Walgreens Double Dipping Deals 11/21-11/22

It’s that time of the month again: double dipping time at Walgreens and this time again there is a $/$$ coupon to make your purchase even better. What is double dipping you wonder? Double dipping happens when the end of one rebate period overlaps with the beginning of another rebate period at Walgreens. During these two days, the coupons in the EasySaver booklet from the period that is about to end are still active and the coupons from the period that just began are active as well. Because using two Easysaver coupons on the same item is controversial and highly dependent on whether a cashier will let you do it or not, I don’t promote deals that involve this practice. With that in mind, the choices for double dipping are very slim this month:

bioInfusion Shampoo or Conditioner, Conditioning Balm or serum 2/$20
Use 2/1 coupon in December Easy Saver catalog
Submit for November Easysaver Rebate ($10 back when you buy two)
$3 each after coupon and rebate

Crest Spinbrush on sale $4.99

Use 2/1 manufacturer coupon here
Use 3/1 Walgreens coupon in December Easysaver catalog
FREE after coupons

Happy Deal Hunting!

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  • Lylah

    hi there mercedes…haven’t stopped over for awhile…you’ve got some great deals happening here.

    thanks…and blessings on you! lylah

  • Anonymous

    Where is the $/$$ coupon this week? I can’t find it online. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I thought at HCW they were talking about the shampoo conditioner being free. Was it the wrong coupon in Dec?

    I don’t see the $/$$ either. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • lynbar

    Dear Mercedes,

    I think I’ve discovered another super nice deal for Holiday gifts. It looks to me like during Double Dipping Deal days the Green Dot Visa cards have 2 rebates available. A 5.00 rebate from the Nov ESC AND a up to 9.95 rebate from the Dec one (which means the activation free would come back to you PLUS 5.00 profit.)

  • Sarah

    There is no $/$$ coupon this week.

    There are two different BioFusion Coupons in Dec ES book. One is for $5 and the other is for $2. If you get the item on the $5 coupon it would then be FAR.

    Also- Walgreens will not allow you to claim the same item on two rebates. That is why a deal like the BioFusion will work there is one ESR and one ES coupon.

    The other deal that I found is the Hersheys candy. They are 4/$10. There is a $1 off 2 bags in November ES book and $5 off $10 in the December rebate book. Add to that $1.50 off 3 bags of candy coupon (Smart Source 11/16) and you end up with 4 bags of candy for $1.50!

  • Anonymous

    just got back from wags, the december ES coupon is for a spinbrush that has a base. a more expensive one, so that deal wouldn’t work for me. i did use the nov. es coupon instead plus the $2 manu. coupon and still got them for $1 each.

  • Anonymous

    The Dec ES coupon is for the 18.99 Spin Brush not the 4.99 Spin Brush

  • The Family =)

    I tried the toothbrush too and it didn’t work. The thing is it simply states “On a spinbrush toothbrush” i think they should be a bit more specific then.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Guys!
    Sorry to hear the ESR coupon doesn{t work on the toothbrush on sale. I gree that the wording is misleading.


  • Anonymous

    The picture on the spinbrush manufacturer coupon shows it’s for the plug in type and now the battery type. It also says pre health.