Walgreens: Free Chocolate and Scotch Mailers

scotch mailer Walgreens: Free Chocolate and Scotch Mailers

I missed this deals yesterday in my Walgreens weekly deals posts but readers shared in the comments section.  I wanted to make sure you ddn’t miss out on them:

Mars Candy is on sale $0.49 each after in ad coupon
Use $1/2 coupon from 7/26 RP insert
FREE after coupons (hand the manufacturer coupon first and then in-ad to avoid beepint at the register)

Scotch Bubble Mailer on sale for $0.39 each
Use $0.50/1 coupon from 7/26 RP insert
FREE after coupons (to avoid beeping at the register you could buy 4/$1.56, use three $0.50/1 coupons and pay $0.06 for all four after coupons)

Don’t forget to check the rest of the deals at Walgreens for the week of 7/26-8/1 right here.


  1. Kelli says:

    The Mars coupon doesn’t seem to be in my insert. Anyone else have this same issue?

  2. Stephanie says:

    I also had this problem. There were coupons for buying specialized m&ms, but there wasn’t a coupon for the Mars candy :(

  3. Joy says:

    New to couponing.. help… I can’t find a coupon for the envelopes in my Redplum insert?

  4. Sheyannne says:

    The Mars coupon didn’t come in the D.C. area insert either. Darn…it would have been a great coupon.

  5. AMY says:

    i noticed last week at the walgreens where i shop, that the in-ad coupon price rang up automatically at the register as “sale price” wihtout having to show the in-ad coupon, so that then, because my coupon was for $1/1 and the in-ad coupon price was 99 cents, they wouldn’t let me use my coupon. :-(

  6. Laura says:

    Amy – they still should have reduced the price of your coupon to $0.99! Silly Wags.

    Has anyone found the $1/2 Mars coupon yet? Which coupon is it? I can’t seem to find one that will work.

  7. Samanthat says:

    There is NO coupon $1/2 Mars in RP 7/26.

    I think somewhere along the way someone made a typo which has been passed along over an over.

    Perhaps they meant RR (REGISTER REWARDS) which is Walgreen’s version of CVS Extra Care Bucks????

    Can anyone confirm this?

  8. Megan J says:

    There is definitely a $1/2 Mars candy bar coupon in the Red Plum. I used both of mine today at Walgreens for free candy. I imagine it’s regional though, and that’s why some people have it and others don’t. I live in Indianapolis. So sorry some of you missed out on it :(

  9. Samantha says:

    I never realized coupon inserts were regional….

    No $1/2 Mars in RP 7/26 for Southern Virginia.

    Looks like some of us lost out this time.

  10. Joyce says:

    our Walmart has the Snickers and Milky Way candy bars for 50 cents each. When you use the $1.00 off 2 coupon in 7/26 Red Plum that makes you just have to pay tax.

  11. Shelly says:

    I think only certain regions have the mars coupon because I live in Northern California and I received it.

  12. Alli says:

    Chicago got the coupon too. Sorry guys!

  13. Shelly says:

    I don’t know if there is a website out there that does coupon swapping besides the website I discovered SwapBabyGoods.com after my son was born. You can post any coupon that you are willing to trade and you make a wanted list of items/coupons you want.

  14. Renay says:

    Mercedes, haven’t seen this posted here about these new monthly rr deals and they are awesome!

    Poptarts are on sale 5 for $10, spend $10 and receive $5 in RR…also included in this hot deal are cheez-its (will be on sale soon-next week I think), keebler cookies, and some others.

  15. Jaime Gerhart says:

    Sadly no $1/2 Mars candies coupons in Allentown, PA.

  16. I'm Frugal So What says:

    You guys have no idea how happy you make me. A couple weeks ago, I don’t know how many time we went to Target and Wal-mart. Thank a of you for making this happen, thank you. Each penny helps. A dollar can buy a lot of things… There was a problem at Target and at Walmart regarding CHEF BOYARDEE. We went o this Target and because the product was under a doller and the coupon says $1 off one 15oz of larger, she refused to override it. At Walmart, the lady told us they don’t take these kind of coupons at all. The store Mgr asked the customer servive mgr about how to do this? She then called someone and that someone called security and he said just go ahead and do it. I even bought some of the big ones to even it out. I even told myself that I am going to buy a case of them and send them shelter homes. I love to share!


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