Walgreens: Better than Free Bayer Products

This week there is an in-ad coupon good for $2 off any Bayer product.  There is also another Walgreens coupon available in the monthly Walgreens coupon booklet for $1 off Bayer 32-36 ct.  Here is how you can get paid to buy this stuff:

Bayer 32-36ct $2.99-$3.49
Use $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Product 81 mg or 325 mg 5/1/2011 SS Insert (exp 8/31/2011)
PLUS use $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Walgreens IVC
AND also use $2/1 Bayer in-ad coupon
Free plus up to $1.01 in overage

Now remember that Walgreens will not hand out cash to you. So you need to add something to your order to absorb the overage. Here is an idea! I know a lot of you were bummed that you were not able to print the $2/1 Tone body wash coupon. You could do this deal

Buy one Tone Body wash $3.99
Buy one Bayer product 32-36ct $2.99-$3.49
Use $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Product 81 mg or 325 mg 5/1/2011 SS Insert (exp 8/31/2011)
PLUS use $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Walgreens IVC
AND also use $2/1 Bater in-ad coupon
Pay as low as $2.98 and get back one $3 register rewards

Now some of you may be thinking how can you use TWO Walgreens coupon on one item. Here is what the Walgreens coupon policy says about Multiple Coupons:

When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.

UPDATE: Thanks Mary for the reminder that the Walgreens Coupon  Policy also states that Walgreens doesn’t allow for overage but instead will adjust the value of the coupon down.

  • DL

    You will still need to have another filler item because you can only have the number of coupons that you do items at Walgreens. If you have 3 coupons, you will need 3 items.

    • me

      The Wag coupons do not count as coupon per item qs at my local stores. Number of qs per item only apples to manufacturer coupons. :)

  • Jose

    Unless you have to have RR’s, EB’s or UP’s in your life I would recommend you do all your sale item shopping at WM. I came to the realization yesterday that it would be so much easier and a time saver to do most of my coupon matchup shopping at Walmart. Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS never order enough of the sale items for thier current ads. Also the prices at these stores are crazy marked up like no other so less of a value when using your RR’s. I went to Walmart yesterday with ads for Ralphs, Albertson’s, Walgreens, CVS and Target. I purchased only sale items from those ads and of course used coupons for all. My result was ceral for $1.08, Coke 12 pks for $1.50, Kleenex boxes for .79 and Dreyer’s ice cream for $2.79 for a huge savings. I stopped a store mgr to ask a question regarding purchase limits and when he noticed what I was doing he began pointing out other price matching deals. Clearly WM is on board with the price match option and is aggressively promoting it. I am going to do this as often as I can because it will save me even more money on gas too.

    • Denise C.

      Jose….I agree with you. I was thinking the same thing when I went to Walgreens to purchase the Woolite that was on sale for $5.99. It was only Sunday afternoon and they were already out of it. I asked an employee if they had anymore out back, they went and checked, no more. So I thought I might go to another of the Walgreens but at the price of gas I decided I would try WalMart for the 1st time to price match. So we’ll see how tomorrow goes with WalMart.

      • Jose

        Keep in mind that the above mentioned stores only get one weekly shippment and they always use the same excuse that the main warehouse is out of product due to the current sales. They use the good old bait and switch with the sale prices/items to draw you in the store and hope you end up shopping the store in order to save some time. We all like good deals, and $ back to do more shopping but if they dont have what they are advertising available what’s left for you to use your RR’s on? The only option is for you to purchase expensive items you could otherwise buy on a daily basis somewhere else. Take your ad’s and let your cashier know ahead of time of the items you will be price matching. Get those done together if possible to insure the prices are marked correctly. You should have a smooth transaction and walk away wondering why you waited so long to take advantage of such a great deal.

        • Patti

          I highly prefer Walgreens to Walmart. The WM locations around me are filthy, and the vast majority (though certainly not all) of the staff I’ve encountered have either been shockingly ignorant or simply indifferent to customer service. I never set foot in that store if I can possibly help it. :shudder:

    • Stephanie

      Do you know if walmart will honor the price AFTER the register rewards price, or just the sale price walgreens has listed? If they honored the price after RR’s, that would be fantastic!!! Im so tired of Walgreens being out of stock on everything they have on sale. It is so frustrating. And to be able to shop at Walmart for everything would be so easy. I know that store like the back of my hand!! :)

      • Jose

        I have not asked or attempted to do such a transaction only because I believe that would not apply to the corporate policy. The simple fact is that many drug store deals are “like free” when you apply the RR”s, UP’s and EB’s and the ad’s clearly statee that and not a actual selling price to price match.

    • Jennifer S

      Hi Jose,

      How did you get Coke 12 packs for $1.50? My CVS has them this week for $2.50. Did you have coupons?

      • Jose


        I PM Albertson’s 2 for $5 WYB2 ad on Coke products such as 7 UP, A&W, Sunkist, RC Cola and so on. The WM price was $2.98 and I also used the $2 on 2 coupon from Moments to Save insert that expired on 5/21 making them $1.50 each after PM & MTS coupon.

    • DianeG

      Jose – yes- I definitely agree with you about the drug stores! Around here, the shelves are cleared in about an hour on Sunday mornings. They get a small restock on Wednesdays. But most of time, drugstore deals are a waste of time for me. I have a very limited window of time that I can leave the house – so I have to speed shop and I can’t waste my precious time on stores that never have stock. Since Walmart has price match AND overage, I’ve been focusing more attention on their deals. Target has good deals; but I find it really hard to actually find things in their stores. In the Target near my house, they do not have a map, they put things in odd locations, and they constantly move things around. – oh well !

