Walgreens: Crayola Pop Art Pixies $0.74 (87% off)

From now through Saturday 12/11, Walgreens has Pop Art Pixies on sale for $5.99.  Use this $4/1 Crayola pop Art Pixies coupon to pay $1.99 for one.  For a better deal try this scenario:

Buy 4 Pop Art Pixies $5.99 each
Buy two Hallmark Cards $0.99 each

Use four $4/1 Pop Art Pixies coupons (will need access to two computers)
Pay $9.94 plus tax out of pocket and get back one $2 register rewards for buying two Hallmark Cards and one $5 register rewards for buying $25 in one order.

That’s like paying $2.94 for four kits!  If you can’t find the Hallmark cards you can pick up a filler to get your order to $25 so you can get the $5 in Jingle Cash.  Other good fillers to bump up your order are the cheap Butterfingers Snackerz, or the free Snickers Nutcrackers or the free after rebate Cortaid.

Thanks STL Mommy!

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  • elizabeth

    This is such a great deal, but none of the walgreens in my area carry the crayola pop art pixies. How can they put it in the ad and not even carry it?

    • Christine

      They are known to do this. I was following a Fiber One sale once, and after several visits to the store, the manager ADMITTED that they send one case of hot sale items. They are told to put out a limited supply throughout the week. MADDENING to say the least.

  • MOMMY”O”3

    No, that’s not really how it works. It’s up to the store managers to decide in February what will sell in Christmas and thats when they order the xmas seasonal items, or not basic items. there really isnt enough room in a store to order everything that goes in the ads, so they pick and choose and sometime they even partner with another store and split the items. How can they really tell if something they have never had before will sell and if the companys will be offering such good coupons like this one? ALL the stores I know would rather sell their products and not sit on them, so that manager must be a hoarder.

  • Angela

    Do you know if you can get rainchecks for these? Im worried they won’t have them.

  • Rick

    I just tried to print the coupon for the Pixies after liking the Crayola page on Facebook. The coupon for 4/1 appears to have been removed. darn, this would have made an awesome stocking stuffer.

    • Stephanie

      I just found the same problem!

    • Sarah

      try the facebook site again. It wouldn’t work for me, then it said I printed the limit when I didn’t even print one…. Now they have fixed the problem but you still can’t print it on Safari I had to use Firefox to get it. Okay I hope that helps

  • Jen

    I was able to print 3 of the $4.00 coupons before I got exceeded house limit paper to print Yeah! I got the water bottles from Target earlier in the week.

    • Jen

      I just printed them a few minutes ago there on the bottom of the page

  • Kris

    Don’t feel bad, my wags didn’t even get these in, the manager looked them up in the computer. Sometimes this store is REALLY frusturating and a waste of my time! I actually looked for them at Walmart and couldn’t find them either, dose anyone know where you CAN find them? Thanks:)

    • elizabeth

      I just saw a really great Money maker for these at Target. I guess it would work, what do you all think? Here is the site… http://www.zimbio.com/Pixie/articles/taJmDYnGqKu/Target+Crayola+Pop+Art+Pixie+Moneymaker

      • pennyscents

        I do not have the Target ad for this week anymore. is the $5.00 GC wyb 2 in this week’s Target ad? Does Wags have a separate flyer for the 4 day sale too? Or, is it just in their regular weekly flyer this week.

        • elizabeth

          Wags has a seperate ad for the 4 day sale…you can pick it up from the stores. I don’t see the 5.00 GC wyb 2 in the Target ad, but there should be tag on the shelf below the Pop Art Pixies.

          • elizabeth

            I just tried the deal at Target and they would only let me use 1 coupon when I bought 2….oh well

  • Natalie

    u would need 3 hallmark cards to get the $2 RR back don’t u?

  • Hollye

    I found these, but they were not easy to find. They were on the VERY top shelf where the Crayola stuff is. There were three different styles…the bracelet, a water bottle and a stationary box. I was in that store for close to 20 minutes before I located them. They are not in the toy section! They are in the school supplies/Crayola section.