The Best of Walgreens Deals 10/11-10/17


Some of my favorite deals at Walgreens are deals involving food items, because they are usually pretty good. This weekk there are two food deals and they are very awesome! Besides the already great monthly deals there are also some pretty decent weekly deals.

Don’t understand any of the lingo I used? Please check my FAQ page for help.

Coupon Deals

Welch’s Grape juice 2/$6
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $2 each after coupon

Starbucks Double Shot of Frappuccino $2 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/1 printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
Pay $1 each after coupon

Healthy Choice Cafe steamers 2/$5
Use $2/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.50 each after coupon

Campbells Cream of Chicken or mushroom on sale BOGO or 2/$1.59 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/2 printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
Pay $0.59 for two after coupons

Revlon Foundation on sale BOGO (psa $11.99)
Use $4/1 coupon from October Coupon booklet (will deduct $8)
Use two $1/1 manufacturer coupons from 9/13 SS insert
Pay as little as $7.98 for two after coupons

Band aids Character bandages $1.99 after in-ad coupon
Use $2/1 coupon from Walgreens Children’s activity book
FREE after coupons

Register Rewards Deals

Spend $10 in Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Granola bars 2/$5, Earn a $5 RR back
Use $1.25/2 Quaker Oatmeal coupon from 8/30 RP insert OR
Use $1/2 Quaker granola bars from 8/30 RP insert or printable coupon on Red Plum

Deal idea
$10 buy four containers of Quaker Instant oatmeal
-$2.50 when you use two $1.25/2 coupons
Pay $7.50 out of pocket and get a $5 Register Reward back

Buy 8 or more in selected Unilever products get a $8 RR back, buy six get $4 RR back
Products: Ragu Pasta Sauce, Skippy PB, Hellmann’s Mayo, Bertolli Meals
Use $0.75/1 Skippy coupon from 10/4 insert (regional value, some aeas only got $0.40/1)
Use $0.75/1 Ragu Pasta Sauce coupon from 9/13 RP insert
Use $1/1 Hellmanns Mayo printable coupon

Deal Idea
$13.33 wyb four jars of Skippy PB and four of Ragu
-$3 when you use 4 Skippy $0.75/1 coupons
-$1.50 when you use two $0.75/2 Ragu coupons
=Pay $8.83 out of pocket and get a $8 RR back

Huggies Jump packs of diapers, pull ups or Goodnites 2/$18, Earn a $4 RR when you buy two
Use $2/1 Huggies diaper printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
Use $2/1 Huggies Pull Ups printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
Use $1/1 coupon from Children’s activity book (will deduct $2)
Submit for Caregivers Marketplace rebate (get $0.75 back via mail per pack)

Deal Idea
$18 when you buy two jumbo packs of diapers
-$4 when you use two $2/1 printable coupons
-$2 when you use coupon in Children’s activity book
Pay $12 plus tax out of pocket and get $4 RR back. submit for Caregivers Marketplace Rebate and get $1.50 back.
It’s like paying $6.50 plus tax for two jumbo packs of diapers

Garnier Hairspray $3.99, Earn a $2 RR when you buy one
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 9/13 SS Insert or 10/11 RP insert
Pay $1.25 each after coupon and register reward

Selected Nyquil amd Dayquil products 2/$10, Earn a $5 RR when you buy two
Use $1/1 coupon from 10/11 P&G insert
Pay $3 for two after coupons and register rewards

Monthly Register Rewards

Trident Gum Xtra Care or Layers 2/$2, Eran a $1 RR when you buy two
Use $0.75/1 printable coupon
FREE plus up to $0.50 in overage after coupons

Theraflu 8.3oz Liquid Reg Price $6.79 each, Earn a $8 RR wyb three
Use $2/1 coupon from Walgreens Healthy Savings coupon booklet (one coupon will deduct $6)

Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99, Receive $2.99 RR

Robitussin DM To Go 2pk; $2.49, Receive $2.49 wyb one

Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99, Earn a $6 RR wyb one (ends on 10/24)
Use $4/1 coupon from 9/27 P&G insert
FREE plus $1.01 in overage after coupon and register reward

