Walgreens Deals: Free Purex Detergent and Nivea Lip Care

Hot Deal Alert!!  I just came back from my local Walgreens where I noticed that Purex Liquid detergent is on MegaSaver sale buy one get one free.  Here’s how you can get it free

Purex Detergent on sale BOGO or 2/$5.99
Use B1G1 Purex Liquid Detergent or 3-in-1 Sheets, exp. 3-6 (RP 2/21/10)
Get two free after coupon

This coupon expires this week so awesome timing for this sale.  Also, please note that some cashiers may ask you to “buy one” in order to get another free.  If that’s the case make sure to get four and you will end up paying $5.99 for four bottles.  That makes it $1.25 each.

Also here’s how you can get better than free Nivea Lip products

$7.98 when you buy two Nivea Lipcare $2.99-3.99
-$3.99 when you use B1G1 Nivea Lip Care Product, exp. 3-7-10 (RP 02/07/10)
-$6 when you use $0.99 in ad coupon (will deduct $2 or $3 each to adjust price of each item down to $0.99 each)
Get two free PLUS up to $2.01 in overage after coupons

Also cheap Dentyne gum:

Dentyne Gum $0.69 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/2 Dentyne Gum Single Packs, exp. 4-25-10 (SS 02/28/10)
Pay $0.19 each after coupons

Remember to always hand your manufacturer coupon first and the in-ad coupon last.

Happy Savings!

  • Maria

    Thanks Mercedes!! Did you see the coupon flyer with $20 in savings??
    Some good not so high value coupons, but anything helps!! THANKS again! :)

  • Lsa

    I’m sorry, I don’t see the B1G1 in the ad 2/21 RP.

    • Sonjia

      It was on the back outside cover of my insert. Hope this helps!

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  • http://www.abusymomoftwo.blogspot.com BusyMom

    My ad has the sheets in it at 2/$9 with $1 RR, but I don’t see the liquid. Mercedes, was it in your ad or just a sale in store?

  • Tom

    Just got back from my walgreens run. Hit the 2 walgreens in Port Charlotte FL, and scored 10 free bottles (had 5 coupons. All thanks to reading this tip before I went out. thanks for posting!! The liquid is not in the sale ad, it’s just in the store. (there’s no RR for the liquid)

    stocked up on laundry soap and Starbucks at 25 cents a bottle, great day!!

  • hannah

    handing your coupons in that way will not always work.
    I’m a walgreens employee… and we are trained to only take the manufacturer coupons after all store coupons.

    • Lisa P.

      Hi, Hannah! Walgreens may train y’all to take the manufacturer’s coupons last, but I’ve been shopping the same 4 Walgreens for a few years, now and they always take the manufacturer’s, first. Maybe it is just your area? Have a great weekend! :)

  • Michele

    So do we know the OFFICIAL Walgreen policy? My store entered the coupon at $5.99 off…so they were both free. But my couponer friend tried 2 other stores and they said the would not accept the coupon… What’s the deal?!?! :(

  • Donna

    I too am a walgreens employee and on the nivea lip balm, it comes out to .99 for 2 even with that BOGO.
    They scan at $2.98-$3.98 each (can’t remember off hand), then we scan the walgreens coupon so that brings them dwn to .99 each, and then the manufacturers coupon of BOGOm, which .99 is taken off, so basically your getting 2 for .99.

    The whole thing on getting overage is all wrong.

  • Donna

    Again, I may be wrong but at least at my store we are told to take Walgreens coupons off first, then manufacturers.

    However, I myself would like to confirm this and not to just be told by my manager.

  • http://www.mommyenterprises.com/moms-blog Stefani

    The overage worked for me earlier today for the Nivea lip balm. See my post here: http://mommyenterprises.com/freebie-blog/walgreens-deals/my-walgreens-trip-0228/

  • qudz104

    donna is right.. i work for wags too and the deasl works out to 2/.99. i didnt know the liquid was bogof… i bought the 3 in 1 sheets and it was a good enough deal for me. and my store doesnt let you use a bogof q on a bogof sale. or more then 1 q on a bogof item. i hate my store lol.

  • qudz104

    donna is right.. i work for wags too and the niveal lip deal works out to 2/.99.. no overage. i didnt know the liquid was bogof… i bought the 3 in 1 sheets and it was a good enough deal for me. and my store doesnt let you use a bogof q on a bogof sale. or more then 1 q on a bogof item. i hate my store lol.

