Walgreens Deal: Black Forest Gummies Only 12 Cents Each

I want to share with you this “sweet” deal shared by Wendy on the CSWM Facebook Fan Page:

Walgreens has Black Forest gummy bears on sale for $0.39 each after in ad coupon.  If you go to the black forest website they have a coupon for $0.55 off two bags, making them 12 cents a bag.
The coupon has unlimited prints but it’s hosted on the manufacturer’s website so it’s OK to use.  Thanks Wendy!

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  • Although it’s debatable whether these are a true necessity (LOL) $.12 is a great gummy worm price!!

  • Pam

    Are these gummies a regional item? I don’t see them in my ad.

  • Lynn Johnson

    They were on the front page of the ad, right corner. I printed and took the coupons to my local Wags and the coupons don’t scan. Not do they work when the bar code is hand keyed. My Wags took them but I’m wondering now if they were not legit.

    • Pam

      Thanks, I guess I was looking at the coupons!

      • Julie

        My coupons did not scan at Walgreens and they wouldn’t accept them. In fine print it says they are not to be reproduced. The manager said they are frauds.

        • Stephanie

          I just love how managers at Walgreens make up their own “facts” to pass on to customers. When a coupon says it’s not to be reproduced, it means by photocopying or the like. Printing them off the company’s website is not fraud. You should have heard all the malarky the manager at my Walgreens was trying to give me about why my Colgate RR didn’t print….turns out, it didn’t print because the cashier didn’t scan the toothpaste. But I had to be the one to figure that out!

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  • Trisha Preece

    My Walgreen’s took them fine, and I didn’t have any problems. Your right, the coupons didn’t scan, but they keyed them in just fine. For 12 cents I can’t complain. Great find!

  • Michele

    Do you think the coupon will attach to both gummies or one gummie bag could be a filler since we would only be using 1 coupon?

  • Mary Kiessling

    The coupon is legit. I went to the manufactures web site… http://www.gummies.com

    If you play the game you get to the coupon.

  • Sandra

    I hope they take it! Rite aid will only accept a coupon if it scans, which is bs. It should be if it is all readable and the numbers work.

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  • Diane

    I used 5 of these coupons yesterday. They don’t scan, but they hand keyed them in just fine.

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  • Jodi

    I’m new to all of this, but I would love to THANK all of you forall the money I
    have SAVED in the past 3 weeks!!!! All your time you put into helping others

  • esther

    yea my coupon didn’t scan in either, the cashier punched in the coupon manually, but she mistakenly punched in 5o cents off instead of 55 cents, i didn’t want to make her do more work so I accepted the 50 cents off…i guess 20 cents per bag is still a good deal…like a 50% off the sale price..

  • I work at Walgreens and the coupon can be keyed in. It does not work with scanning though. All Walgreens should key it in to work.

  • guest

    $0.55 off two bags

    When I click on both of these links that are posted I just get a blank page that comes up.

    I tried going directly to the site too (ferrara pan), and I do not see how to get the coupon.

    • Janelle

      The Black Forest gummie prints are gone.

  • Vickie JOnes

    I have bought 8 bags so far with four coupons at 2 different walgreens with no problem, but it didn’t scan had to be key’d in…I’m trying to bring a few more since all those went to a party at school, but the site is now blank. bummer, it was an aweomse coupon