Halls Refresh Sugar Free (20ct; $1), Receive $1 RR
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 9/27 insert or $0.50/1 from October all You Magazine
FREE plus up to $0.75 in overage after coupon and register reward

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion (6.8oz; $6.99), Receive $6.99 RR wyb one
Use $1.50/1 coupon from 8/2 RP insert or $1.50/1 printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link)
FREE plus $1.50 in overage after coupon and register reward

Emergen-C Booster ($3.49), Receive $3.49 RR wyb one

Happy Savings!

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  • Kim

    I’d like to make a comment about the “Monthly” RR deals posted.
    I was under the impression that the Theraflu was a monthly deal at Theraflu 8.3oz Liquid 3/$14.97, Earn a $8 RR wyb three3/ however that isnt true.
    I went to my Wags yesterday and was charged $6.49 for each one.
    I did get the $8.00 RR on them,(so that part is accurate) but I also had to pay $7.69 out of pocket AFTER using a $7. RR & the 3X $2.00 off coupon.
    I get so many great deals & steals as I call them from Wags, Im not going to be a jerk & return them because I was mistaken.
    I did see somewhere that the Theraflu mentioned is on SALE next week for 3/$14.97.. so I’d watch for sale signs before you embark on a “monthly” deal such as this one.

    • Thanks Kim! I have updated the deal with the regular price.


  • I have posted again this week a Grand Plan for Walgreens… I hope that it helps you or some of your readers.

  • Jennifer P

    Does anyone know if any of the RR are rolling, the Fusion one was, but not sure if it still is. Thanks!!

  • Michelle

    I have a question about the Bandaid deal. Wouldn’t the in-ad coupon AND the activity book be 2 Walgreens coupons for each item, even though the limit is 1? I’m thinking the second coupon won’t go through.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Both coupons will go through fine. One coupon is to bring the price of the item down down to $1.99. That is to say to give you a sales price not a regular price. the children’s activity book is to take $2 off each item, or what you would call a “cents off” coupon. Both coupons have different code so should go through OK.


  • Debbie

    i bought the Dentek floss for $2.79 but i didn’t receive the RR…just wondering if I picked up the wrong one…got the Dentek Complete Clean.

  • Laura

    Thanks for posting the Huggies deal! I just opened the last pack of Pull-Ups and have been searching around for a good deal. I completely forgot about the $2/1 Huggies coupon in the Walgreens booklet. I’m going to stock up at this price!

  • Beth

    I tried to do the DenTek last night. Didn’t get the RR. Worked with the assistant manager…long story short…the DenTek promo has been pulled. So no more $2 RR from them.

  • debbie

    I was at Walgreens today and the Dentrek floss and Nyquil did not print out the RR and the signs have been taken down. Just an FYI.

    • Thanks guys,

      I have removed the dentek deal since you are reporting it has been pulled.
      Debbie, the nyquil RR doesn’t start until tomorrow.


  • Sonjia

    I know many of you love shopping at Walgreens, but I have nothing but trouble with my local store. Every time I try to use a coupon I get a “Coupon exceeds items value” error (yesterday I was trying to use a $5 RR on a $10 purchase) and the cashiers and managers at my local store are not helpful in correcting issues. I’ve also left the store without RRs that were advertised, and the manager is unaware of how to correct the problem. Fortunately, my Walgreens has a CVS directly across the street from it, and I’ve never had an issue there. I can stack my ECBs, and have my total and bring my total down to $1 or less. It’s gotten so bad, that I won’t set foot into my Walgreens unless they have a deal that’s too good to pass up- and I usually leave empty handed because at my store it is. Do any of you experience these issues at your Walgreens store(s)? It’s so incredibly frustrating!

  • Laura

    For the pullups — you can go to
    to print out $2.00 off on Jumbo packs of pull-ups — click on the left where it says coupons. It will let you print two. This is a Walgreens coupon and should stack nicely with the manufacturer’s $2.00 coupon. If you can stack them, it should bring the cost to $3.00 per pack after RR.

