Walgreens: Free Hallmark Money Holders

This week Walgreens has the Hallmark Money Holder cards on sale /$2 after in ad coupon.  These are triggering the weekly Hallmark Register Rewards offer:  Buy two get $2 Register Rewards or buy six get a $5 Register Rewards.  You could do this deal:

Buy 6 Hallmark Money Holder cards /$2 after in ad coupon
Pay $4 out of pocket and get back one $5 register rewards

Now, remember, this could go the same way as the wrapping paper and tissue paper deal last week.  So, if you want to take advantage of this deal do it sooner rather than later.

Thanks I Heart Wags!

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  • Audra

    I tried this tonight and it didn’t work.

  • Lisa

    Anyone else try it???

  • connie

    I tried it tonight too and it didn’t work but the manager adjusted the price to make it work because it was in the ad. Used $5.00 jingle bucks from last week and got $5.00 back for the cards I bought.

    • Sandra

      how did he adjust the price to fix it? it seems the price would ring up after the coupon is scanned (or it would be adjsuted) but then the $5 wouldnt print and then they might say its bc they arnt ‘cards’. … unsure about this…

  • Barbara A

    I tried it and the coupon beeped and the cashier then offered to take deduct 2 cards but then I knew that the reward wouldn’t print. The manager then came over and thought that it might have been one of the cards that I chosen though all but one were 99 cents so I replaced that one and still it wouldn’t take the coupon. (I thought that that would have been a silly reason but I wanted to appease the manager) He then offered to adjust the price but then said that he was still on the cashier’s name on the register and that he might get in trouble. I told him not to bother that it really wasn’t important. They are always nice to me and I didn’t want to risk anyone getting in trouble. Also I had bought 9 cards earlier this morning at another Walgreen’s and she had adjusted each card to 66 cents and the rewards printed (I did it 3 at a time) So I had enough cards and it seemed like way too big a deal to get an extra dollar.

  • kitchy

    i tried earlier and it worked for me…but i got the hallmark money holders UPC # 70000*** cause thats what lots of readers say on the other blogsite…going back tomorrow for more…:)