Walgreens: Free Chips Ahoy, Reach, Jergens, Curel, Bayer and More Deals

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I have a few more deals at Walgreens to share with you.  Here are some really good ones available right now that include some clearance finds and newly available coupons:

First, three new deals include monthly register rewards offers:

  • There’s a monthly register rewards offer: Buy two Chips Ahoy products and get a $2 RR back. The smaller packs of Chips Ahoy are working on this deal and they are on sale for 99 cents each. Buy two, pay $1.98 and get a $2 register rewards back. Thanks NWA Deals!
  • Another monthly register rewards offer is buy two Glade products and get a $3 RR back. The 2 oz. Glade Fragrance Collection Candles are on sale 2/$5 this month. Buy two and use one $3/2 Glade “The Fragrance Collection” Product coupon from ALL YOU December ‘09 or 11/22 SS insert. Pay $2 out of pocket and get a $3 RR back.  Thanks NWA Deals!
  • Get a $3 RR when you buy two select Bayers products or get a $6 RR when you buy three.  The 20ct box of Bayer Rapid Release can be found on clearance at some stores for $2.19 each.  Here’s how you can turn this into a moneymaker:

Buy three Bayer Rapid Release $2.19 clearance price (hopefully your store has that many on the shelf)
Use three $1/1 coupons from 1/3 SS insert
Pay $3.57 plus tax out of pocket and get a $6 register rewards back.  Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is Free!

If your store doesn’t have that many on the shelf, and if you still have Bayer Meter coupons, you can buy two meters as specified in this deal add a Bayers Rapid Release and get $16 in Register rewards back.

Here are other deals:

Buy two Children’s Tylenol 4oz $4.99 each
Use $3/2 Tylenol manufacturer coupon from 1/3 SS insert
Use $1/1 Walgreens store coupon from Children’s Activity Book
Pay $4.98 plus tax out of pocket and get $3 RR back  Thanks Frugal RI Mama!

Buy two Reach Ultra Clean Dental Floss (30 yards) $3.79
Use Bogo coupon from 1/3 RP insert
Use one $1/1 coupon from 1/3 RP insert (for the one you are not getting free)
Use the $2/1 in-ad coupon
FREE plus $1.21 in overage (hand manufacturer coupons first then Walgreens coupons)

Buy two Curel Foot Creams $2.99 each clearance price <-  same offer as Jergens above don’t buy in same transaction
Use two $1/1 coupons from 12/6 SS insert
Pay $3.98 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 Register Reward back Thanks frugal Living NW!

Buy two Jergens Naturals Renew Lotions $3.59 each clearance price
Use $3/2 coupon from 12/6 SS insert
Pay $4.18 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 RR back Thanks frugal Living NW!

Buy two John Frieda Weather Works Products by Frizz Ease $1.69 each (clearance price)
Pay $3.38 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 register rewards back Thanks NWA Deals!

Buy two Ester-C on sale BOGO  or 2/$10.99
Use two $5/1 coupons from 1/3 RP insert
Pay $0.99 for two after coupons Thanks frugal Living NW!

Progresso soup is 8/$10, Earn a $3 RR when you spend $10
Use two $1.10/3 Progresso printable coupon
Pay $0.60 each after coupons and register rewards Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

Buy two Glucerna Cereal $4.99
Use $2.50/1 Glucerna Manufacturer coupon from 1/3 SS insert
Use $2/1 Walgreens store bonus coupon (will deduct $4)
Pay $3.48 for two after coupons

Note:  There’s also a Walgreens store coupon for $1.50/1 Glucerna Cereal in the Walgreens coupon booklet Diabetes and You.  While Walgreens Coupon FAQ says you can combine Walgreens store coupons, not every cashier may let you do it. Don’t forget that Glucerna products are included in the list of products eligible for the Caregivers Market Place Rebate.

This is a month long deal:

Breathe Right Kids Nasal Strips 12 ct $5.49
Use $1/1 any Breathe Right Product coupon from 1/3 insert
Use $3/1 Walgreens store coupon January coupon booklet
Pay $1.49 each after coupons

It’s a great week to hit your local Walgreens.  Clip those coupons and good luck finding those clearanced items.

Catch up with all Walgreens Deals available right now here.

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  • Wonderwoman627

    It’s cold season and My Walgreen’s had the small bottles of Robitussin 4oz. 2 for $10.00 and there were coupons is this weekends paper for 1.00 off, they also give you 4 RR, it might have said 3 RR but I’m pretty sure it said 4. So if you use two coupons and get 4RR that makes the Robitussin $2 a bottle, not free but a pretty good price.

