Walgreens Deal: Dove Body Wash $0.50 each!

This coupon is no longer available.

In need of some cheap body wash?  Right now you can get Dove Visible Care body wash for just $0.50 each with this deal:

Buy two Dove VisibleCare Body wash 10oz $2 each
Use $3/2 Dove Products coupon (look under Personal Care)
Pay $1 for two bottles after coupon

This is  a great deal for those of you who missed out on the $3/1 Nivea Body wash coupon in the inserts last week.  It looks like this product may be located, if not with the rest of the body washes, by the Beauty Counter Area.

UPDATE: It looks like not all stores may have this size at this price.  Make sure to check on the displays near the Beauty Counter area.  That’s where people are reporting finding it.

Thanks, Clipping with Carie!

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  • Jessica

    I wanted to know is the $3.00 off coupon considered a store coupon or a manufacture coupon?? I also have a $1.00 off dove manufacturer coupon & wanted to know if I could use both.

    • Jessica,
      This is a manufacturer coupon good at Walgreens only.


    • Rachel

      /It is considered manufacture coupon.

  • Brandi B

    Where is this deal located? It’s not available at my local store in Missouri.

  • kelley

    this was not at my local walgreens in tennessee.. it was 7.49 a bottle.. far cry from 2.00- where was this buy at??

  • Bummer, my store didn’t have them for $2

  • Jill

    Just checked Walgreens in Wentzville, MO. No deal. Body was was not on sale. Bummer.

  • Erika

    My walgreens didnt have them either Called all the other local stores- no go – even had manager check the back 🙁

  • Kim

    There were 3 left at my Walgreens. They were mixed in with the sale/clearance items at the front near the beauty counter. Our Walgreens didn’t have the green tag, so I almost missed them, but they did have $2 round stickers on them.

  • DJ

    Checked SEVERAL Walgreens (in southern California) – none to be found – only the much larger (and more expensive) sizes.

  • Jose

    Not available in California stores.

  • Kristina farley

    In NJ same problem….I was scratching my head trying to figure it out too…here’s What I found! The dove bodywash was listed as new item and no tags anywhere listing the sale price. It was on the shelf for $8.99. I asked the cashief it was on sale. She said yes and it rang in at $6.00 per bottle! Then I had the $3.00 off mfgc and brought my total to $9.84 with a savings of $8.98. It was the new body wash item. I’m new to couponing, so I was alittle excited lol 🙂

  • Taylor

    Im cant find the coupon. Is anyone else having a problem finding the coupon? If you follow the link and look under personal care, it isnt there.

    • MaLinDa

      I followed the link, and looked under personal care and it wasn’t there either.

  • Nicole

    YES! My store had them for $2, scored two bottles for $1, I use a lot of body wash!

    • dcrob

      where are you located? I couldn’t find them in Atlanta.

  • Cathy

    I can’t find the coupon. Can someone please help me.

    • Tiffany Reeves

      when you first go to coupons.com, look on the Walgreens banner ad on the right hand side of the page and click on it. It only let me print one coupon.

  • margaret hoffer

    Where are these coupons??

  • jessica

    Not at my local walgreens 🙁

  • margaret hoffer

    I finally found the coupon as a banner ad at the bottom of the screen 🙂

  • Pat

    I don’t see the Dove coupon, guess it’s gone already.

    • Andrea

      im not seeing it really need the coad too. any tips where to find it

  • MrsOmura

    What zip code are you using? I don’t have this at my 32225 zip.

  • Pam

    I would like to get a copy of your extreme coupon tips again – the first time it was sent I only got to print the first four pages and then it vanished – Please Help- I am new at this and need all the help you can give –

    Thank You!!!

  • Chatan

    They were available at my local Walgreens in Lake St. Louis, MO. Sadly, there was only one bottle there – so I couldn’t use the coupon. I went ahead and just bought the one bottle for $2.00.

  • karina

    yeah the $2 bottles they recived before the regular size of the dove visible care was out on the market. its not a regular item it was a limited edition what ever they got that was it and were sold very quickly.

  • jane

    What zip code for Dove coupon?