Walgreens: 15% Off Coupon (Good 12/1 Only)

You can now print the Walgreens Coupon that will get you 15% off your order tomorrow 12/1.  This coupon is valid one day only and is available for printint right now.  This should help make for some good deals at Walgreens.  For example, it would make the SalonPas patch a moneymaker after register rewards: pay $5.09 plus tax out of pocket and get one $6 register reward back.

I would love to hear your plans for this coupon.

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  • Bobbie

    I plan on buying a pillow pet and enough candy to use my RR’s.

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  • I printed mine and noticed something that you may want to share with others. My coupons say that they must be used at the cosmetic or the photo counter ONLY. If your Walgreens is like mine there is rarely anyone at those counters (and when there is it’s because they had to leave the main register to get there). Just an FYI.

  • Hannah

    Will the 15% off be on total amount of purchase (before coupons) or after coupons are applied. Will you still get RR’s? Does anyone know?

    The coupon says to present 15% off coupon to clerk first & you have to check out at cosmetics or photo counter only.

    • I’d give them the 15% off first, before any other coupons. That USUALLY works to make it so you get the 15% off the entire order.

      Then, if you’re using RR’s you just have to make sure that your total AFTER the 15% off is enough to be able to use them.

      That’s my take on it anyway. If someone else knows whether Walgreens does it differently, let us know!

    • pennyscents

      The 15% off does come off before coupons, and yes you will still get your RR’s. It is the same as any other shopping trip, only you now get 15% off too. As one person said, make sure that your order total does not go above the total $ amt of the RR’s that you are using.

      The reason why it says cosmetic, or photo is because there usually aren’t any long lines at those counters. Those counters are where employee’s have to check out too. If you have a store that does not have someone at those counters, and they are not able to bring an employee over to one of those counters either (make sure you ask) then they will accept it at that main registers.

  • katherine jolly

    my son needs a heater so i will get one that i believe they are $10 off already so it will bring it even cheaper