  • guest

    You can’t use a bogo mc, and another mc on the same two items. Even though you are buying one at the full price the offer attached to that item is to get the next one for free. Therefore, that is your one offer per item/product. If you try and use a $1.00 off mc on that buy one too then you are trying to get 2 offers per item/product. You can’t use the $1.00 off mc on the free one either because that is also part of the offer from the 1st mc.

    I know you use two mc with a bogo sale, and you can stack mc with store coupons.

    • This is directly from the walgreens FAQ:

      Walgreens Roto Ad Coupons, Instant Value Coupons (IVC), and a manufacturer’s coupon can be used towards the purchase of any one item. “One coupon per purchase” means one coupon must be tendered for each PIECE sold.

      Walgreens roto ad= walgreens in-ad coupon
      IVC= walgreens booklet coupon

      • Guest

        Sorry I missed this. Could have been because I never heard the in ad coupons called roto coupons before. Learn something new everyday I guess.

    • If you are buying two items and using a buy one get one coupon, the BOGO coupon is to get the second item free. the $/$$ coupon is to get the item you are buying discounted. No one said you had to pay full price for that one.


      • Guest

        It really doesn’t have anything to do with paying full price for the buy one. It is still putting two manufacturer coupons/offers on one item. The 2nd item does not count as an item because it is only free because of the manufacturer coupon that was used on the 1st item.

        • Alison

          My Walgreens won’t let me use a BOGO and a $ off on the same 2 items 🙁
          The Walgreens a mile away will though!!

        • pennyscents

          Some stores will let you use a bogo, and a $ off coupon on the same item. Target usually will. I don’t worry about doing it, because I know that the store still gets re-imbursed. I don’t know why the stores worry so much about coupons. Why does it matter when they are going to get the money either way?
          I was looking at some of my coupons more closely to see if I was missing something about this. There are a lot of coupons that say, limit one per purchase”. You are purchasing two products, so you should be able to use two with a coupon that says that. There are also coupons that say, “limit one offer per purchase”. I can understand the argument that the store would have on using two in that case.

        • erin w

          you should always be able to use one coupon per item, unless the coupon specifies that you need to buy 2 or 3 as in $1.50/2 coupon. you can’t use $1/2 coupon and a bogo on 2 items. THAT is 3 offers for 2 items. the bogo is simply that. buy one and get one free. not get half off of 2. mercedes is right, and any corporate office will tell you the same thing if you call and speak to someone in the know.

          often it is a cashier who will not let you use a bogo and a $/1 coupon for 2 items, and that’s because cashiers aren’t usually educated in the use/misuse of coupons. most just assume that because they didn’t know you could, it can’t be done. notice if you just hand them a stack and they don’t look through it, the coupons all go through without a hitch.

        • Sabra

          I just did the Reach toothbrushes/floss. I was able to use the BOGO along with a $1.00 off and the WAGS $2.00 each toothbrush coupon with no problem. My cashier even said this was okay. The toothbrushes were $4.39 each with BOGO, and $1.00 off plus the $2.00 each WAGS in-ad coupon. I did add some loreal makeup that was discounted with another coupon to help with overage on the toothbrushes.
          Overall my shopping was $160 total with OOP at $15. What is funny is the cashier was excited for me as well.
          My husband was impressed and excited at how well I did.

      • Mark

        The educated Walgreens cashier is the one that will
        catch people commiting coupon fraud. Yes, it has a name, and this site like to promote it. This site tells people that they can use two manufacturer coupons on BOGOF items. The value of the second coupon is zero. The item is FREE, what are you expecting the value of the second coupon to be? Also the value of the coupon is the lowest price you paid for the item, after all promotions are deducted. Manufacturer’s coupons are not suppose to be entered for more than you paid for an item, regardless of what the coupon value. Unfortunately there is conflict at retailers when people are told incorrectly how to redeem these offers. Because of this, I feel the need to comment on this issue. What some of these people are posting is how they commited fraud.

