Walgreens: Free Nexxus Mousse and 99 Cents Shampoo


Here’s another good deal available at Walgreens.  The first one is for those of us who wear Hair Mousse.  This week Walgreens has Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam Styler 2 oz. bottles on sale 2 for $5. There’s a coupon in the Walgreens November Coupon Booklet for $4 off one Nexxus Hair Care product (excludes trial size). Use this coupon to get FREE mousse. You won’t get overage as the coupon will self adjust to the price of the item.

Also, the 5.1oz bottles of Nexxus Shampoo show on the Walgreens Website as selling for $4.99 regular price. Use the coupon in the booklet to get shampoo for 99 cents a bottle.

Thanks Abundant Food Savings!

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  • WOW!!! Thanks for this great deal.. I’m a big mousse user.

  • My WAGS would not do the deal. They said that was counted as the trial size…Ugh. My WAGS has only been opened 1 week and I’m not very happy with them. 🙁

    • Oh Andrea that’s terrible and I take it you have no other option. Maybe you need to give them some time so they become “seasoned.” Or even try with another cashier.


  • KMS

    Thanks for a great deal for curly haired girls 🙂

  • Lisa

    My wags took the coupon (the register worked) however, the 2 oz mousse is trial sized. The regular mousse is $10.XX.


  • christie

    will they let me do this multiple times- like 4 shampoos (are conditioners included?) and 2 mousses? or can they only use the coupon for the same items?

    Thanks so much!!!!!

    • Hi Christie, In theory one coupon should deduct for all of the items in your order. So you only need one coupon. But try a small order like say two and if it works try with more. Just to make sure.


  • Cris

    I got a shampoo, conditioner spray, and two cans of mousse. The one coupon took $13 off the order (4 + 4 + 4 + 1)! So the mousse was free and the shampoo and conditioner very cheap! Thanks!

  • Lou

    Think this deal is dead. Bought 2 cans and one shampoo 2 separate times and the coupon worked taking off $9. On the 3rd time(different day) the coupon only took off $4 for the shampoo.