      • cuong nguyen

        the reason why walgreens r always out of stock on sale items is because it a good sales,just like black friday sales,the early bird get the worm.i have done alot of research on many of this sales items n notice that walgreens do have the best prices,yes the mark up prices r higher then other stores but with the rr,mfc,and good sales,many items could b free.for many of u new comers please read the help section on this website,they will answer many of ur ?.wm will not price match rr,only sale prices.wm will always have items in stock cause u cant get it for free like walgreens,except when u could get it for free like the nevial body wash.my wm didnt have it n neither did target.since i started couponing in april,i was able to try many new products cause they were either very cheap r free.remember that different states have different prices,policies n coupons in the sunday paper.

  • http://granitestatesavers.blogspot.com Deal Seeker GSS

    I so love getting paid to shop!

  • Jen

    Yeah u will need a match up for amount if products to coupons. And it must be taxable for taxable. RRs=manufacturer coupons

  • Lora

    I also priced matched a few items yesterday at walmart the cashier was new and unsure of things put the customer service came to help and was very nice (unusual) she said walmart is trying to make it easier for us.
    It is hard to get all the good deals i live in a very rural area in Mn the only stores we have are Walmart, Walgreens,and Target. We have 2 grocery stores that are not chainstores and do not double:(

  • erica

    to make this deal even sweeter… I have a MIR for Bayer as well… ends 5/31/11

    buy 1 product listed get 1.25, 2 get 2.75, 3 get 4.50

    Bayer aspirin 10 ct or larger is on there!

  • Marie

    If I do this transaction when buying the Bayer & Tone body wash. Do I need a filler since I’ll be using 3 coupons (IVC, Mfc, and store)?

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes


      See this comment from ME above

      The Wag coupons do not count as coupon per item qs at my local stores. Number of qs per item only apples to manufacturer coupons.


  • amanda

    the wallgreens i went to and tried to get the deal of buy 2 of the reach toothbrushes at 99c ea and use 2.00 off of two coupons didn’t work for me. they did not adjust the price of the coupon. any answers???

  • Tracy

    Isn’t that using 2 wags coupon for one item? I doubt they will let me do that…..

    • erica

      yes, its in their policy!

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  • Donna M

    My 5/1 SS doesn’t have a Bayer Asprin offer :(

    • Marcia S.

      I got two SS on 5/1 it was in the smaller one for me! You may want to check:)

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  • kelly

    Just went to do this deal and the ivc coupons scanned as manuf coupons so they wouldn’t take my ss coupons. Any ideas why?

  • margarita

    the walgreens employee told me that I couldn’t use the manufacture coupon with the coupon from the walgreens booklet because that also states “manufacture coupon”. even though its only redeemable at walgreens. Is this true? She said that it was a new corporate policy??

  • Julie

    I did this yesterday!! It made my suave lotion free!! Thanks Mercedes!!

  • karen

    is anyone else having a problem with register rewards? I bought the therma care hat patch and the advil used the $4 off manufacturer coupon and a $3 register reward paid $3.98 out of pocket and it didnt print out the coupon i showed the manager the ad he says “u cant use a mf coupon and a rr and expect to get a rr its not gonna give u something for nothing ” which i thought was rude so i went to a different store got the tone body wash used a $3 rr paid .99 out of pocket and did not get the $3 rr cashier said u cant use a rr to pay for an item that u get a rr for. I dont understand i have always used my rr to pay for items and have gotten my rr for those items does anyone know whats going on here? Thanks ;)

    • Pam

      The same thing happened to me recently on Colgate toothpaste. I did a tranaction and I used a MC on the toothpaste and received a RR. I then did a different transaction and purchased just the Colgate toothpaste using a MC and paid for it with a RR, and another RR did not print. I was told the same thing you were, but ran into another couponer at Target and she explained to me that the problem was that I used a RR from the same manufacturer so I didn’t get another RR. It will work like you are expecting if you buy multiple items and use the RR along with MC on numerous items with fillers. We are all in this together, and I so appreciate that we can share information on the things that happen. I am also glad that other are having the walgreens stock problems. I thought it was just my Walgreens, but I do believe it is illegal. I think it is a law that they have to have stock of advertised specials.

    • erica

      you cant use a rr on the purchase if the rr you use is from the same company family. I have not been able to get it to work. Using one from another company, you can!

    • Sandy

      If you used the register reward for the same product it was issued on you will NOT get another register reward.

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  • Kristina

    I made this deal even sweeter… The Bayer original aspirin 24 ct were on clearance at my store for only $2.49. AND, they had bonus sizes 100% more free hidden in the back. The limit for the in-ad coupon was 3 and I had 3 coupons from the SS (smaller one from that week, be sure to check both). I also picked up one of the Complete solutions (and had the $1 coupon for that). I gave the manu coupons first, then the in-ad and Walgreens booklet coupons, no problems whatsoever, no beeps, nothing. I made sure that every coupon was valid for that product and it was. My total out of pocket was $2.46 for the 3 Bayers AND the Complete Solution and I got back the $8 RR for the Complete. SWEET deal!