The Best of Walgreens Deals 12/9-12/12

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There’s another mid-week ad available at Walgreens this week.  There are four freebies available which is great for rolling any register rewards from last week. But perhaps the best offer is that you can get a $5 Holiday RR when you spend $25 or more in store. This $25 is before coupons. The only drawback about this promotion is that the coupon usually expires 7 days after it prints AND you can only use one per transaction as it beeps at the register when you try to use more than one.   Please remember that these deals don’t start until tomorrow 12/9.  Thanks to Rachel at Surviving the Stores for her help in getting these deals together:

Buy Neutrogena Men’s Skin Care @ $4.99, Earn $4.99 in Register Rewards

Use $2/1 coupon from the December All You Magazine (pg 35)
FREE plus $2 in overage after coupon and register rewards

Buy Just For Men Touch of Gray Hair Color @ $6.99, Earn $6.99 in Register Rewards
Use $2/1 printable coupon
Send in for the TOG Mail-in-Rebate (up to $9.50)
FREE plus up to $9 in overage after coupon, mail in rebate and register rewards

Buy Renu Multi-Purpose Plus Solution Twin Pack @ $9.99, Earn $9.99 in Register Rewards
Use $2/1 printable coupon
Free plus $2 in overage after coupon and RR

Buy Stayfree Feminine Care 16 or 24 pack Maxi or 16 pack Ultra Thin Pads @ $1.99, Earn $1.99 in Register Rewards
Use $1/1 printable coupon (IE Link) or (FF Link)
Free plus $1 in overage after coupon and RR

Buy Select Conair Brushes or Scunci Hair Accessories @ $2, Earn $2 in Register Rewards
FREE after RR

Buy Stim-U-Dent 100 pack @ $2, Earn $2 in Register Rewards
FREE after RRs

Happy Savings!

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  • Nancy

    Hi Mercedes,
    Is $25 before Register Rewards too?

    • Hi Nancy,

      Yes, this is before any coupons, even register rewards.


      • Teressa Watts

        Oh so you can’t even pay for the $25 total with RR’s from last week? You have to pay $25 cash to get the $5 RR?

        • Pam Schutt

          No you just have to spend $25 and you can use previous RR’s on this as well as your coupons!

  • Natasha

    I posted a Scenario with these deals where you end up with $75.65 in products for FREE and a PROFIT of $28.33! A great week to shop at Walgreens!

  • Kristen

    FYI, be careful with the Scrunci hair accessories. When they say “select,” they really mean select! My store had the $2 sale sign over one of the barrettes that was the same price as the one pictured in the ad, but it must be only certain styles, because it rang up as $3.49 and did not produce a RR (I promptly returned it, which they were very helpful and apologetic about — I love my Walgreens). Not sure which other ones besides the one pictured in the ad are part of this deal.

    Anyone else feel like they’re guessing half the time as to which items are on sale? I always feel like things aren’t marked with much detail. Ads that say “select items” don’t help much if the stores don’t mark everything specifically.

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  • Natasha


    I agree with you that they do not mark things well at all. I went to do the Scrunci deal today-nothing was marked. I took a guess, got it wrong, but I have a great Manager who knows me well. He gave me what I purchased, adjusted the price and handed me the $2.00 RR.

    It’s weird because the one pictured in the ad produced the RR but it was priced at $6.29 regularly. The one I bought was priced at $2.99. If you’re going to get this deal watch the price and the RR very closely!

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  • Andrea

    My husband went to pickup the inserts and coupon books for me at Walgreen’s (I even sent him with pics of all the things I needed) – they said that they didn’t have the mid week flier and had never seen it before and had to open a new package of the Winter Diabetes and You since they didn’t have them out and it didn’t have the coupon wrap around. Anyone else having these issues??

  • Kelly

    Does anyone know if the Arm and Hammer would count as $2.49 or $7.49 toward a $25 purchase for the $5RR? Say, if I bought 4 of them, would it be enough for the spend$25/earn$5RR or would they only count as $2.49 each.

  • Lisa

    The week-long ad says select Kellogg’s cereal is on sale for $1.99 and the 4-day sale says select Kellogg’s cereal is a BOGO deal. Does anyone know if these deals can be combined as a $1.99 BOGO deal?

    • April

      Hi there, they won’t be combined, I work at a Walgreens and we checked yesterday.

  • Lisa

    Sorry…just realized I put my post in the wrong week.

  • The $25 is BEFORE all coupons. I used 4 coupons, 5 RR, and paid $2.90 OOP and still got the $5 RR 🙂

  • MM

    I have done the Just for Men rebate before, would I be able to get the rebate check again even tho I did it last year or whenever this JUst for men was free at wags/cvs, thanks

  • Belinda

    Just wondering will i get more than one rr? If I spend the $25 inluding the coke products and hersheys will I get rr’s for all three? $2rr for coke when you buy 3, $1rr for hersheys when you buy 2, and $5rr if I spend $25?

  • Kristen

    My walgreens has the neutrogena mens face lotion in the box ringing up at $1.75 and producing a $5 RR.

  • valrie

    does anyone know if I can use the $5 holiday RR in the transaction and still get another $5 hoiday RR? Do they roll?


    • elisabeth

      I was informed by the manager that it will not work. Just like trying to use a RR from a product to turn around and use on the exact same product, won’t work. Will take the $5 off but not produce another Holiday RR. But hey do some of the deals several times and you’ll have lotsa money to spend next week! You can get the Holiday RR multiple times, just not roll them. Wait til next week or buy something else on sale! woo hoo love Wags!

  • Kim

    I am in Utah and I went to Walgreens today and the Just for Men did not give me a RR. Nor did the Scunci. Does anyone know when the RR expires?

    • elisabeth

      I didn’t do the Just for Men but the Scunci one expires on 12/25/09. Not sure when it stops printing. Good luck!