Walgreens 4/12/-4/18 Newbie Scenarios


I have been getting a lot of comments and emails from readers asking how to maximize their savings and minimize the amount of money they spend out of pocket at Walgreens.  So, I have put together a couple of scenarios to help you achieve this.  You will notice that in order to minimize how much money out of pocket you spend you will need to split your shopping order into more than one transaction.  If you are uncomfortable doing this I suggest you shop during slow times (think evenings) and wait until the line subsides to approach the register.  I also always let the cashier know I have more than one transaction.  This is a personal decision but I think two back to back transactions are reasonable.  If I have more than two transactions and a line starts forming behind me I move over and let the people behind me ring their orders.

Transaction #1

$2 Scunci Elastics Hair products (Reportedly solid colors on sale for $1.49 also print RR)
$3.49 Colgate Toothbrush
-$1/1 Colgate Toothbrush printable coupon (you need to sign up or sign in to have access to coupon)
=$4.49 plus tax out of pocket and get $2 Register Reward and and 3.49 RR back

Transaction #2

$2.99 Skintimate Gel
$2.49 Fiber choice 10ct
$0.99 Chex Mix
– $0.50/1 coupon from 2/22 insert
=$5.97. Use $2 and $3.49 RRs from previous transaction to pay.  Pay $0.48 plus tax out of pocket and you are left with $2.99 plus $2.49 in RRs to use in your next order.
In total you spent $4.98 but you still have have $5.48 in RRs to spend in the future.

Do you have any scenarios you would like to share with my readers?  Please share in the comment section.  Have any question?  Let me know.  View all of the weekly deals at Walgreens here.

Are you looking for CVS scenarios?  The Thrifty Mama is starting her CVS cards from the ground up and has written a few scenarios to minimize her out of pocket with this week’s deals.

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  • Tatiana

    I rolled RR from the chapstick to the scunci. I also rolled the rr from the toothbrush with the skintamint. I did this a few times and it worked out well. You will need a few fillers. I used the .59 foil.

  • Tatiana

    Also, the colgate toothbrush is $3.29 but gives you $3.50rr. So if you are rolling your RR keep this in mind.

  • Deanna

    Everyone keeps talking about the RR from the shaving gels. Well i tried both of them yesterday and there were no RR. Just a heads up before you try one of these scenarios!

  • leanne

    I just did both the skintamint and the edge shaving gel this morning and got RR for both. The RR is only for 4 specific kinds so you have to make sure you get the right ones. Also my Wags told me this morning that from now on if you have more than one item you have to do them in the same transaction, you can’t get more than 1 RR for each item (in the same trip).

  • Betsy

    How do you know which 4 shaving gels work? I tried it once and didn’t get anything back either.

  • Michelle

    You must look for the Skintimate Cream Shave. It is a new product so make sure when you pick it up. Got my re on this today.

  • heidi

    You should be able to go to the skintimate and edge shelf and read the find print and it will tell you which ones to buy.

  • bibbi

    My Walgreens wouldn’t let me use coupon with the colgate 360 and give me RR. Why is that? They said it would negative. I also bought 1 milk and ouchless so my transaction wasn’t negative. I got 2 RR for ouchless, but not for the toothbrush. The manager didn’t understand my argument so I had to cancel.

    Should I just try another store?

  • Kate

    I was told if I used a coupon for the toothbrush, the RR wouldn’t print. I told her I’d take my chances, and of course, it did print out! Have to make sure you have the right one. As for RRs, I don’t care how much OOP I have on those items, because I just use them at Jewel for my groceries later that week. I’d have to pay for those anyways.

  • Su

    Scunci Elastics that are 2 for 1 also works for the rr, it was also $2 and rr printed just fine. its the one that said $2.99 with two wrapped in plastic. 2 free for 1 transaction, saves time!

  • fran

    Ladies, Look for the Skintimate and Edge in a display around the cosmetic counter. They should be right next to each other. Hope that helps.

  • funyon

    My walgreens won’t let me use a RR that is higher than any single item that I’m buying. They say it is equivalent to a manufacture’s coupon on any item you choose but that means that I wouldn’t be able to do your scenerio above. (Use a 3.49 RR for the second transaction as the most expensive item is only $2.99) I have a really hard time getting rid of any >$3.00 RR. Any thoughts?

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