Walgreens Deals: Huggies Wipes $0.75 per tub

Thanks to reader Maria for alerting me to a new Walgreens Coupon Flyer called $100 in Coupon Savings. This coupon flyer contains a coupon for $1 off one Huggies wipes 64-72 count tub (limit 2). This is how you can get the tubs for $0.75 each through Saturday:

Huggies wipes tubs 2/$5
Use two $0.75/1 Huggies wipes printable coupon (no longer available)
Use $1/1 Huggies wipes Walgreens store coupon from “100 in Savings coupon flyer”
Pay $o.75 per tub

But Huggies wipes are also part of a register reward promotion this week: buy $25 and get a $5 RR back. If your store is OK with going over the limit of two you could do this:

$25 when you buy ten Huggies wipes tubs
Use twn $0.50/1 Huggies wipes coupons from 1/17 SS insert or $0.75/1 Huggies wipes printable coupon
Use $1/1 Huggies wipes Walgreens store coupon from “100 in Savings coupon flyer”
Pay as little as $7.50 plus tax out of pocket and earn a $5 register rewards back Thanks Passion for Savings!

I hope all of you pregnant mamas and mamas of little ones are taking advantage of these diaper and wipes sales. Because it seems this is the week to stock up! You can see this coupon flyer here.

PS: Please keep the emails coming everyone. I love hearing from you about the deals you are finding.

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  • Rae

    Does anyone have a zip code for the wipes coupon? I can’t find it.

    • I am sorry Rae, unfortunately the coupon is no longer available


      • Cindy

        If you have a Safeway near you – they had a coupon book in the aisle near the bar soap/shampoo, etc. “save up to S26” that has a cpn for $1 off Huggies wipes. If you couldn’t print the .75 off one, this would be an even better deal.

        • Cheri

          That’s my plan, using the Safeway book, Walgreens children book cpns, and now this in-store ad

          2 x 8.99 diapers
          3 x 2.50 wipes
          -(2) $2 Safeway or IP on diapers
          -(3) $1 Safeway or IP from last week
          -(2) $1 Walgreens childrens book (IVC)
          -(3) $1 Walgreens in-store ad (pdf)
          = $14 or so OOP and get a $5 RR for “spending” $25 in diapers

        • Maria

          Cherri: Looks wonderful, but those cps from Safeway didn’t scan at Wag’s registers. I tried at different stores and it’s no way, Mercedes says that’s because those cps. starting with a “9” don’t work with Wag’s system. I successfully used the L’Oreal ones, but was bc that one starts with a “5”. Good luck!!

      • Thanks what I was thinking…w/ the $1 coupons from safeway…

        Buy 10 tubs of wipes $25
        Use 10 $1 Huggies from Safeway booklets
        Use 1 Wags coupon (will deduct $10)
        =$5+tax OOP get $5 RR

        ***if they don’t scan hopefully they put them in manually…they did for me @ Walmart, I got a FREE 16ct package :mrgreen:

        • (if your store has that many booklets, I found 3, but my sisters are giving me theirs they got last week)

        • Lisa P.

          It has been my experience that if you have to have them manually put in coupons, then the RR doesn’t print. It’s worth a try, though!

  • Joella

    Where are people seeing this new flyer? I haven’t seen one in my Walgreens and I was there today? What does it look like?

  • Joella

    Where are people seeing this new flyer? I haven’t seen one in my Walgreens and I was there today? What does it look like? This looks like a great deal and I’d love to do it if I can find the Walgreens coupon!

  • Molly

    As my luck would have it I doubt my walgreens with ever get it!
    😉 lol what joy!

    • Patricia

      my walgreens didnt have the childrens book for months. I asked someone and they sent me to pharmacy. The guy there said he can order them and it would be a week. see if yours will do it

  • Maria

    Girls: Click above where says “here” and you can see
    the flyer and I think you can print the coupons.

    • Joella

      Thanks! I didn’t see that link last night!

  • Amie

    Will Walgreens accept the coupon if we print it from the PDF file??

    • Cheri

      If I am not mistaken most stores get this via email, and make their own copies for display, so its YMMV

  • Joella

    Wow! What an ordeal, but I got it to work! My Walgreen’s only had 4 wipes. I saw an employee and asked if they had more (usually the person just says, “everything we have is on the shelf”, but miraculously this lady said, “I’ll check in the back.”) She found 8 more wipes! I go to the register, the checker asks for all my coupons up front. She scans in two wipes and then goes to scan the walgreens coupon… I asked why she couldn’t just scan all the coupons at the end. She said since the limit was 2 she had to scan it after only 2 had been rung in. I was really nice about it, but said I didn’t think that the coupons should be scanned until the end of the transaction. So she called the manager, who finished the transaction, and was fine with scanning all the coupons at the end. However, every single manufacturer’s coupon beeped. She read each one to make sure if was for the right wipes and put them all through. She said maybe the other coupon was blocking it… but she didn’t give me a hard time past that. I spent 7.88 out of pocket and got a $5 register reward for 10 wipes!

  • Maria

    Wow!!! Joella you’re my hero!!! what a nice deal!!!

    • Joella

      Thanks so much! I just started couponing a couple months ago, but I’m really getting into it! I’m trying to get my sister into it and she was able to do this deal today too! Yeah! I’m so grateful for the incredible outlines of how to get the great deals!

  • jean

    good job joella!!

    all my manny coupons beeped too, but the cashier let me use them anyway.

    great deal, thanks!

  • Kathy

    I did this deal today at Walgreens. I had (10)$1.00 wipes coupons that I found in the Safeway coupon book that was mentioned on some blogs a few weeks ago. I had 11 coupon booklets. These are the booklets that had the $2.00 Johnson & Johnson first Aid.

    They did not scan and came up as “not on file,” but since they had no Safeway logo on them and they were obviously manufacturer’s coupons my store manager let me use them.

    I was able to get a copy of $100.00 savings flyer on iheartwags, so even though the PDF of this flyer probably would not have scanned, the code was on it.

    When I got to my store, they had the flyer visibly displayed. Apparently the store managers were to print them and display them in the store.

  • erin w

    i asked about the flyer (after looking for it with no success )at 2 different walgreens in central virginia and they had no idea what i was talking about. i might try later, i found a copy of the scanned sheet at iheartwags. hopefully they will let me use the code off of that or i am out of luck on this deal : /