Walgreens Balance Rewards Loyalty Card

I can hear the groaning already…. ūüėČ

Walgreens is kicking off the new Balance Rewards program in-store¬†on September 16th. It looks¬†as though¬†the Register Rewards program will continue for now on National deals but we’ll have to wait and see if that is true.¬† Here are some the details:

  • Sign up online starting 9/2 or in-store starting 9/16.
  • Members receive exclusive savings every week on popular products.
  • Redeem points in-store or online immediately, or save them.
  • Bonus Points expire after 36 months from date of earning or after 6 months of no activity
  • You must be a Balance Rewards member to get the sale price
  • You will be able to manage your account with the Walgreens mobile app or on-line
  • You can also earn points for making healthy choices such as participating in the Walk With Walgreens program, or purchasing prescriptions (in select states).

Here’s what we know on how the points work. 

You can not redeem your points and earn them on the same product. For example, if you have 5,000 points you wish to redeem to save $5 and you purchase 3 items which each will reward you with 500 points, you can use the 5,000 but will not earn an additional 1,500 at the same time. There are also restrictions as to what you can redeem your points towards.

Special note: The value you earn will be reduced by the coupon used.  So whatever your potential point value would have been will be reduced to the after coupon value. 

As Walgreens refines the details I’ll share more.¬† For now, check out the fact sheet for furter details.

Thanks Coupon Dad, Penny Pinching Mom and Mom by Heart

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  • Julie Travis

    It seems unfair to reduce the reward by the coupon value if they get their money from the coupon anyway. Just sayin.

  • anonymous

    I work for walgreens and balance rewards is doing away with register rewards. This may not be right away but RR will be phased out in favor of the balence reward cards. Their will be promotions when the cards are rolled out to customers which will allow you to gain extra bonus points. Employee’s were given cards on Aug 16 to test before the nationwide rollout on Sept 16.

    • stephanie

      I think that phasing out RR’s for this reward card is stupid people like the register rewards all the other stores i.e. CVS and Riteaid have reward cards and RR’s and thing work perfectly looks like I won’t be shopping at walgreens much once this happens a reward card should only restrict what is allowed to be bought as in quantity. Not only losing RR’s but then being what I can spend my points on talk about having far to much control and taking the points off after coupons people will never get points at that rate this does not make me very happy to hear.

  • Jen Leo

    All I have to say is “Way to go Walgreens. You have just alienated the few customers that still liked you”
    I live in a big city with about a dozen Walgreens and I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER had a pleasant experience shopping there. The cashiers are rude and try their hardest to find fault with your coupons. They make it super difficult with their policy about only being able to use the same number of coupons as you have items. CVS is friendly, loves helping you save money, and doesn’t run out of their stock nearly as often. So long Walgreens! You’ve just put the last nail in your coffin as far as this shopper’s concerned!

  • Luann Huntsberry

    NOTE TO WALGREENS ~ Well guys, you just shot yourself in the foot! You might as well start closing stores now to avoid the rush! Time to rethink your strategy. Between your coupon policy and the rude and nasty employees, the future of Walgreens does not look very well. Time to start shopping more at CVS!

  • Ci

    Put me in the “groan” category. I do/did like Walgreens because of the RR. I cannot stand CVS and their card. EVERY time I go to CVS for a deal there is an issue. Now it sounds like Walgreens is going to start the same nonsense.

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  • Diana

    I’m sure CVS is jumping up and down with joy! They are so much easier to do, and their Extra Bucks don’t expire for a month after issue. I had almost stopped shopping Walgreens anyway, always had a problem and get confused on what I can and cannot use RR for, plus they expire in two weeks. I’ll just stick with CVS – hope they don’t get any wild ideas.

  • Bari

    I too think that Walgreens is not doing themselves any favors. Here in Tallahassee, the register personnel are rude and yes, they do all they can to prevent you from getting a good discount.
    CVS – Pay attention! I always tell my CVS manager that oh my gosh I almost had to go to Walgreens..roll of eyes….and he tells me, oh no you dont, just let me know what I can do to help you. I taught my register lady how to save with coupons and she saved me her last receipt to prove it to me..she saved just shy of $50 on her purchase.
    If you are having problems “doing the deals” at CVS you need to rework your program because their program is the BEST!!!

  • Val

    Too bad Walgreen’s is making the change..doesn’t sound very customer friendly, but neither was their RR program. I always have issues with them. I love my CVS. They are extremely pleasant and helpful aaaand their EBs and coupons from the little red machine never expire. The only coupons that do expire are the ones with a percentage off listed on them. Plus you can use multiple store coupons on the same item. Other CVS stores in my area do not have this policy, so you need to ask what your store’s policy is concerning exp. dates and use of multiple store coupons. If my store changes their policy, I will be rethinking those issues.

  • Carol Sullivan

    Walgreen’s just SHOT THEIR SELVES IN THE FOOT with the hair brained idea. Lots of luck on your future quarterly earnings reports……… I’ll shop elsewhere..

  • Myrna Barron

    I didn’t realize there were so many others who had issues with Walgreens. My experiences echo all those comments above. My favorite is CVS. I’ve given up completely on Rite Aid and now it looks like I will be quitting Walgreens altogether also. I will give their new program a chance, but it doesn’t sound promising at all. My prescription drug plan is with CVS so that is my go-to store anyway.




    I already didn’t like going to walgreens unless they had a really good deal because I usually got screwed over with the RR. Now I see I will have no problems not shopping there after the change, the one positive side is that they have eggs on sale occasionally. I’ve never had to deal with rude cashier though, I like the cashiers here it’s the RR policy I can’t stand. I love CVS though! :o)

  • trac menot

    10% of the public are totally against being tracked by loyalty cards. These people pay cash & up til now have shopped at walgreens , walmart & other companies that don’t gather your information. So not only is walgreens going to loose the customers that loved the register rewards but now they will also loose the people that feel like these cards are an invasion. Walgreens haba will probably see a uptick of income as well.

  • Tanya C.

    I may go back to giving Walgreens a chance with this program. I quit shopping there long ago because unless you were at the store within an hour of the deals starting, you couldn’t get them at any store in town because they were all completely sold out and not restocked until the sale was over. Maybe now more people will get to take advantage of the great sales.

  • ED S.

    This card is a ripoff. Better read the fine print. There are so many exclusions that it’s not worth having the card. Also, they are discriminating against Medicare/Medicaid prescriptions. Even though Walgreen’s is paid in full for these prescriptions, you get ZERO points.

    i’m going back to CVS.