RR count as 1 MF coupon too.

  • Anupama

    Aren’t the John Freida coupons for John Freida Root Awakening products? If that is the case, we should buy that specific product, correct? Asking because I’ve made this mistake a couple of times now without noticing that the coupon states a specific product in that brand.

    • Hi
      I fixed that Anupama, thanks!

  • Vicky

    I did the second transaction with just the Viva towels and one can of progresso soup fo .99. I used both Kmart coupons (with it cut out) and the in ad Walgreens add and paid $2.46 for all after using one of my $5/25 couponse. Thanks!!!

  • Melanie

    I went to wags at lunch today before I saw this post. In Illinois, the coupon was not reduced by 15%. Just double checked my receipt and all of my coupons rang up regularly. Each item printed at the discounted price with a 15% next to the price.

    • Kristin

      The Walgreens coupon was not reduced by 15%? That’s great to know, I know some of the are but wasn’t sure if the new $200 coupon book would be

    • Jennifer

      The walgreens coupon from the coloring book for the Huggies reduced it doen to .85 off instead of 1.00 off. So in that case it did take 15% off the coupon.

      • Melanie

        Weird. It’s not doing it on the instore Wags coupon for the John Frieda. I’ll have to watch out for that!

  • Alan

    Where did the big savings booklet come from? Thanks. Also, I went to Wags today, found out you have to reach 25 with the 15% OFF, but before all other coupons to get the extra 5 RR.

    • Hi Alan,

      This is available in stores and should be where the rest of the sales circulars are. Ask your cashier or assistant manager. They should know since they expire on 12/24.


      • Nina

        I was wondering this too…. I just left Walgreens and I grabbed one of every coupon book they had but the Big Savings booklet wasn’t there? I’m going to call and ask them about it…..

  • Mary

    Your scenario worked like a charm for me 🙂 I was so excited that I got the last two Viva!

  • Patricia

    This doesnt have any thing to do with the new booklet but can someone please tell me where you can find the childrens activity book or when it comes out-ish… my walgreens is awful.. when I asked them about it, they just shrugged 🙁

    • Erin

      I have an extra one that I’m thinking of putting on ebay. I know I have seen some in the past on there. I would consider trading for postage stamps but I don’t really need any more coupons.

  • Maria

    Patricia: some Walgreens have them along with the coloring books, some have special place for them, some have them on the clearance
    area for $0.50, some don’t carry them anymore. I know first hand that some employees are no so nice, so you have to check everywhere to find them. Good luck!!! 🙂

    • Patricia

      Thanks, I’m going to look today.

  • Shelly

    I just bought the John Freidas and they were priced at $6.49 at my Wags. Also, my coupons were not reduced by the 15% – it took them all at full value.

  • Jan

    I’ve been to the K-Mart website and it won’t let me clip any of the coupons. Is there something one has to do to be able to clip them?

  • Jennier

    My Walgreens has the special sheet of coupons behind the counter,and won’t give it out to customers. The girl behind the counter let me look at them, and it did have the John Freida coupon. So, most of the customers have no idea that these offers are available.

  • Kristin

    Jan – try clicking on the picture instead of the “clip” area. I had the same problem.

  • Amy

    i just did a john frieda deal and my coupons were not affected.

    i bought 5 at 6.49 each, used (2) 5/2 and (1) 2 and my total was only about $1 + tax! of course i have 8% tax so it was $3 and change for the total but i got $5 coupon so made a profit!

  • i can’t find $2/1 viva! can anyone help?

  • Tara

    Hi Kimberly…I can’t find the $2/1 Viva coupon either. Does anyone know if it was removed?

  • Stephanie

    The JF coupon was NOT reduced for me. I bought 2 and got $6 off. Also the IVC coupons will ultimately get you 15% off of the sale price. For example I bought the Mars candy and I paid 0.33. I was hoping the coupon would still take off 50cents but it did not.

  • Erika

    Please help I’m new to this, and there’s something I don’t understand. How can you use the 2 coupons of the same? when the coupon says clearly “Limit one coupon per customer” sorry about this but I needed to know.

    • Hi Erika,

      The coupon says one coupon per customer per offer but when the coupon is scanned it applies to all of the items in your order. So you do end up just using one coupon but it deducts for a many of the items you have in your order the coupon is good for.


  • Nancy

    It seems that if we used the $5 Holiday register Reward to buy a RR item, the RR for that item would not print. Did it happen to someone else?

    • Erin

      No, I used it to roll into the Complete last night and it worked fine. The $5 RR was from last week though.

  • Kristin

    Sorry for giving you wrong information. As everyone has reported (and it worked for me too) the John Frieda coupon (and others as well) are taking off the full amount. I’m not sure about the coloring book coupons or the December monthly coupons but the $200 book seems to be taking off the full amount.

  • Juanita

    When I went to Walgreens on Wednesday and made my $25 purchase, a very nice cashier scanned a $5 off $20 Wags coupon. I had to ask her what she was scanning since I hadn’t seen it before. I believe the expiration date for it was 12-24. So I saved $5 and got back the $25 purchase $5 RR for a savings total of $10. Very happy about that!

    I went today to get the diapers that I forgot yesterday and some of their BOGO toys and the cashier (a different one) did not scan the extra coupon and said she didn’t know what it was when I asked about it. Anyone know where to get this coupon??

  • Maria

    Juanita: I saw a similar coupon $5/20 at my parents house, they received it by mail and it is related with medicare part D, o something like that.

  • Kristin

    Juanita – I have one store in my area that has that coupon as well. I asked her where I can get it and she said it’s not available online and that some people may have gotten it in the mail. She said they just keep it behind the counter to use when a customer hits $20.00. She told me that it was good through the New Year. I have been to several stores several times over the last 2 weeks and that is the only store I have been to that has it (or at least that has used it)

  • Jenae

    I don’t understand why this is dead…the 15% off coupon is still valid through Friday.