        • pennyscents

          Hi Mark,
          Unfortunately, there are people out there who commit coupon fraud. There are also many things that Walgreen’s does that are wrong. Walgreen’s could help a lot of people, including their staff by having a clearly written corporate policy. The overage that is being talked about here only happens when a store coupon is used. Wags will not allow overage, and will not adjust the coupon down either. I just take Walgreen’s ad to another store have their sale price matched, and use the coupon there. If it is over the value of the product that is. Walgreen’s is the only store that does not adjust the coupon down. If somebody bought something for $5.99, and they had a $6.00 off manufacturer coupon it would beep. But if they had a $5.00 off manufacturer coupon, and a $2.00 off store coupon it would not beep giving the $1.00 in overage. The overage actually comes from the store coupon, and not the manufacturer coupon. It is a systematic error on Wags part, not fraud. The same is true for Pick and Save on their double coupon events. They will double a $1.00 coupon to $2.00 even if the item you are purchasing is only a $1.00. Making it a $1.00 money maker. This is not an error on Pick N Save’s end. This is just part of what they offer with their double coupon events. I have actually had two different stores owe me money twice now, because I combined their store doubling offers with manufacturer coupons. I just added some other things to my order, and paid the difference. This was definitely not fraud!!!

          As far as the whole bogo+another coupon thing.

          What is being said here is that the coupon says, “Limit one coupon per item purchased.” You are purchasing two items. Meaning that you could use a $1.00 off coupon on the one item that you would be paying full price for, and use the bogo coupon for the other item that you are purchasing. After all you did, “buy one” as the coupon states.

          If you look at the wording on the coupon what is posted on here does seem correct. I was confused about this at first too.

  • guest

    I didn’t see anything in the, “Walgreens coupon faq” about being able to use more than one Wags coupon on the same product.

    I did see that you can use one Wags and one mc on the same product, but nothing about using more than one Wags Q.

    • Sabra

      The in ad WAGS coupon will automatically take off x amount for each item you purchase unless it states on the coupon limit 1.
      I used a WAGS coupon that stated limit 3, purchased 3 and it automatically took the amount off 3 times and then took my manu Q’s as well. You only need 1 WAGS coupon, the register will deduct however many items you purchase with the coupon.
      I did this a week ago and the cashier even told me I only need one WAGS coupon even if I purchase more than 1 item, it automatically deducts $ for each item.

  • There is also a $1.50/1 mQ in the 10/25 RP which makes this an even bigger money maker

    Buy three Bayer Rapid Release $2.19 clearance price
    – three $1.50/1 coupons from 10/25 RP insert
    Pay $2.07 plus tax out of pocket and get a $6 register rewards back.

  • Looks like it’s another trip to Walgreens this week! Thank you for posting these scenarios!

  • Lora

    My Walgreens said they had to do the walgreens coupons first. I am in AZ should I try another Walgreens. I can’t get the free stuff. They also did not want to take a coupon for the non free reach toothbrush.

  • Megan J

    I’ve been shopping at Walgreens for a year now and have never had a lick of trouble until last week when I tried purchase the B1G1 Revlon Concealer by stacking the following: 2 of the $2/off Revlon MQs and the $3 Walgreens monthly booklet coupon (should take off $6). The manager said that a) I couldn’t use a coupon on the item that was ringing up free from the sale and b) that I couldn’t use a Walgreens monthly booklet coupon along with a MQ from the newspaper because they are BOTH manufacturers coupons. I hate to add to the chorus of complaints about Walgreens, but I’m wondering if there is anything in an “official” coupon policy that addresses this. I’m feeling nervous to go back to Walgreens even though I’d like to take advantage of the above deals. The manager told me what I tried to do constitutes “coupon fraud” – how embarrassing! Any ideas, Mercedes? Or others? Thanks so much!

    • erin w

      just keep trying. often, if i find walgreens has a non coupon friendly manager or cashier, then i attempt to go when they wouldn’t be there, or check out at the cosmetics counter or the photo counter whatever.

      there are 2 walgreens in my town, one i will never visit because both 1st and 2nd shifts there is a very unfriendly cashier. so if you had trouble in the morning, try going back late at night?

      • Megan J

        Thanks for the encouragement, Erin! I did go back last night and checked out with one of the young guys who never smiles, but also doesn’t seem to care how many coupons I have – ha! I was excited to be able to purchase: 2 small boxes of Chips Ahoy, 2 small Glade fragrance collection candles and 2 of the John Frieda products on clearance (shampoo: $1.79, but conditioner: $3.59) all for $10.09. With $10 RR back I couldn’t complain! Plus it went off without a hitch! Guess I’ll just continue to avoid that manager as you suggested 🙂

    • Amy

      Contact someone at Walgreens.com asking about a written coupon policy.I did and they snail mailed me a copy that I can take to the store in case of problems.

      • pennyscents

        I did and they told me that they do not have one.

  • There are money making Bayer deals at Publix for those that have one. There are details at http://www.iheartpublix.com I saved $101 and they paid ME $5.92!!!

