Walgreens Deal: Four 3 Musketeers Candy Bars for 46 cents

There is a monthly deal running on Chocolate Three Musketeers bars:   Buy three get $1 RR, Buy four get $1.50 RR.  This register rewards offer runs from 1/25-2/21.  This week and through 2/13 Musketeer bars are $0.49 each after in ad coupon.  This is how you can get them for cents:

Buy four 3 Musketeers (3 Musketeers Bar, Mint Bar or Truffle Crisp)
Use $0.49 in-ad coupon
Pay $1.96 plus tax out of pocket and earn a $1.50 RR back.  (Thanks Couponing for 4)

This would make a nice addition if you are rolling catalinas. You can do this when the Huggies RR stops rolling:

First Transaction:
Buy one Dove Men Care body wash $5.99
Use $1.50 off one Dove Men+Care body wash printable coupon
Pay $4.49+tax out of pocket and earn a $6 RR back

Second Transaction:
Huggies diapers $8.99
Four 3 Musketeers bars $1.96 after in ad coupon
Use $2 off any Huggies diaper pack printable (IE ) (FF Link)
Use $1/1 Huggies diapers Walgreens store coupon from Children’s Activity book
Use $6 dove RR from previous transaction
Pay $1.96 plus tax after coupons and Earn a $3 RR from the huggies diapers and $1.50 form the Musketeers bars

Third Transaction
Buy one Dove Men Care body wash $5.99
buy two Vday pencils (or another cheap filler) ~0.25
Use $1.50 off one Dove Men+Care body wash printable coupon
Use $3 Huggies RR
Use $1.50 Musketeers RR
Pay $0.24+tax out of pocket and earn a $6 RR back

Wash, Rinse and Repeat!! How are you rolling this week?

Happy Shopping!

  • Shawn M.

    There is also a tear pad coupon B1G1 Free (applies only to the Truffle Crisp Musketeer Bar). That would make an even better deal!

  • Holly

    If you start with the razor and body wash then you can use those RR for the soap and start there. I am trying this today.

  • Anthony

    This is a great way to roll the deals!

    Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 Walgreens I go to have enforced a “1 RR per transaction” policy. I’m not sure why, but it only started this week… Also unfortunate is that the 4th Walgreens does accept more than 1 RR but does NOT accept Internet coupons.

  • Alisha

    I bought 40 Polident coupons in advance (cheap moneymaker!) and 20 Dove Men’s Body Wash. In addition, I had 11 Huggies coupons saved up. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

    Huggies, Polident and 1 Pencil:
    Use $2 off Huggies, $1 of Polident, $1 off CAB Huggies, in-ad Pencil, and $6 Dove RR.
    = $1.19 before tax; Receive $3 and $2 RR.

    Then buy Dove, and 2 pencils (or other fillers):
    Use $1.25 off Dove, in ad for pencils, Use $3 and $2 RR from previous transaction.
    = ~$.14 before tax, Receive $6 RR.

    I need diapers; the polident and Dove bodywash will be given away or donated. I did this scenario (or one similar – bought 4 Truffles 4 times, another time bought a gift bag) 6 times yesterday and paid a net $17.17 out of pocket after tax, coupons and RR – considering I got 6 packages of diapers out of it I am very pleased with diapers costing less than $3/package AFTER tax! My cashier was super excited that I bought so many candy bars (gives her a bonus) and I was super excited that I saved so much money!

  • Stacey

    I did the dove and 3 musketeers deal yesterday, but the coupon for the candy stated 1.1 ounce and these bars are 1 ounce..so it didn’t fly. Are you guys finding that it works?

    • Alisha

      It worked for me – my Wags had the $.49 in ad coupon next to the display and the cashier automatically scanned it for me when I bought them.

  • Carrie

    The 2 Walgreens I went to wouldn’t take the Children’s Activity coupons because the coupons state on them “Off Regular Retail Price Only” or something along those lines. I guess $8.99 is a sale price but it’s still a good deal with the RR and $2 internet coupon.

  • Claire

    If I buy:
    Dove Bodywash
    2 dozen eggs
    and use:
    1.25 bodywash coupon
    BOGO FREE egg coupon
    can I still use my $5 RR for last week or does the BOGO coupon attach to both items, so would need a filler?
    = 0.73 + tax oop. Earn $6 RR

    • Emily S.

      You shouldn’t need a filler…policy is one manufact. coupon per item…it shouldn’t matter that one coupon involves 2 items.

    • Rae

      At my Walgreens it does matter and if the coupon is coded for two items, I would need a filler. But the BOGO free egg coupon is coded for ‘cashier intervention’ so you won’t need a filler. (I did your scenario this morning!)

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  • Mey

    I did this deal today! But the truffle crisp didn’t print out an RR. So I just went back to doing my 3 musketeers. Thanx!

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  • Katie

    I couldn’t find the in-ad coupon for the 3 musketeers – where is it?