Walgreens: Free Crayola Crayons is Regional Deal

I just wanted to give you the heads up on this deal at Walgreens.  It looks like the Free After Register Rewards Crayola Crayons at Walgreens is a regional deal.  I just checked the ad online for my local store in NH and the deal is not listed.  I checked the ad for my old store in Wisconsin and the ad is listed in a supplemental wraparound ad.  So, check your ad online to see if you were lucky enough to get this deal.

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  • tala

    its not regional deal – its on the separate add in the store!

  • Angelia

    I thought it was regional too, until I got my paper. There’s an addtional school flyer in the ad that for some reason is not showing up on their website.

  • grace

    I got them for 1.49. It wasn’t in any of the papers, but it printed out a $2 RR. Yay!

    • Kelly

      I went to my walgreens and they were marked on the shelf $2.49. But when I had the cashier check the price they rang up $1.49. I decided not to buy them because I was afraid No RR Would Print. I think I may try it out tomorrow and see what happens. Wish me Luck!

  • Does anyone know if I can use the Crayola marker RR from last week to buy these and still get the RR on the crayons? Or are they considered the same RR because it’s the same company?