Walgreens Coupon $5 off $25 Good 5/20 and 5/21 ONLY


Here is something I didn’t think would make a comeback at Walgreens: a $/$$ off coupon. But after almost 6 months (you had us waiting for a while Walgreens), here’s a new one. As with previous Walgreens coupons, the coupon states the $25 is after all manufacturer coupons, Walgreens coupons and store discounts.

Here’s my scenario to help you along Wednesday and Thursday:

$4.99 wyb Colgate Visible White toothpaste
$1.99 wyb Skintimate Shave Gel $1.99
$4.99 wyb Benefiber Drink Mix
$4.99 wyb Dry Idea Clinical
$ 14.99 wyb Bayer Breeze or Contour Blood Glucose Meter
$6.58 wyb four Ball Park Franks on sale buy one get one free
$17.99 wyb two Off Clip-on mosquito repellant
$0.50 small filler clearance item (to bring total after coupons up to $25)
-$2 when you use two $1/2 Ball park coupon from 5/17 RP insert
-$14.99 when you use $30/1 Bayer coupon from 3/1 or 3/22 RP inserts (coupon will need to be adjusted down)
-$2/1 Dry Idea printable coupon
-$2/1 Benefiber coupon from 2/22, 4/5 or 5/10 SS inserts
-$0.75/1 or $1/1 skintimatecoupon from 4/26 SS insert
$1/1 Colgate printable coupon
-$8.99 when you use BOGO off clip repellent coupon
-5 when you use Walgreens coupon
=$20.29 plus tax out of pocket and get $4.99 RR from Colgate, $4.99 RR from Dry Idea, $5 RR from Bayer Meter, $2 RR from Benefiber, $1 RR from Skintimate and $3 RR from Off for a total of $20.98 in Register rewards back.

So, it’s like getting it all for FREE. Umm… I think these scenarios were more fun when the Easy saver rebates were around. But hopefully if you were planning a trip to Walgreens, this coupon can help you stretch your dollars even more. Thanks Meichelle for the heads up on this coupon!

What’s your grand plan?

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  • My Walgreens will not adjust coupons down – does anyone else have this problem? They said that is coupon fraud.

  • I posted my plan here: http://www.pocketyourdollars.com/2009/05/5-off-25-coupon-for-walgreens/, but am going to get a bunch of free after RR stuff plus some Purex B1G1 to use as part of a gift basket (a laundry basket from the dollar store, really) for a high school graduate that’s going off to college. FYI – I am going to include some microwave popcorn and other snacks I’ve gotten free, plus some other household cleaners in the basket and maybe some dish towels.

  • Great idea Carrie! And the coupons says that it has to be adjusted down. It has the place to write the price of the item… My walgreens won’t do other coupons, but this one has to.

  • FYI- I tried buying the Contour meter earlier this week and it rang up at $79!

  • gretchen

    Could I use an existing Register Reward along with this $5 coupon? In other words, since you have to have a 25 total before all coupons, does the RR count as a coupon ( I am guessing that it does). Thanks!!

  • Karen Smith

    Can you get more than 2 register rewards back in a single transaction? My 3rd RR did not print out one day and the manager said that you cannot get more than 2 RR back in a single transaction. Some of the other “rules” that he told me that day were not true….so I have learned.

  • I posted a couple of scenarios on The Frugal Find, I did notice that the fine print says the $25.00 purchase must be BEFORE all manufacturer/walgreens coupons. Basically my scenario that is guaranteed to work within the fine print limit gets me $43.08 worth of products for $6.35 (after coupons and RRs). I was excited to see one of these coupons in my inbox! Thanks for sharing your scenario with us!

  • Nick

    If you are buying 2 of the Off Starter kits, may as well get 2 refills for free as well…


    Each coupon attaches to one refill and you can still use your bogo starter q. So you get all 3 for $8.99

    CVS has a $3 off any Off product as well if you would want to use that at CVS or a place matches…

  • janaki

    Here is my version of using the coupon

    Bayer Quick Release crystals
    (2.99-1.5q) 1.49
    Dry Idea Deo
    (5.99-2q) 3.99
    Colgate tooth paste
    (4.49-1q) 3.49
    (1.99-0.75q) 1.24
    (4.99-2q) 2.99
    Aveeno Baby wash
    3*(4.63-2q) 7.89
    **Will Get Aveeno Travel kit free**
    Windex wipes
    (3-0.5q) 2.5
    BIC Lighter
    (2.99-1q) 1.99

    Total – 25.58 – $5 coupon –> 20.58 OOP
    Will get back 19.48 (16.48RR and $3 MIR for Windex)

    After RR and MIR and $5 Coupon your OOP will be 1.1 +(tax)

  • I posted my scenario here: http://www.saverella.com/2009/05/walgreens-525-scenario.html

    I will be buying RR deals along with a few other deals. It comes out free after RRs, but that’s if they have the meter.

  • Amy

    To the first poster, my Walgreen’s never adjusted coupons down either, but one cashier would always adjust the PRICE, UP. Was awesome and I never thought of doing it that way! But, my WAGS and their employees rock and I know that not all are as compliant.

  • ShanR

    This is so disappointing! I just did this deal yesterday (Tuesday) because I wanted the items and then they come out with a coupon that I could have used to do the deal today!

  • Barb

    At my store, the Contour meters are $79. Only the Breeze are still $14.99 through 5/31.

    • MY store had megasaver tags on both for $14/99 all month long.


  • lucy

    These deals were wayyyyyyyyyy much more fun when the Easysaver rebates were around.
    I hardly do Walgreens now because I can’t imagine the machine will kick out the 21.00 in RR . Something is bound to go wrong along the way (machine jams, out of ink, offline, ect)
    Then after I get the 21.00 in RR after fighting I have to use them in 2 weeks on stuff I really dont need.
    Darn I miss getting my $$ back or loaded on an unexpirable gift card!

  • Brian
  • Amy

    I have the Same Problem
    I told them if it was fraud the clearing house would not be paying all the other stores that do ajust down. he asked what stores do I told him all other stores.
    why could I have a cvs down the street not this walgreen bab coupon stuff.