  • Sonjia

    I’d love to know how you guys are able to use the BOGO coupons at Walgreens. Every time I set foot into that store I am reminded of why I swore never to shop there again. For the third time in a month, I’ve walked out empty handed because of stupid coupon policies and rude employees. My store wouldn’t let me use any coupons for my purchases. When my cashier condescendingly asked me if I’d only like to buy two I told him “No, I won’t be purchasing anything” and I left him with bags of items to return to the shelves.

    I have even called the 800 customer service number to file a complaint, and even though a manager was supposed to return my call within three days, it’s never happened. Glad I didn’t hold my breath on that on…

    Does anyone know of any good Walgreens stores in the Orlando area that are not opposed to accepting coupons? I have NEVER had an issue at my CVS (directly across the street from Walgreens)- and I choose to give that company my money instead. Treat your customers respectfully and they’ll keep coming back.

    • Lisa

      Up until the last paragraph, I thought you were talking about the Hattiesburg, MS store!! The cashiers act like you are taking the coupon out of their pay. I make the drive to the Walgreens in Petal just to avoid dealing with them. So sad! :)

      • Tina Glenn

        I shop in the Hattiesburg, MS stores as well. I was shot down on the Purex deal tonight. No BOGO on BOGO sale. Dont buy them all in Petal..lol!

  • Jennifer

    The only coupon I could find was for the nivea, was for a $1 off any nivea product,I looked for the BOGO and only found one that exp 1/1710

  • Rosie T

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you can’t get the store to take your BOGO coupon to get both for free, couldn’t you pay just $3 for 4 bottles, instead of $6? Here’s how I see it in my head

    Buy 2 bottles – $5.99
    Get 2 free (store promo)
    Use BOGO coupon (-$3)

    Total, $3 for 4 bottle of Purex. I’m hoping my store will let me have them free, but we’ll see . 4 for $3 still isn’t a bad deal!

    • Rosie T

      nevermind… check my math on that… buying 2 is a total of $12, not $6… right. Got it. Still a pretty good deal. I probably shouldn’t try to think or do math after 7 pm… LOL! =)

  • Kaila

    Did the Purex deal today and got 4 free bottles of detergent! Thanks so much!!!

  • Misty

    I did the purex deal today and got 2 bottles for free. worked for me. As far as the cashier training to take walgreens coupons first then manufacturer. I can understand as an employee following store protocol to keep your job. However I am a frequent walgreens customer to about 4 stores near me and they take the coupons in the order I give them (manu then Wags) without a problem. There is no clear policy posted anywhere that tells me how I have to use them.

  • londa

    Purex deal didn’t work for me tonight in Meridian, Id. Cashier told me I would have to buy four for every coupon I used. Pay for one and get three free, so approximately %1.50 each. I didn’t get any considering I know I have paid less than $1 for All and I didn’t really need any right now. Those of you that it did work for, what stores did you go to if you are here in Idaho?

  • Julie

    I got six for free tonight. Thanks!!

  • Alice

    Ladies one question… Have you been able to get Purex HE? I’ve never used this before and my washer uses this… Is this one on sale as well?

    • RAE

      I have found Purex HE and I really like the way it smells. But, I have not seen the HE at any of my Walgreen’s. I have only been able to find it at Wal-Mart.

  • Bonita

    When does the BOGO deal end? I was just in my store tonight and there was no sign or anything in the ad and got home and read this and was like OH MAN..so I tried calling and the cashier told me it wasn’t BOGO, but I`m not sure he even scanned it? I just dont want to make an extra trip to drag the kids up there if its not 100% sure going to ring up the BOGO free? Anyones help!?! =)

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      This is a month long deal but the coupon expires on 3/6.


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  • Mey

    Purex deal didn’t work for me in Northern Cali. Cashier wouldn’t take the bogo coupon and said they can’t give me free detergent because they would be losing money. I tried to explain, but both the managers said no. And my wags also said to take store coupon then MQ. There are 3 walgreens in my town. I might try the other stores but they aren’t as coupon friendly as the one that I usually go to. =( Wish me luck.

    • Mey

      Yay! I was able to get 8 bottles free. I just had to pay about $2.00 in tax. I tried a second Wags and they were completely sold out. So I tried the third Wags. They were completely in stock!!! I was able to 8 of them but there were about 20 of them still on the shelves plus I asked the employees if there were more in the back. She said yes so I didn’t feel guilty getting 8 bottles. I did have a little problem at first. The manager wasn’t sure if I could use the coupon and he called his boss up and was given the green light. I was so excited. I’m planning on donating them to the locate shelter in town.

  • Tara J

    I had no problem at all in Kissimmee, FL getting 6 Purex for free – I even went to two different stores. At one store, the Cashier complimented me on the great deal!! Thanks Mercedes for posting these great deals!!!

