Updated:Walgreens: Brita Filters for 49 Cents


Update: Sorry guys, seems not many people have found this clearance item.  As usual clearance is not standard at every store.  But if you printed this coupo and have a trip planned to Target, swing by the area where they keep Brita filters as I saw reported those were on clearance there too.

Here’s a clearance find you may be interested in knowing about:  Check out your Walgreens store to see if you can find the Brita filters on clearance for $8.49 each.  Use this $5 off one Brita filter printable coupon to pay $3.49 for each filter.  To make it even better, you will get a $3 register reward for every filter you buy (limit one per transaction).  You pay $0.49 for one Brita filter after coupon and register rewards.

Thanks Thrifty Mama!

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  • The coupons available are for $5 off a pitcher, not a filter. The filter coupon is only good for $1 off.

  • Lisa

    Do they e-mail you the coupon after you sign up? Because I signed up, but I didn’t see where to get a coupon.

  • Shelly

    I couldn’t even get to the coupon

  • Marcy

    I was able to print the coupon and it says $5.00 off any Brita system. I’m going to try it tommorrow to see if it works!

  • benz1968

    You have to take the pledge to print the coupon. I wasn’t able to find the Pitcher on clearance. It was $21.99 at my store.

  • Shelly

    This deal stinks

  • benz1968

    I think this deal was a fluke for one person. No one else has found this deal other than the original person. oh well time to move on…mant more deals to catch!

  • Heather

    These deals aren’t always an exact science. This post is viewed by people around the country and not everyone’s outcomes are always going to be the same. Try to at least be respectful and thankful you even have these deals posted to try. I think Mercedes does a GREAT job of keeping us up to date on the best of the best deals around.

    • Thank you Heather! I hope that people can maybe get lucky at Target. but clearance finds are so YMMV which is why I usually don’t share them.


  • Heather

    Benz… was not directed at you 😉

    I feel protective because I have saved SO MUCH and having tried to get a blog going mysel, I can appreciate the effort put in. I may have been quick to snap… moody today, I guess 🙂

    • Thanks to both of you (Heather and Benz). I know both of you meant the best and today I really appreciate it. It is readers like both of you that get me going. and even Shelly’s comment about the deal sucking made me chuckle today. Not all deals are winners for sure and I appreciate reader feedback. It is valuable to me because it gives me a sense of what’s valuable to my readers and what’s not.
      I probably should not have posted this deal since I didn’t see it mentioned in at least two boards. that’s usually my rule for clearance deals. also if I didn’t have the baby I probably would have swung by my own Walgreens to check on it. It’s only a mile away for me so no big deal but right now I couldn’t do that.

      Thank you everyone for reading my blog


  • benz1968

    Heather I don’t know if you were directing your post to me or the person right before me. But if it was to me please know I was not meaning any disrespect. I’ll be the first to tell you this is an awesome blog and yes Mercedes does a Fabulous job! I thank her all the time and I refer to her blog all the time. I was trying to convey just that.. it was time to move on because this deal was not being found by many..kwim. I think the previous poster is just disappointed they (as I) were not able to find the Pitcher once I ran out to look for it but no disrespect was meant on my part. Remember tones cannot be read on computers but..lol commend your protectiveness of Mercedes..it’s kinda sweet and cute. 😉

  • benz1968

    lol….I can totally relate (moody thing). I can’t even begin to imagine running a blog. It’s all I can do to just research and get the shopping done. You women that blog must have some super duper energy to do it all. Seems like alot of you also have little ones too. Don’t know how you do it!! But commend you. You guys are awesome!! Good luck on your blog..hope to check it out when your up and going. 🙂

  • Patti

    I dont see the coupon on the brita sight??
    tks Patti