  • Katie

    Found a new Children’s Activity Book in my Walgreens last week. Similar coupons to the last activity book, but a few different ones. They all expire 3/31 (the other ones I have expire 3/30).

  • chris

    Can’t roll the Register Rewards for Advil / Progresso / Kleenex Didn’t realize these were all one promo, but I used the Advil RR when I bought soup & kleenex and I didn’t get a new RR.

  • Jane

    I got Special K at the 2/$5 special. A couple of weeks ago there was a BOGO coupon on the Special K website, plus there is RR for $2. Net $.50 for two boxes of Special K.

  • png

    Where do you get the Children’s activity books. I asked at my Walgreen and they did not have a clue.


    • Katie

      I find them in the Pharmacy waiting area.

      • Kristins L.

        I have found them in the children’s coloring book section

        • erin w

          i found them in with the childrens toys in a cardboard magazine holder.

  • png


    Thanks for the great job you do. We had given up on Walgreens until we found your website with all the helpful details and the bundling of sales with coupons.

  • Is only the Chips Ahoy working for the deal? I saw other small cookie packages (oreos, etc.) and I didn’t know if anybody had been successful with those.

    • Katie

      I had success with the small Oreo packages tonight.

      • Were they the 6ou rectangle ones that are right by the Chips Ahoy? Also, were they any special type of Oreo or just the regular ones? Thank you for posting!

  • Lisa Fischer

    NO luck for me w/ the Glade candles. The Chips Ahoy did work though, Thanks!

  • Latoya

    thanks for the info, I did the Chip ahoy thing twice today! earned $4 towards something I needed

  • Deanna

    I bought 2 2oz candles for 2/$5 used 2 $2/1 q’s and got back a $3 rr! Thanks for the heads up! I bought Oreos and didn’t get an rr? Is it just the Chips Ahoy? Thanks!

    • Dawn


  • Deanna

    Oh and i found the Bayer for $2.19 at my store! They still had a lot. I bought 3 and got the $6 rr!

  • Lisa Fischer

    my bad, I bought the wrong candles…darn it, used my 3/2 coupon for nothing!

  • Katie

    Had HUGE success at Walgreen’s tonight.
    Here’s a pic of all my loot…all for $20 ($25oop, $5RR)!! http://twitpic.com/wpz7s
    Thanks Mercedes, for all your help. It’s so much fun!

  • KMS

    I may be over exaggerating a little, but this is the best day ever. FREE OREOS! WHOOOOOO!! I may have an addiction. looks like I’ll be at the gym a lot more for the next few weeks 🙂
    >>I went today to 3 wags and bought the chips ahoy, bayer meters, bayer asprin, revlon eyeshadow, and electrosol. And I profited so much in RRs. Thank you so much everyone! This is my very favorite blog.

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  • mary

    The free floss didn’t work for me at all! I used the BOGO coupon first and then the in-ad coupon but the in-ad coupon only took off $2 instead of $4. How are you able to get it free + overage? Since it was overage, how am I able to get the full $4 off? Am I suppose to be a filler item that’s greater than the overage in the transaction? Please help me!

    • Diane

      Yes, you have to make sure to purchase enough items that your total after coupons is over zero. I’ve had some stores apply the overage towards Tax but NEVER at a Wags. Yesterday, I was able to purchase a gallon of milk along with 4 Dental floss’ and the overage brought my after coupon total down to under $1!

  • Kristins L.

    Went to Walgreens today and got both the Chips Ahoy and the Glade candles and got the RR on both. I used the 3.00/2 coupon and a 2.00/1 glade coupon so I got them for free with RR. I feel sorry for all of you that have BAD Walgreens I have two that I go to and they teach me stuff with coupons all the time and I have zero problems. But I’m also lucky that I live in the Dallas area and have many to choose from. Thanks for the tip about the new RR deals.

    • tessa

      Did you buy 3 candles and get a $4rr?

  • Dawn

    RE: Curel Foot lotions and Jergens Naturals & a problem with RR’s

    I went to Walgreen’s yesterday and I was lucky enough to find all the items you listed on clearance, just enough of each in fact!

    However, I should have received two $5RR’s for the Curel Foot lotion and the Jergen’s Naturals lotions that I bought. I only received one $5RR. After I looked at the RR more and the bottles, the Curel and the Jergens are manufactured by same company. So I ended up with $60 worth of products for $10 after RR’s rather than only $5 after RR’s. I’m still happy, but thought everyone should beware.

    • So, the Curel and Jergens are the same offer? Thanks for the heads up!