    • Hi Laura,

      Actually that coupon from the Walgreens website is NOT a Walgreens coupon. It is also a manufacturer coupon and cannot be combined with another manufacturer coupon on the same item. The coupon is even labeled as manufacturer coupon and starts with a $5 as most manufacturer coupons do.


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  • Audrey

    Dentek worked this morning around 10 AMish for me. RR printed out as well.

  • Heather B

    Where are people finding the Children’s Activity Book? I can’t find them. Thanks!

  • Laura

    Hmmm, the coupon that I printed out is labeled as a Walgreens coupon on the top but I haven’t actually been there yet this week to try it out — will let you know if it works or not. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Heather B- I had to ask at my store, and they had a rack of the Activity books by the pharmacy. In the past they have been with other children’s books/workbooks on the toy aisle.

  • Ronda

    I, like Kim, went to Walgreens to do the Theraflu deal… and had the same outcome as her. Also, unfortunately, I didn’t realize I could have had printables from the link here to go with it! Reg. price for 3 = $19.50, less two $4 printables, less $6 healthy savings coupon, less $8 RR = $1.50 for 3 Theraflu. Pretty good if I’d done it right!

    Also, same thing on Dentek as another poster. Bought Dentek picks last night for $2.79 & realized after I got home I didn’t received $2 RR. Went back today and was told it’s for the floss they have for $2, not the picks. Manager easily returned the $2.79 picks; I bought the $2 Dentek floss & recv’d the $2 RR.

    Lastly, same thing as another poster on problems using RR rewards! I was told today when I was purchasing a $13 poster frame that I could only use if only buying one item, you can use only 1 RR, and I had thought I could stack them. Live and learn…

  • Penny

    last week I bought the Dentek flossers. There was a red monthly RR sign right next to the ones that I bought. I matched up the 6 digit codes from the red label to the shelf label too, and the $2 RR still did not print. The manager did not know why, but she saw that everything was correct too. She just gave me $2 off of my next order. I felt bad because I knew that they would not get re-imbursed then, so I asked her to try ringing one up with no coupons, nothing. The RR still did not print. She said that something was wrong that it was not printing, and that it should have. This was last week, though. I am not planning on buying anymore this week. I just thought I would share my experience with those that commented about theirs.

  • Penny

    I thought I should at least mention this. I don’t think the RR’s from the Sheer Infusion, or from the Dove products would be able to be used on the Ragu, Hellmanns, Skippy RR deal this week. These are all Unilever products, and the $7, and $10 RR’s from the previous products say thank you from Unlilever. They could be used to pay for the Ragu, etc…. I don’t think a new RR will print, though.

  • Valerie

    I did the Theraflu deal as well yesterday and have a question… my WAGS receipt says I can return something within 30 days. I don’t want to return them, but would like to get them adjusted which is like a return. I’m wondering if they will do a price adjustment next week like many other stores do. Does anyone have any experience with this? TIA!

  • Just an FYI: I know many of us have $7 RRs from the Vaseline lotion deal that must be used this week. This is a Unilever product. Notice that this week’s deal with Ragu/Hellmans/Skippy/Bertolli are also Unilever products.

    If I understand the “game” correctly, this means we cannot roll the Vaseline lotion RRs into the Ragu/Hellmans/Skippy/Bertolli deal. Or am I missing something here?

    I have been rolling mine into the Quaker Granola Bars deal with no problem.


  • Phridae

    I used a Vaseline 7RR to pay for 8 Skippy’s and it worked just fine. =)

  • Jaime

    Keep your eyes peeled for deals in the clearance section! I just picked up an Almay Bright Eyes 3-pack (2 shades Eyeshadow, double ended brow/liner pencil, and concealer) on clearance for $7.99, PLUS there is a $3 Wags coupon in the October savings book. Now, originally the coupon wouldn’t pass at the register, but the cashier agreed that I had the right item and pushed the coupon through. This is normally an $18 product!