Walgreens Deals 3/14-3/20


Here are the best deals I see at Walgreens for the week of 3/14-3/20.

Don’t understand any of the lingo I used? Please check my FAQ page for help.  Maximize your savings by learning how to shop at Walgreens.

Coupon Deals

Selected Kelloggs Cereal $1.99
Use $1.50/2 Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats, All bran or Raisin Bran
Use $1.50/2 Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats, All bran or Raisin Bran
Pat $2.48 for two after coupon

Soft Scrub Products $2.99
Use B1G1 Soft Scrub Cleanser Product printable
Use $1.50/1 Soft Scrub Total Product printable
Use $1.50/1 Select Soft Scrub Total Products, exp. 4-11-10 (RP 03/07/10)
Pay as low as $1.49 for two

Eclipse Gum $0.99 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/2 Wrigley’s Eclipse or Orbit Gum, exp. 3-27-10 (Walgreens coupon in March Booklet)
Pay $0.49 each after coupon

Old Spice deodorant $2.29 after in ad coupon
Use $1/1 Old Spice Deodorant or Body Wash, exp. 3-31-10 (P&G 02/07/10)
Pay $1.29 after coupons

Dentek Floss or Picks $1.99
Use $1/1 Dentek Complete Floss, exp. 4-14-10 (ALL YOU May ’09)
Pay $0.99 each after coupon

Stayfree products $3.99 after in ad coupon
Use B1G1 Stayfree Product, exp. 3-31-10 (RP #2 1/3/10)
Use $1/1 Stayfree Product printable (IE) or printable (FF)
Pay $2.99 for two after coupons

Visine drops $3.99 after in ad coupon
Use $3/1 Visine Product, exp. 6-30-10 (ALL YOU Mar ’10)
Pay $0.99 each after coupons

Chapstick lip balm $0.99 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/3 Chapstick Original, Cherry or Moisturizer, exp. 4-30 (RP 1/31/10)
Pay $1.97 for three after coupons

Ester-C 90ct on sale buy one get one free (psa $10.49)
Use $5/1 Ester-C Tablets, exp. 4-7-10 (SS 02/21/10)
Use $4/1 Ester-C Caplets or Tablets, exp. 3-17-10 (RP 01/24/10)
Use $2/1 Ester-C Vitamin C Product printable on coupons.com
Pay as low as $0.49 for two when you use one item per coupon

Register Rewards Deals

Colgate Toothpaste, Total Advanced, Enamel, sensitive $3.99, Earn a $3.99 when you buy one
Use $1/1 Colgate Total Enamel Strength Toothpaste printable
Use $1/1 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste printable
Use $1/1 Select Colgate Total Products, exp. 3-27-10 (SS 03/07/10)
Free plus $1 in overage after coupon and register rewards

Buy $20 in participating Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic products ($6.99), Get a $8 RR back, Buy $15 get $5 back
Use $1/1 Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care Product printable

Deal Idea
Buy three Hawaiian Tropic products $20.97
Use three $1/1 printable coupons
Pay $3.32 each after coupons and register reward

Aveeno Ageless Vitality Skin Care $44.99, Earn a $10 RR back
Use $5/1 Aveeno Ageless Vitality Elasticity Recharging System printable
Submit for $10 MIR Aveeno Ageless Vitality Elasticity Recharging System printable
Pay $19.99 after coupon, RR and mail in rebate

Scope White or Outlast mouthwash, Crest toothpaste 2/$7, Earn a $2 RR when you buy two
Use $1/1 Scope Mouthwash, exp. 3-31-10 (P&G 02/07/10)
Use $1/1 Crest Premium Toothpaste, exp. 3-31-10 (P&G 02/21/10)
Pay $3 for two after coupons and RR

Buy $10 in participating products and Earn a $3 RR
Neosporin cream, ointment or spray $4
Band Aid bandages $3
Benadryl cream or ready mist $4

Deal idea
Buy two Band Aid products $6
Buy one Nesporin product $4
Use $3/2 Neosporin Product and Bandaid Product, exp. 3-31-10 (SS 02/21/10)
Use $1/1 Band-Aid Brand Product, exp. 3-31-10 (RP #2 1/3/10)
Use $2/1 Neosporin Walgreens Store coupon from Children’s activity book
Free after coupons and RR

Buy two participating products and earn a $5 RR
Select Sudafed, Benadryl and Tylenol Cold $4.99
Zyrtec children $9.99
Zyrtec 12-14ct $12.99
Use $3/2 Tylenol Cold, Sinus, Sudafed PE or OM, exp. 4-3 (RP #2 1/3/10)
Use $2/1 Tylenol Cold Product printable
Use $2/1 Sudafed Triple Action or PE Triple Action printable
Use $2/1 Zyrtec Product printable (IE) or printable (FF)
Pay as low as $0.99 for two products after coupon and RR

Special K shakes 2/$9, Earn a $3 RR when you buy two
Use $1/1 Special K Protein Shakes printable
Pay $4 for two after coupons and RR
Happy Savings!

  • Jennifer P

    i thought the Old Spice coupon was $1/2 not one.