  • Jamie

    How do you find out about the month-long deals? I like to have it in writing in case they give me trouble.

  • erin w

    i found lots of revlon clearenced to $2.19 on sunday 1/3 at wags. paired with the $2/1 revlon coupons in several recent inserts this makes for a pretty good deal. lots of mascara, eyeliner pencils and eyeshadows. maybe someone else will find this the case too.

    • Sabra

      I did as well. I was able to get 2 bottles of nail polish at $1.29 each and used the $3.00/2 coupon. I also bought the lipstick, foundation,hair color and mascara. I was so excited to see them marked down and able to use my coupons.

  • Chris T.

    Just got the Chips Ahoy…freeeeeeeeee YES

  • Samantha

    I got the glade candles and the cookies and no register reward. I was a little ticked. Also I had problems with the reach toothbrush deal. They only took off two dollars not four.

  • Chris T.

    How do I get the coupons for Reach Total Care Floss?? I live in Wisconsin and I can only find a coupon for $2 off at Walgreens…any help? I had no coupons in my local paper.

    • Hi Chris,

      Have you tried ordering coupons from a coupon clipping service or Ebay? I do it often. Just make sure you buy from a reputable seller with good reputation.


      • Chris T.

        ON EBAY? Would you be willing to give me more information about clipping services? Or reputable sellers on ebay? Thank YOU.

  • Kristi

    Just tried the deal with the small boxes of Oreo double stuff and did not get my register rewards back – is it just the regular oreos that are generating the RR?

  • Jaime

    Bear with me..had to share my deals! Lots of L’Oreal makeup on clearance here in PA. Between 2 Wags and 3 separate transactions, I received: 6 Anti-Aging powder makeup, 4 loose powder eye shadow, 2 compact eye shadows, 1 loose powder eyeliner, 1 nail polish, 1 mascara, 2 boxes Special K cereal, 4 boxes Chips Ahoy, four 2 oz. glade candles, 2 Stayfree pads. Could have paid over $240. Spent $26 and some change, and I still have $10 in RR to use. EVERY RR printed out for me (as I finessed the transactions to allow this). L’Oreal has a RR deal if you buy $20 worth of products, you receive $5 RR for another L’Oreal purchase. Very nice cashiers today as well, so I figure I came out way ahead, although I could have done better…I couldn’t use the Stayfree in ad coupon (I found this out at the end) since there was no 28 count in the store. Oh well. Good day overall! They were out of the Jergens and Curel lotions, and the Bayer was only $4.19, so I didn’t get that.

  • Erin

    Does anyone find that their Walgreens doesn’t mark the clearance price on the shelf? At one Walgreens the Bayer is clearanced and nothing else and at the other the lotions are but the bayer is still $4.19. I hate having to ask the cashier to price check things for me but I will if I know others are finding the shelves are not marked correctly.

  • Jody

    So excited about my Walgreens deals today… I got 5 boxes of the Glucerna cereal $4.99 each), 3 boxes of the Bayer Quick Release Crystals ($2.19 each), 4 boxes of Chips Ahoy, 2 Curel Foot Lotions, 2 Glade Candles, and 4 gallons of milk. My Walgreens in Colorado offers a 15% military discount on Tuesdays (so nice)! After coupons and rolling some of my RR, I paid $4.01 out of pocket and have $10.00 in RR for next time. I am so excited! I also have wonderful cashiers and an awesome asst manager always willing to help. She even returned my Oreos and the Jergens lotions that didn’t give
    me a RR.

  • Paula

    I purchased the Curel foot cream and it did not generate the RR. I did not purchase Jergans But did get the Frizz Ease without any problems… 8^(

  • Tammi

    Men’s Gillette shampoo is on clearance for $1.59 and you can use the $1 coupon from 12/27 P&G to get it for only 59 cents.

  • Stacey

    Gold Bond is BOGO 1/2 off at Walgreens right now. I found the small 1 oz Hand Sanitizer with moisturizer and purchased four of them, then used the $4 off any two Gold Bond products coupon in the Pick N Save flyer (this is a manufacturers coupon) and got all four of them for about .50cents.

  • Mercedes,

    Our family greatly appreciates your hard work in compiling these lists. Today after making a quick list from your website, I went to Walgreens and spent $14.70 out of pocket, but my receipt says I saved $176.27! Woohoo!

    You can read all about it on my blog: http://luv2bfrugal.blogspot.com/2010/01/paid-1470-saved-17627-at-walgreens.html

    Thanks again!

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