    • Mercedes

      Hi jenae

      but the holiday register reward is no longer printing


  • Lynn

    I did the 4 John Frieda items (Root awakening ) and they came out to .44 cents each after 15% facebook coupon and the mfg and wags coupons. I added a box of Cinnimon Toast Cruch cereal (1.99 on sale less 15% les .55 coupon)

    On the second deal I skipped the chocolate cause I couldnt find it in the store but I picked up two Viva’s as well as 2 Nexxus shampoos at $5.49 each, less 15% Facebook coupon and $4.00 in store wags coupon. The shampoos came out to .67 each

    I spent $5.27 on 4 Frieda items, 2 nexxus shampoos, 2 viva towl 6 packs and 1 box cereal. Not too shabby.

  • Lynn

    I printed the Viva coupon a couple weeks ago cause it looked promising. I think it reached it’s print limit.

  • Tonya

    I know it’s a little late, but in case you’re going to do the John Freida deal with the 15% off. The JF coupon in the $200 savings flyer scans as a Manufacturer coupon even though it says Wags coupon. Only the coupons that scan as Wags coupons take off 15%. You can see on your receipt which ones scan as manu. coupons and which scan as Wags coupon. All the in ad coupons will take off 15%

  • jen

    i didn’t get the $5 RR, the cashier said she thought that ended yesterday? but I did buy two boxes of hersheys gold on sale for 2 for 6, then used 2 ($1 off 1) to make it 2 for 4, then i got a surprise RR for $3 from hershey! yay!

  • pennyscents

    I used one of the coupons from this flyer this week. It was the $5.00 off Sunbeam IVC. There was a stack of them printed out and stapled to the sales tag by the item. Even though, it was a Wags IVC it did show up on the receipt as a Manufacturer coupon. This would probably explain why some people are having problems with the John Frieda deal.

  • Amy M

    I went to Walgreens and nobody knew anything about the big savings book (the $200 one). Help?

  • Kim

    Even though, it was a Wags IVC it did show up on the receipt as a Manufacturer coupon. This would probably explain why some people are having problems with the John Frieda deal

    That explains why some of my Qs wouldnt work..She scanned the Flier first.. Thankfully the store manager was standing there next to us and was in a good mood!!
    When they were trying to figure it out she told the cashier to just enter it as a manf Q and the amount and she’d sign for it..

    I got 3 JF shampoos, 3 conditioners, and 3 detangler/conditioners, 1 Pert for Men, and 2 little kiddie books for $5.97! Gotta LOVE THAT!! 😀


  • Kim

    Amy, ask them if they have the sheet of coupons that looks like its been photocopied. One of my Wags had some but the print was so small I was going to have to look at them thru my microscope at work.. lol.
    I asked at another store & she gave me a copy of the pages that were large enough to actually read.. even without cheaters for reading. 😉

    also, somewhere over the last few days, I saw a copy of the sheets online so you could probably just copy it then enlarge each page in Photoshop or some other such program.. if you could find it that is. 😉 They dont have to scan the picture.. they can just enter the code.. if they will.

  • Ninan

    I have been following the advice on here, I am very excited about about this site & very grateful too! However; it is important to me that I understand how things work… How I’m saving what I’m saving, which coupons work together & why, what the total expense minus savings will total, etc. That said, I am really confused by this scenario… In the first example, why do you deduct $10.20 for the $3/1 John Frieda coupon? Wouldn’t you be deducting $3.00 off of each box which would total $12? I’m confused…. Also, on the second scenario it says you deduct $4.00 with the manufacture coupons (which I get), but then it says to deduct $3.4 off of for the two other $2.00 off coupons… So when I tally it up you are using $8.00 in coupons for the Viva towels, not $7.40?
    Then, I also don’t really understand why/how you spend less by getting more? I would never use the John Frieda products… And I don’t need the bag of chocolates… So I bought Viva paper towels and I used all the coupons & the 15% discount so I spent $3.88 for two packs…. With coupons & the discount, I also purchased six candy bars for .33 each ($1.98) and four cans of soup at .37 each ($1.48) and one gallon of milk on sale for $1.99 so my total after tax was $10.29
    I think I did well, but with not quite understanding your scenarios and your total being half of mine… I was a little dissapointed in myself. Any help in understanding this is appreciated!!

    • Hi Nina,

      My scenarios really are suggestions of what people could do. Let’s try to answer some questions:

      In the first scenario I suggested buying the John Frieda because yesterday people would have spend a bit under $3 and gotten a $5 register reward back. So they would have “made” $2 and this would have made the out of pocket expense in the next transaction lower.

      I lower the value that the walgreens coupons would deduct by 15% because a reader mentioned at the beginning of the comments that they 15% off coupon also applied to the Walgreens store coupons but it turned out not to be the case and the coupons were still deducting the full value. So that was a nice surprise.

      I suggested adding the bag of chocolates because I wasn’t sure if the Holiday register reward would print if your total was less than $25 after the 15% off friends and family coupon.

      Like I said my scenarios are always just suggestions to get people’s minds going on what tthey could do or but at Walgreens for very little. In your case since you didnt have a Holiday register reward and you added items you had no coupons for (soups, milk and candy bar) then that’s why your total was higher but you still did very well.

      I hope this helps,


      • Ninan

        Thank you so much for responding! I have to say… You are totally my new hero! I found this site when I started coupon shopping as well as discovered Walgreens about 3 weeks ago… In that short amount of time I have already been able to save probably close to $200.00! I thin you are brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to explain this all to me… I appreciate you very much! 🙂

        • Nina

          Oops! Typos… I’m on my phone….