Walgreens: More Free Neosporin Lip Health Products

neosporin lip balm

Great news!! The Neosporin Lip Health printable coupon for $3 off one has reset.  I was able to print again last night from my computer.  You can use this coupon to score better than free Lip products at Walgreens after register rewards offer:

Neosporin Lip Health Products are 2/$8
Use two $3/1 Neosporin Lip Health printable (IE Link) (FF Link)
Pay $2 plus tax out of pocket and get a $3 register rewards product.

This register rewards offer and sale price all available all month long at Walgreens.  Has anyone tried these already?  I have already picked up two but have not tried them yet.  Wondering if they are any good.  Anyone care to leave a review in the comments section?

Thanks Coupon Geek!

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  • Nicole

    I did this deal on yesterday and 1 rang up @ 5.49 and the other $2.51 which is fine, I had 2/$3.00 cp well the cashier actually adjusted the price of the second coupon to $2.51. When I asked why did she do that when it clearly states $3.00 she informed me that this particular Wags is begining to crack down on getting items for free when you use coupons and rr print. I was so pissed and asked to speak with the manager, he apologized and offered a $3.00 gift card.I got the rr as well but just as a caution to others that this may or maynot happen to.

    • Phyllis

      I tried this Tuesday the 5th at my Walgreens in Redondo Beach and was unable to use my coupons because of the $5.49/$2.51 split. I even asked to have the coupon adjusted down. It was denied by the cashier. I did not ask for the manager as it was not worth the hassle. I did get my $3 RR. I’ll use my coupons next week before they expire.

  • PAM

    I bought my two neosporin along with some other items and was wondering where it my rr were coming from! So yes it is true! Also Walgreens has the ALL at $4 with the $2 cuopon off from Decembers newspaper. Mine were about to exipire on the 10th.

  • Deb H.

    Thanks! I had printed my first set too early and they expired before a good deal came to my town! I’ll head out today (maybe, I’m in WI and it’s snowing) or tomorrow to try this!

    • Misty

      Deb – Just wondering where in WI and how things are in your area weatherwise. I’m from WI too.

  • rachna

    chk cvs, i think i saw them on sale yesterday. will chk today.

  • Stephanie

    I have purchased these when they were free or nearly free before and now use it everyday! I love this product! I have a problem with very dry, chapped lips in the winter and so far have not had that problem when I use the neosporin daily lip health. I also purchased the night time version and have only tried it once, but oh my it was great! Now if I can only remember to use it before bed…

  • Amanda

    Yes. This deal works at Walgreens. With this frigid winter weather my family’s lips are suffering and this is a great product that really heals dry sore lips! Thanks for the heads up on the reset!

  • Rae

    I purchased the night time one and LOVE it. It states on the package that it will heal your chapped lips in 3 uses. I used it the past two nights and have noticed a HUGE difference in my lips. My lips would ususally be peeling, but not they are not.

  • Teresa Schilling

    What great reviews, wish I could print brick coupons at home. FOr some reason for the last 6 months I have not been able to, and yes I think I have tried all the fixes that are out there. My husband can print at work, but I hate to ask all the time. I try to hold out for the really good coupons and ask him, but if this stuff works well I just might have to as my lip keeps breaking open and bleeding.

  • Elena

    Thanks for the “reset” update, Mercedes! This stuff is GREAT! I got a couple last time at Target with this same coupon. I use it right before going to bed and it really helps. When I forget to wear it, my lips are really chapped in the morning. Good stuff and love the price:) Thanks for keeping us updated daily!

  • Angie

    I haven’t tried these yet but I have used regular Neosporin on chapped lips and it works very well.

  • TracyZ

    I bought these the last time that they went on sale for my boys who weren’t into the pretty nivea lip glosses that were on sale recently. They like them and I tried it too. It’s nice. gets the job done. No scent. I also put it on my knuckles cuz they get so dry that they actually bleed. i’ll be getting some more of these with the new coupons. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I have tried them…I don’t care for the scent…but dude, they really seem to moisturize my lips. Chapstick and some others that I have tried seem to need to be reapplied all the time, where as this one seems to have a long lasting effect!