  • Emily

    I thought you had to use the Walgreens coupons first. I used the manufacturer’s first once before, and then the Walgreens coupon didn’t come off correctly for each item that I bought. I don’t remember the exact situation, but maybe that something was ending up free so the Walgreens Q didn’t take off any additional.

  • kara

    i’m sooooo bummed! our 2/7 rp didn’t have the bogo for nivea lip care + i absolutely LOVE their kiss of flavor lip gloss ~ adds just a touch of color + makes your lips feel great! oh, well, maybe next time… :-(

  • Tyra

    Totally bummed. I cannot find the BOGO Purex coupon in my insert. So sad.

  • Susan Jay

    Just got back from Wags in the Dallas area. Got 4 free Purex detergents, and 2 free Revlon eyeshadows, no problem!! THANKS!

  • Cari

    Thanks so much for sharing this unadvertised sale! I had 1 BOGO coupon so I came home with 2 Purex detergents for free (Connecticut).

  • Catherine

    My walgreens wouldn’t let me get two free. I had to actually buy one, so I had to get four in all. Paid for one and got three free. Good enough deal for me since I can’t price match for the All.

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  • Christine

    Has anyone had luck with this deal in WA state?

  • Sue

    My redplum seems to be missing the purex coupons. I’m soooooooooooo bummed!

  • Sue

    I too was unable to locate the Nivea coupon in my Walgreens ad. I was sooooo bummed about that one too!

    • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

      Are you guys in CO? I know some areas in Colorado get what’s called the “short”ad.


      • Sue

        Mercedes, I’m in Michigan.

        • http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com Mercedes

          Oh yes, some areas in Michigan also get a shortened version of the ad from what I hear. It’s easy to compare. you can see your ad online and then compare to the one for my area zip 53073


  • Kristina L.

    I got 12 of the Purex but at my Walgreens the manager always ask me on Sunday what I want them to order for me and I told them Purex also the Nivea didn’t work for me no overage.

  • Ambra

    Just got back from my Wags and it was a no-go on the free Purex- boo! When the cashier scanned them, the first came up as 3.00, then the second at 2.99 (sneaky sneaky!) I made him wait while I went back to the detergent and took the sticky tag from the shelf- and brought it back to show him- it read: “Purex liquid buy one at 5.99, get one free!” then down at the bottom, it read “2/5.99″ Well, which is it then? In a way, I can see that the tag is just poorly worded BUT in that case, I could have easily argued that it clearly says buy ONE at 5.99 (not 3.00) and get one FREE (not 2.99). Couldn’t that be considered false advertisement??? I honestly don’t get the whole B1G1 coupon cancelling out a B1G1 deal, so I will be contacting corporate, just for an explanation- and also to urge them to create a Wags coupon policy!

  • sally

    Went to Walgreens in the “MED-Center” here in Houston, I can’t believe how well these deals worked!I want to say that you really do need to give them the manufacturer’s first, I did and I can tell you that I got
    6 Nivea Lip Kiss @3.29
    2 Purex Detergents $5.99 for 2
    2 Dentyne Packs.19 each
    1 WALG Cotten Ball Pack@.99
    2 Finest Natural Resveratrol @10.49 BOGO
    2 Bottles of Barefoot wine @ $4.99 each
    I gave the cahier 3 BOGO Nivea coupons, then the BOGO Purex,followed by the Dentyne Bogo coupons. I then gave her the Walgreens coupons and a $1 RR from the Lady Speed Stick deal which I had paid for with a .75 cents off coupon separately.
    When It was all said and done the total cam out to be $6.91!!!!
    with .45 tax it was $7.36 with the wine!My receipt says I saved $68.94!Thank you lady’s for all you wonderful tips.

  • windycityprince

    Tried the Walgreens on nw side of Chicago. no go. Could not use coupon for Purex purchase because it was already BOGO. The computer would not take it and the cashier didn’t offer to override the computer. It appears that Walgreens is all over the board for coupon policies.

  • Lexi

    First off Wolverine, no one is committing fraud by using a manufacturer coupon that is BOGO along with a store that runs a BOGO. The store pays for one the manufacturer pays for the other. Don’t you have something better to do than to accuse people??

    Second, I TOTALLY agree with Walgreens having the worst employees. I had a bad experience at an Alabama one. The employee was VERY rude. I contacted the store manager and filed a complaint with corporate. I’ve never had issues at CVS, they are always SO friendly.

    I will probably try Walgreens again just not this certain one.