Walgreens: 15% Discount + Diaper Deal

Today and through 8/4 you can get 15% off your purchases (and 20% on W Brand items) with this printable coupon. This makes the Pampers diaper deal a bit better:

Buy 4 Pampers diapers jumbo pack for $8.99 = $35.96
Buy 4 Pampers Tubs wipes around $3.49 each
Use 15% off Walgreens coupon – $5.62 = $31.82
Use three $1.50/1 Pampers diapers 8/1 Procter and Gamble insert – $4.50 = $27.32
Use three Buy Pampers diapers get wipes FREE 8/1 Procter and Gamble insert – $10.47
Pay $23.56 out of pocket and get back one $5 RR

Thanks Thrifty Couple who also has diaper deals listed for Rite Aid and CVS.

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  • claire

    Wait does the 25$ have to be before 15% off or after it?could somone please test this deal and tell how it works out?:)

  • I’d love to know if this works.

  • Kathleen

    I am too chicken to try and use both the 1.50 coupon AND the bogo coupon- has this been tried yet? 🙂

  • kim

    kathleen– I have never had trouble with that sort of deal at Walgreens. no beeps should be expected except to alert the cashier to enter the price of the wipes!

    the issue is going to be that with the 15%, the total will be below $25. I am not sure it will work.

  • allison

    I don’t see anything on the 15% coupon that states you need to spend $25 to get the discount. Am I missing something??

    • claire

      Allison the 25$ is amount you need to get the pampers register reward:)

  • allison

    Thanks. I was a little lost for the moment!!

    Then using coupons should work as I have done it with the Huggies deals before. Let me know if anyone does the deal….

  • Tammi

    Are you sure the tubs are included for this sale? It appeared that only the big package of wipes was included? Can anybody confirm?

  • Stephanie

    No the wipes are not part of the deal. That is why you must get 3 packages of diapers to get over the $25 mark. THe wipes are just a bonus since the coupon is out.

  • Auber

    I did the deal today, and they had to go back and refund the diapers and scan them again because the $25 has to be AFTER the 15% discount (but before the man. coupons). I also used the free wipes coupons and had no issues. Lucky for me they were nice enough to rescan the diapers so I could get my $5 RR.

  • JoAnna

    You do have to spend over $25, even with the discount. This is actually just the regular employee discount, being extended to customers. I am an employee, and have to refigure most of my transaction regarding RR due to the fact that you still have to spend $xx.xx in order to receive them. As far as using the $1.50 and free wipes coupons, my store would not have a problem with it. If it beeps, it should still be pushed through. Hope that helps!

  • Amber

    I tried this deal and this is what happened: The RR did not print and when I asked about it the cashier said that the store’s policy has changed and they are no longer allowing coupons on RR products. He said they didn’t like people saving so much money (he really said this!) I asked when this change happened and he said sometime this summer. Of course I don’t believe him, but he wouldn’ t do anything about my RR not printing. When I got home and looked at my receipt, he gave me the 15% off each item not the total, which is what I thought the deal was. Even with the 15% I still spent $25 so that shouldn’t have been an issue. However, AFTER the MQ’s the total was under $25, so maybe that’s the problem? I ended up saving $5.61 with the 15%, so that’ s more than the $5RR, but it would have been nice to get both. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Kristina L.

    I have found that some Walgreens are different when it comes to RR. I have been to one that wouldn’t let me get a RR when I paid with one even if it was for a different product. I think that just like Target, some Walgreens just make up their own rules. I have been finding that the THREE Targets that I shop at they are all different about their coupon policy. It’s very frustrating even when I know there policy and they still don’t go by it and the same with Walgreens.

    • Kristina L.

      BTW if you got the Vocalpoint 3.00 off coupons for Pampers this would be a great time to use them.

  • Megan

    My RR didn’t print either and I think this is why. On the coupon it says that it needs to be given at the BEGINNING OF CHECKOUT. My cashier put this in first and then rang up my stuff. So the diapers are actually ringing at 7.94 instead of 8.99. 7.94 x 3 =23.82 which is not the 25.00 need to get the RR. Also when he subtracted my MQ coupons he only took off $2.97 per tub of wipes because the 15% had already been taken at the beginning. So this was only 8.91 instead of 10.47 listed above. I believe for the RR to print with no problems and use all coupons, you will have to buy four packages of diapers. I did end up complaining to the manager and he gave me a 5.00 credit but he wasn’t that happy about it.

    • Amber

      That’s exactly what the cashier did in my case! But I also had the wipes on there so they should have gotten my total past the $25 mark.

  • BethAnn

    You have to buy four diapers and three wipes to get the discount and the RR. I just got back and the total with three was under the $25 but with four diapers it worked. It is stil a great deal with four diapers.

  • Melissa

    I am going to go try this and see if it works. BUT in my doing the math, it’s a pretty good deal on diapers but not a super hot one. If you count the RR you get them down to 18 cents per diaper, the generics I like are 20 cents a diaper. Still cheaper, but not amazingly so. The free wipes do help the deal out though (and if they give you the full price off on the q and not just the 15% off price then you’ll save a little more!)

  • Debbie

    got a question to anyone that knows the answer……….i bought the Vitamin Alive and w/ the 15% disc, it came to $8.50. The $10 RR didn’t print, is it because i paid less than $10? Should I send in my receipt to get the RR or should i just forget about it.


    • Melanie

      Debbie – I did the Alive vitamin deal tonight and it worked perfectly. $9.29 was what I paid and it printed the RR. Maybe just make sure you purchased the right kind. Maybe you could return them and try again.

      Also, I googled Alive vitamins and found $1 coupon so it made for an even better deal!

  • Tammi

    It’s not because of the coupon since I use a discount card all the time with coupons and always get the register rewards. The only time I didn’t get the RR is because I bought the wrong size/type or the Catalina machine was having a problem. (out of paper/low ink/etc.)

    • Debbie

      Thanks Tammi! Both the cashier & manager checked and didn’t see any problem just couldn’t figure out why it didn’t print. I’m going to try to send in my receipt, hopefully they’ll give me the $10 RR.

      Has anybody here tried to send in a receipt to get a RR? thanks for the help!

  • Okay i did 2 transactions

    Bought the 10 Alive and got RR>

    The bought 3 huggies wipes
    used 2.50 0ff 3..
    used 1.00 walgreens book
    and the 15%…coupons
    also bought gallon of milk
    and a book for my niece….

    it took 15% off everything except milk…
    came to 11.25.. gave my RR of 10.. and paid 1.25 .. I Loved it.. lol

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