  • Nancy B

    They look awesome, but sadly I am allergic to Neosporin. Fortunately I have a good enough sense of humor to laugh at the mental picture of what could happen if I used them! Who needs collagen!Lol

  • I’m so happy these reset again- my family has been using this product for a month now(we live in Fargo, ND and it is -11 here today!!!-normal for winter unfortunately) so you can imagine what our lips usually look like in the winter! This product works GREAT!! It’s my new favorite. My kids usually hate chapstick of any kind because they insist it “hurts” when I put it on their chapped lips- but this doesn’t hurt them and doesn’t have a medicine-y taste or smell. We’ve been getting the overnight version. Now I can go stock up on some more!

  • Debbie

    i bought two Neo. Lip Health (2/$8) and used two $3 q, but I did not get the RR. They didn’t have a sign for the RR offer, is it okay to ask?


    • Hi Debbie,

      Yes you could ask store management or you could call the catalina company directly so they can mail you your register rewards. Here’s the info:
      There are a few reasons why your RR didn’t print: you bought an item that was not eligible for the deal (type or size), the catalina machine was off, the RR deal had ended already or not started yet. If you bought the right item, the catalina machine was on and you bought during the correct offer period then you can do two things:

      1) Contact the Catalina company at 1-888-8 coupons. Explain your situation and they should be able to send you the information you need to get your RR in the mail.

      2) Return the product and surrender any RRs that may have printed. Then rebuy the item at another register.


      • Debbie

        Thanks for the info! I made the purchase on Sunday, 3 Jan….and the bad thing is I did not keep my receipt 🙁
        I printed more coupons and going to try to get some today, hopefully it’ll be a better deal. since my store don’t have the RR offer posted, which ones qualify for the RR. (The ones I purchased on Sunday are Lip Health, UPC 312547238700)
        Thanks again for all your help!!!

  • Julie

    Thanks for the update. I had tried to print some again earlier this week and I was not able to.

    I got some in the tube at CVS last month and I love it. I just purchase the Night version in the jar and I do not like it as much because you have to put it on with your finger and it seems like you only need a very little bit and it felt like a small dab was way too much product on my lips, but it still works well.

  • Sabra

    Thanks so much for the heads up on the reset on the Neosporin. I can’t wait to get more for my children. They have a bad habit of biting, licking and picking at their lips. The Neosporin has worked wonders for my youngest daughters lips and skin all around them.
    I printed 2 and my dad printed 2 for me. Lucky for me my step-mom is allergic to Neosporin so my dad gave me his two coupons.

  • Lana

    Are there any size/type restrictions? Can I buy any kind? Also, I just finally bought a children’s activity book from ebay as I could not find it anywhere in my stores. But when I got them they clearly state on them: “off Regular Retail.” Has anyone had trouble using them on items that are on sale? (Like the Neosporin and the Huggies this week.)

  • Rhonda

    Lana: I’ve used the activity book q’s, stacked with manufacturer q’s, on sale items (great Agent Cool Blue sale last year!) with no problems…the computer/register will take them. However, you might get a testy cashier that won’t even try them. Hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve seen folk post it on the blogs before. Good luck!

  • pennyscents

    I have a $3.00 RR that I can not remember which deal I got it from. I either got it from the Progresso soup, or the Neosporin. I want to go to Wags tomorrow to do the Neosporin lip treatment now that the coupons, are back. I would like to use my $3.00 RR, so I am asking for help figuring this out.

    My $3.00 RR just says thank you for your purchase, but it is says Wyeth for the retailor. Is this the Wyeth one from the Progresso or the neo?

    • Wyeth is the maker of Triaminic and Theraflu. Did you purchase any of those?


