Walgreens Coupon Match Ups and Deals 5/1 – 5/7


Here are the best Walgreens Coupon Match Ups and Deals forย  5/1 – 5/7. There are some good deals to be had.

Not sure how to make the most of your shopping at Walgreens? Make sure to read my Walgreens Shopping Guide to learn how to get stuff for free or very cheap

Coupon Match Ups

Mentos, 15 ct 2/$2
Use $0.35/1 Mentos 3/20/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/15/2011)
Pay $0.65 each after coupon

Kellogg’s Cereals or Pop Tarts $1.99
Use $1.50/3 Kellogg’s Cereal 4/10/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/22/2011)
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals 4/17/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/29/2011)
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s PopTart Products 3/6/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/1/2011)
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals
Pay $1.65 each after coupon

Dawn Dish Liquid, $0.99
Use $0.20/1 Dawn Dish Liquid P&G Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/31/2011)
Pay $0.79 each after coupon

Cottonelle 12 pack $5
Use $0.50/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue (IE) Printable (FF)
Use $0.50/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue
PLUS $1/1 Cottonelle Bathrooom, May IVC Coupon Booklet

Deal Idea:
Buy 2 Cottonelle 12pks $5 Each
Use (2) $0.50/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue or
Use (2) $0.50/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue (IE) Printable (FF)
PLUS use $1/1 Cottonelle 12 large rolls, May Coupon Book (Takes off $2)
Pay $7, Get Back $3 RR
Final Price: $2 each after coupons and Register Rewards

Puffs $0.99, after in ad coupon

Tylenol Precise product $7.99
Use $5/1 Tylenol Precise Product
PLUS $3/1 Tylenol Precise Walgreens Coupon in May Coupon Booklet
Free after coupons

Butterball Chicken Broth 2/$1, after in ad coupon

Scotch Tape or Padded Mailers $0.39, after in ad coupon

Hershey’s Singles $0.49

Register rewards Deals

G-U-M Eez-Thru Flossers $2, Get a $2 RR when you buy one
Free register rewards

Gillette Fusion Proglide $9.89, Get $5 RR when you buy one
Use $4/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor P&G Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/31/2011)
Pay $0.89 each after coupon and register rewards

U by Kotex Products 2/$7, Get $2 RR when you buy two
Use $1/1 U by Kotex Pads 4/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/28/2011)
Use $1/1 U by Kotex Liners 4/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/28/2011)
Use $1/1 U by Kotex Tampons 4/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/28/2011)
Pay $1.50 each after coupon and register rewards

Lysol Spray $3.49, get a $1 RR When you buy one
Use $1/1 Lysol Disinfectant Spray
Use $1/1 Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray
Pay $1.49 each after coupon and register rewards

Aussie or Herbal Essences Hair Care $2.99, Earn a $1 RR when you buy one
Use $0.50/1 Herbal Essences or Aussie Hair Care Products P&G Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/31/2011)
Pay $1.49 each after coupon and register rewards

Bic Razors $5.99, Earn a $2 RR when you buy one
3 to 6 pack Soleil
Flex 3, Flex 4 or Comfort 3
Hybrid Advance System

Use $3/1 BIC Disposable Razors 4/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/22/2011)
Use $2/1 Bic Disposable Shavers 3/27/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/15/2011)
Use $2/1 Bic Soleil Bella Razor (IE) Printable (FF)
Pay as low as $0.99 after coupons and register rewards

Noxema Razors $3.99, Earn a $3 RR when you buy one
Use $2/1 Noxema Razors RP Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 6/30/2011)
Free plus $1.01 overage after coupon and register rewards

Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 2/$8, get a $2 RR When you buy two
Use B1G1 Head & Shoulders Conditioner WYB Shampoo 4/17/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2011)
Pay $1.50 each after coupon and register rewards

Pantene Hair Care Products 2/$7, get a $1 RR When you buy two
Use $3.00/2 Pantene products P&G Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/31/2011)
Pay $1.50 each after coupon and register rewards

