Walgreens: Aquafina Water Deal


Walgreens is running a monthly register rewards promotion on certain Pepsi products:  Buy $20 in Pepsi products and earn a $10 register rewards at checkout.  One of the products included in this register rewards offer is Aquafina Water.  Aquafina Water is $3.99 each after in-ad coupon.  But this register rewards promotion is calculated before the use of this coupon.  Here’s how you can get a good deal on this:

Buy four Aquafina 12 Packs $5.99 regular price
Use Walgreens store coupon to bring price down to $3.99 (will deduct $8.00)
Pay $15.96 plus tax out of pocket and earn a $10.00 register rewards back

Although the coupon says limit 2, it will be up to store management to enforce this limit. Thanks Bargain Buggy!

If bottled water is not your thing, I also have a deal for you.  Lowes, home improvement store, has Brita Pitchers on sale for $8.  Read here how you can get them for $3 after coupon.

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  • Kathryn

    Thanks! While we try and use refillable bottles as much as possible, during the summer we do need these while we are outside and appreciate the deal!

  • Chriscia C.

    I just did this…yay! We normally use a Brita, but it is nice to have bottles onhand for in the car.

  • Do you know if this is a regional deal or nationwide?

  • KMS

    At my wags in Indiana, they rang up at $3.99 – no coupon scanned. 🙁 Totally ruins the deal, I even tried to do 4 waters but was still short [5 cents] to get the RR. Bummer I was loving this deal.

    • KMS

      I hate it when that happens. It happened to me with the Econtrin a few weeks back. It was supposed to be $1.99 after in-ad coupon. so with manu q and in ad coupon you got overage. But it was priced at that at my store no need for in-ad coupon. It made me mad because I ordered coupons hoping to take advantage of the overage and instead got nothing
      Oh well, you win some and lose some.


      • KMS

        That’s a bummer about the Ecotrin! I’m always nervous when ordering Qs. . . . So I drove the 30 miles to a bigger city here with 2 amazing Wags and did this deal 5 times. Yes we have 20 cases of water and I don’t know what to do with all of them!!!! (I did not clear any shelves fyi, 8+ cases left at both stores after my purchases!) So I suppose sometimes you win some and sometimes win some!!! lol Thanks so much for posting this deal we were just out of water and drink like fishes!!!!!

    • Christy

      I had a similar problem in Wisconsin – Each of the 4 packs rang up to $4 and some odd cents and then the coupon only took off $2 and some odd cents. My total was $15.96… and no RR because the total before coupon was not $20.

      I would have bought a 5th pack because that still would be a great deal, but I had already gotten their last 4 packs.

  • Thanks for the heads up, however in your scenario, you say to buy 4 Aquafina 12 packs. The coupon is for the 24 packs. I just returned, and I had no trouble when I asked if I could purchase 4 (24 packs) at once. The deal went through perfectly! I paid just over $16.00 and got the $10.00 RR! What a great price for bottled water!

  • Michele

    Yes this deal works! It is on the 24pk. I did this deal and the Chips Ahoy deal yesterday.

  • Deb H.

    Has anyone tried this in WI? Also, if we get this $10 RR we won’t be able to use it in a couple of weeks for Pepsi soda, right? If I have all my RR’s tied up in something I can’t roll, I won’t be happy:)

    • Michele

      Yep, you will not be happy. This $10 RR will not work for your Pepsi deal that starts the Jan 17th. On the bright side think of something else to roll the $10 RR into to get it ready for the Pepsi Deal that week. 24 pk of water for under $1.50 is a GREAT deal.

  • Teresa Schilling

    I did it twice in Waukesha WI yesterday and it worked just great. Bought 4 for just under 16.00 and got a 10.00 back. I have several of the Bayer meters, so I will roll that deal and other deals back and forth before the soda deal starts and have the extra bayer RR to pay for those as well. Great when you get 20.00 in water and after using your register award you only have to pay 1.00. The funny thing I noticed was the three Walgreens I stopped at in the same town had Christmas at diffrent prices. One was still 50%, the other was 75%, and the other was 90%. Still able to pick up some great gifts at the 90% one.

  • I purchased 4 waters yesterday and received the RR. It did only take off $4 for the coupon & the waters rang up different prices $5.99, $4.01, & 2 for $5. Still a great deal for us, my kids will drink bottled water but no other water.

  • bucksaver

    Went to my local Walgreens (which I hate) and the manager refused to let me buy 4 even when I explained the need to buy 4 to get the RR deal. It’s Thursday afternoon, not first thing Sunday morning, so it’s not like I am clearing out their shelves for the week. This along with all the other problems I have with their coupon hassels has convinced me to never walk in that store again.

  • Jennifer P

    I went to my favorite Wags here in Colorado Springs, bought 4 waters, used the in-ad coupon that deducted $8, not a problem at all, I rolled my Bayer RR and spent 96cents OOP and received a $10 RR….yipee!!

  • GREAT deal! This worked perfectly fine for me!!!

  • MEL

    Thank you!!! It worked great!! I’m new to using coupons, and this was my best deal so far!!!!!