      • pennyscents

        I did but that was last week. I was sure that I got this one yesterday. I usually write on them right away when I leave the store, but I didn’t this time. What I decided to do was look up Wyeth corporation on the web. They have a tab where you can look at all of their products. The neo did not come up, but a lot of medical stuff did. Then I saw that there was a tab where you could check all Wyeth sites. I clicked that tab, and it took me to to Pfizer’s site. Apparently Pfizer & Wyeth merged in October. I just thought this was kind of interesting. The RR came from the Neo.

  • mary

    This deal didn’t work for me because they priced the first one for $5.49 and the second one for $2.51. It beeped and I didn’t want to bother the cashier so I just voided the items. I’ll be waiting to see if CVS will have a good deal on this.

  • Jennifer P

    I think the Wyeth is from a previous Neosporin transaction.

  • oxanaca

    I made this transaction at WAGS yesterday where you can get regular Neosporine 1oz for .49c each:
    buy 2-1 oz Neosporine x $ 6.99 = $13.98
    use in-ad coupon for $2.00 (will scan $4.00) +
    coupon from Children’s activity book for $2.0 (will scan $4.00) +
    I had 2 coupons $1.00 each that I printed out from Neosporin website = pay $ 3.98 and get $3RR which makes each tube .49c.

  • Nina

    Don’t waste your ink! They are expired!

    • Nina

      OOOPPPSSS SO SORRY the exparation is 2-7-2010! They are NOT expired!

  • maryk

    I am a employee of walgreens in Niceville,Florida. We are always liking the good deals we get. I had 2 coupons for the neosporin
    lip health,since I work there we get a discount. I usually do the couponing with another in the store. We go together on the price and we only paid .4o with the total. Its always fun to go in 1/2 with other people. That way your bill isn’t too high.
    Mary K. in Niceville, florida

  • Andrea

    I tried this in Vacaville, CA. I used the three dollars off coupon but didn’t get my RR 🙁

  • Amanda

    I was very excited about this deal being available again. I love this stuff! However, I had a very bad experience at Walgreen’s. I purchased two, and they rang up 2/$8…I handed my two $3 coupons to the cashier and he said he could only accept 1 coupon per purchase b/c that’s what the coupon stated. I explained that was per ITEM purchased and I was purchasing one ITEM for EACH coupon, but he said it meant TOTAL purchase. I explained that if that’s what it meant it would have said “one coupon per purchase per customer” or something similar, but he continued to argue with me. I thought about getting a manager, but I had a limited amount of time to run errands while my husband was taking care of our baby, so it wasn’t worth the hassle. BUT, I was extremely frustated. Normally that Walgreen’s is great about Qs and RRs, so I think that cashier was just misinformed. He acted so SMART about it too… Grrrrr!

  • Priscilla

    Buyer beware when doing the Neosporin deals.

    I called Catalina today because last night, I went to Walgreens and did both Neosporin product deals in the same transaction, 2 of the lip health (overnight one UPC 312547238717) and 2 of the 1st aid ointment UPC 300810730884 and thought I’d get 2 $3 RR for each offer. When I questioned not receiving the other $3 RR, the store manager said they were part of the same deal. I didn’t have time to go back and look at the monthly RR tag by the products or to stand in line & return/repurchase 2 of the items. as there was a crowd of people behind me & I had to get to the grocery store & pick up a gallon of milk before they closed in 10 minutes.

    Today I called Catalina. He looked up my transaction and from what he could tell the UPC from the lip health matched the UPC on my coupon and in this offer you don’t get a RR when using a manf. coupon. I asked some more questions. He said there is no way of a buyer knowing ahead of time if the deal will work or not, when using a manf. coupon.

    I wish I had separated the 2 Neosporin item & maybe I would have received the $3 RR.

    I had a 2nd set of coupons to purchase a few more as we can use this in WI and we are a family of 8. Now I don’t know if I want to risk not getting my RR and wasting time trying to do this deal.