Colgate Oral Care Products 2/$5, get a $1 RR When you buy two
Colgate 2 in 1 or Total Toothpaste
Colgate Adult 360 Toothbrush

Use $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste RP Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/21/2011)
Use $0.75/1 Colgate Adult or Children Toothbrush RP Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/21/2011)
Pay $1.25 each after coupon and register rewards

Relaxer Kit or Hair Color $6.99, get a $5 RR When you buy one
Pay $1.99 each after register rewards

Renpure Hair Products $5.99, get a $4 RR When you buy one
Pay $1.99 each after register rewards

Right Guard Total Defense 5 or Dry Idea Antiperspirant/Deodorant $2.99, get a $2 RR When you buy one
Use B1G1 Free Right Guard or Dry Idea RP Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/31/2011)
Pay $0.49 each after coupon and register rewards

Fixodent Cleanser or Adhesive or Scope Mouthwash $3.99, get a $1 RR When you buy one
Use Free Fixodent Cleanser (Up to $3.00) P&G Insert 5/1/2011 (exp 5/31/2011)
FREE after coupon and register rewards

Happy Savings!

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  • Jaime

    Just a heads up on the Cottonelle TP coupon link from WalMart…It let me print 8 times (both the TP and the flushable wipes). On the ninth try it just printed the wipes coupon. It is a Bricks coupon link, so this really surprised me. Trying to figure out how to maximize these coupons and the RRs with other RR items this week. Any ideas?

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  • danielle

    ok so tell me how bogo works i have bogo coupon and its on bogo im i buying 3 or 4 i know get 2 free right but do i have to buy 2 ?

    • pennyscents

      You buy 2, and get both free. The free one that the store is offering qualifies as the buy one for the coupon, and vice verse. You are simply combining a store offer with a manufacturer offer. You are paying for the buy one that the store is saying that you have to buy in order to get the free one from them. You are just paying with a coupon instead of cash. It’s the same thing as something being on sale for a $1.00, and you using a $1.00 off MC to pay.

      Some stores will not do this, though. They will require you to buy 3. They will give you one free from them, and then one free from the MC. So you would end up paying for one, and getting 3. Still not a bad deal, but that is not how it is supposed to be. I know this for a fact! The District Manager in my area & I worked together to figure this out. He went all the way to the head of consumer relations at Wags corporate (his words). I also contacted a manufacturer about this issue. I am not going to get into all the details; as I have listed them on this site & others just about every time a bogo+bogo deals comes up.

      • danielle

        thank you so much for your time and help

  • pennyscents

    Does anybody know if the $4.00 MC on the Gillette Razor is working on the Gillette Razor Comfort Pack that is also part of the RR deal this week???

    • nicole


  • Did the deal on (2) 12 rolls of Cottonelle Bath Tissue @ $5.00 each. Used (2) $0.50 off 1 Manufacturer coupons (Printable) along with (1) $1.00 Walgreens Instant Coupon. The Instant doubled to $2.00 and I received a $3.00 RR. Making my per 12 rolls @ $2.00 each.

    Tylenol Precise heat pads or cream is $7.99. I used (1) $5.00 printable manufacturer coupon an (1) $3.00 Walgreens Instant Value Coupon making this item $FREE. I actuall forgot to get the GUM Eez-Thru Flossers but will go back.

  • Kayla

    You can also print a Maxwell House coupon off Walmart’s website for a $1/1 and they are 5.99 which is 4.99 for Maxwell House, pretty good if you like Maxwell House coffee.

  • Anu

    don’t let me print the tylenol precise coupon?
    Can some one please tell me how toprint that coupon

  • HNM

    If you sign up with Kellogg’s they have coupons that you can print as well. Walgreen’s has Raisin Brand for $1.99 and Kellogg’s let you print 2 coupons for .70 of 1 box.