  • Kathryn

    The gold medal flour is 2/$3. If anyone has the printable coupon for $0.75/1 that would be $0.75 for flour!

    • http://meangreenmommy.wordpress.com Laura

      @Kathryn, Where did you find the Gold Medal coupon?

      • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

        The Gold Medal coupon was available on coupons.com a few days ago.

  • Mia

    How about the WAGS coloring book Qs for the neosporin and bandaid ?

    • joann

      I was wondering the same thing…wonder why she didn’t mention that? Wouldn’t it be free if you used that?

      • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

        Hi Guys,

        I missed that coupon and added it to the scenario. Thanks for the reminder.


      • tanya

        I think the “old” coloring book had those coupons listed….I don’t think the new coloring book has band aids or neosporin coupons.

    • Marcia S

      I’m at the Sheboygan wags the one by Burger King. The have one of the books left this is the one that ends this mont!

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  • Bette

    I found a great ‘filler’ item at Walgreens today! The Russell Stover Chocolate Easter Eggs which are normally 2/$1 are only 29 cents each. I used four of those today so that I could use some $5 coupons on other items and it was alot cheaper than 89 cents candy bars as fillers!!

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  • Terri L

    In what part of the store is the WAGS coloring book located? Mercedes, have you ever found it at your store? I’ve looked in Sheb. before and couldn’t find it.

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      Hi terri,

      My friend found it at the “Main” Sheboygan location. The one on Erie. But this was a while ago. This booklet has been out a while and I think the odds of finding it are not pretty good. Maybe on clearance? but look by the children’s books.


    • http://meangreenmommy.wordpress.com Laura

      @Terri L, I’ve never been able to find the Children’s coloring books at any stores in my metroplex (DFW). I think they might be regional.

    • Rae

      The Children’s Book is still available in San Antonio, TX at the Hausman/Babcock store.

    • Marcia S

      @Terri L,
      replied to the wrong post! The wags in Sheboygan by Burger King has the book! The one that ends this month!

      • Terri L

        Thanks! I love all the help/conversations from fellow couponers. I appreciate it!

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  • http://www.homeschool-how-to.com Heidi

    Can’t you use the sudafed triple action printable coupon for $4 for the sudafed deal mentioned above? I don’t remember where I got it from, but I have 2 of them and would love to use them.

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      Hi Heidi,

      That type if not included in this sale.


  • Sandra

    I went to Walgreens today (Happy Harrys in Delaware) and I did not see any signs saying anything about the RR on band-aids or neosporn. Is that an unadvertised sale?

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      Hi Sandra,

      No, this is advertised in the sales circular. Having said that, I looked at a sales circular for Wilmington and it seems you guys do not have this deal available.
      What a bummer,


    • Jo

      Hi Sandra! I am in DE also. Happy Harry’s does not have all of the same sales and deals as Walgreens. They pretty much cut the Wags ad in half :( If you take in the Wags ad, they have to honor it. I have asked several times when they will switch over and they all say “soon.” Hopefully it’s true. There is a “Walgreens” in Elkton, MD on Route 40. I make a trip down there once a week. Good luck! (and don’t clear the shelves before I get there :))

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  • hisbloved

    Hi Mercedes,

    I’m still pretty new at WAGS, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’ve spotted a GREAT deal. A few weeks(Feb 11th)back we had a free Excedrin coupon offer. This week I see that there is a B1G1 for Excedrin. This would be the time cash in. Right?

    Thanks for your help and such and awesome site!


    • Betty

      It depends on your cashier but if you have one who is nice (or doesnt care) you should get 2 free. I know I plan to try with mine!

  • Jessica B.

    The band-aid coupon from the Children’s Activity book is only for the kids character bandaids which aren’t included in the sale this week.

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      Thanks Jessica,

      I will remove the coupon.


  • Rae

    After going to Walgreens this morning I realizes the character bandaids are not on sale this week ($3), but does anyone know if they still print a Register Reward???????

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      Hi Rae,

      I read that they don’t generate the register rewards.


  • Michelle

    There is a great deal on Kleenex this week: The Buy participating Kleenex: Buy 4, Get $1; Buy 5, get $2; Buy 6 or more get $3 in Register Rewards is still going on apparently.

    I bought 6 boxes using the in store ad coupon making them $0.89 each and 2 of the $0.50/3. I paid $$4.34 OOP and got back a $3 RR. That makes them $0.22 each.

  • sam

    hi Mercedes, about the Nesporin deal, don’t we have to pay $4.
    – Buy two Band Aid products $6 + Buy one Nesporin product $4
    -Use $3/2 Neosporin Product and Bandaid Product
    -Use $1/1 Band-Aid Brand Product
    – Use $2/1 Neosporin Walgreens Store coupon from Children’s activity book
    Total = (6+4) – (3+1+2 qs)
    = 10-6
    = 4

  • Kate

    I’ve been loving the Bandaids/Neosporin deal all week, but today, a Wags in South STL County tried to take my children’s coloring book coupon. I told them to just forget it. I don’t understand how cashiers and managers are so misinformed!