  • Tania

    Hoping someone can answer this for me. This week Old Spice body wash is B1G1 50% off I have a buy one get one free coupon and a $1 off coupon.
    If I buy 2 body washes, wags in store deal would be one at $4.49 and the second at $2.25 then hand over my B1G1 free coupon making my total $2.25 for both, am I able to also use the $1 coupon bringing my total to $1.25 for both? Thanks so much ladies

    • kelly

      My WAGS is sneaky witht he b1g1 and b1 g1 1/2 deal. THey take off the price of the 2nd- 2.25, not 4.49. I’m pretty sure they still claim it as 4.49 whwn they get their check, but the jip us. Just a heads up to watch out for it… My WAGS are not coupon friendly at all- the managers give us the dirtiest looks, I’m not even an extreme couponer. I get what I need and only 1 or 2. I don’t see what their problem is- they get their money either way.

      • pennyscents

        They are supposed to put the lesser value in for the MC on a bogo 50% off sale.

        The coupon says that the store should take off the equal or lesser value item.

      • Tania

        @ Kelly and Pennyscents…. So if they do take off the lesser value and my total is then $4.49 for both, can I also use the $1 off coupon to take that total down to $3.49 or does the B1G1 free coupon count towards both bodywashes?? Again thanks so much ladies and by the way I love reading all of my fellow couponing sisters comments daily, you are all awesome!!!

        • pennyscents

          A bogo MC combined with a bogo store sale is supposed to=both free. Some Wags will not do it though.

          Being able to use a bogo coupon & an addtional coupon when buying 2 products will depend on how the bogo coupon is coded.

          5 12345 878 “01” or “14” 4

          When the code has a “01” then it only attaches to 1 product, and you should be able to use another coupon without any problems.

          If the coupon has a “14” then it attaches to both, and you will not be able to use any other MC’s.

        • Julieta

          see my other comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ They did allow me to use both the B1G1 free coupon and the $1.00 off.

    • Julieta

      It was my first time ever doing a coupon shopping trip. To make it easier for me to keep track I went ahead and filled in the $4.99 price on the coupons (I used to work retail and it never bothered me when customers filled the price in, I just verified it was correct and it actually made the job easier on me). Anyway, the cashier keyed in that price, and allowed me to use the $1.00 off. I did the deal four times and essentially got all eight bottles for $0.75 each. ๐Ÿ™‚ YES!

      They also let me do the right guard deal 4 times, so I got all 8 bottles of right guard COMPLETELY FREE! ๐Ÿ™‚

      NOTE: This isn’t the normal situation. Walgreens coupon policy says they will only accept two B1G1 coupons on like items in a transaction.

  • RuthAnn Alston

    I am sorry to ask such a “newbie” question, but I want to make sure I do this right. I have 6 coupons for the Gilette razor that you can get the $5 RR on. To get my RR for each of them, do I need to do six seperate transaction?

    • Tristan

      yes. any time you are getting a RR you need to do separate transactions

    • pennyscents

      It is being reported that the Gillette RR is rolling, which means that you can use one to pay, and still get a new one back. Who know if & when it will get fixed though.

  • Monica

    Tide stain release- spend 10.00 get 3.00 in RR
    Tide stain release 3.99
    buy 3 at 3.99 use 3- 3.00 off coupons from the 5/1 P&G
    Free after coupons and RR

    • pennyscents

      The coupons are for the larger size packages which aren’t part of the sale.

    • pennyscents

      I was looking at this at first too.The $3.00 coupon are for the larger size packages, which are not part of this sale.

      • Monica

        I worked this deal and it went thru. Their computer still excepted the coupons and I got the register rewards back. It was also excepted at target on the smallest package of tide stain release packets that were priced 3.99. So you could get them for .99. So, If you are interested in getting them they worked for me so it should work for you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • barbara

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great week couponing. I am new to this type of couponing but will b happy to share with you once I get the hang of it. Thank you everyone.

  • Tania

    Well I picked up the Old Spice body wash and of course they gave me a hard time about my coupon that was the B1G1 free along with their in store B1G1 50% off they would not allow the full price to be taken off and would only take off the $2.49 making my total for two being $4.99. Does anyone know what the policy is for Wags when they have the in store deal of B1G1 50% off and you have a B1G1 free coupon?? Each wags that I have gone to does it different so whice one is right? Thanks my coupon sisters!!!