Walgreens: Free Pediacare Products

Moms of little ones don’t miss out on this great freebie!  This week  you can pick up Pediacare for children or infants for totally FREE at Walgreens with this deal:

Pediacare products As low as $5.99
• Fever Reducer, Cold or Allergy Relief, 4 oz.
• Infant Drops, 0.5 or 1 oz.
Use $3/2 PediaCare Product (zipcode 90210 or 60712, look under Healthcare)
PLUS Use $5/1 in ad coupon
FREE after coupons

I just came back from picking up four bottles of Infant Pediacare.  You think that’s a lot?  Each bottle only has 0.5oz in it.  They don’t last very long at all!!  Always make sure to follow directions when giving over the counter medicine to your children.

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  • shuchi gupta

    Should we give the manuf. coupon or the store first?

    • Julie

      You always hand over manufacture coupons first at Wags.

      • shuchi gupta

        Thanks Julie!

  • Angel B

    What zipcode did u use? I can’t find it

  • Julie

    My walgreens does not carry those. The only pediacare they had was for gas drops and it was 11.99! Good luck!

  • Cfosh

    I t can’t find it at either zipcode. Bummer, cause that would be a good deal!!

    Thanks anyway!!

  • Julie

    I don’t see the Pediacare coupon. Must be out.

  • Holly

    I couldn’t find that coupon, but there is one on Pediacare’s website for $1 of 1 Pediacare product.

    • CHI

      Thanks. I got it.

      The $5.99 (fever reducer only) products were located next to painkillers, such advil, tylenol and such. The 7.49 pediacare was was located in the same section as Nyqyl and and cold medicines. Hope that helps.

  • Jennifer

    My husband and I each did a transaction for 2 bottles (each) of Pediacare for children. After coupons, we paid $2.28. And, each transaction produced a coupon from the machine for $1.50 off one bottle of Pediacare. The guy at the register said, why don’t you go back and get 2 more bottles, you have more coupons now. I decided that I would hold on to the coupons, and maybe get more later.

  • Carol

    Pediacare is $7.49 at the two Walgreens I checked at today…wonder why we don’t get it for $5.99!

    • Carol,
      It was $6.29 at my local store (the infant type at least). I thought it would be more so I was glad. but even if you pay $1 per bottle it is a really good deal.


      • Carol

        I am buying for our local food pantry. Someone gave me $50 to coupon for the food pantry. So far I have over $1600 worthof food, baby supplies and medicines…so I am always looking for free or money makers to get the most possible.

        • That’s incredible Carol!! You are doing an awesome job stretching those dollars!


  • Cathy

    Could not find the Pedicare coupons on coupons.com

    • Yun

      $2/1 Pediacare Product Zip code 76542.


    I lucked out tonight! I saw the $6.99 fever reducer Pediacare, but then found the Pediacare Cold near the Allergy meds. It was on SALE for $3.99 (no coupons needed). So, I went to the register and of course there was confusion and price checks needed… 🙂 I had a manufacturer coupon for them, but the cashier said, you already got them free, you don’t need that. Uh oh… I’m sort of new to this, but… Shouldn’t I have insisted and then gotten the overage towards my other purchases???? Anyhow, I was happy to get the free Pediacare Cold.

    Any advice? Since I still have the coupon I can go back tomorrow if I hear back about overage at WAGS. THANKS!!!

    • Heather

      No, you don’t get overage in that way. Usually the way people do money makers is by getting register rewards or rebates back. You cannot go negative on something with manufacturer’s coupons. It’s against policy.

  • Stacy

    The confusion for me with this deal was that there were several different prices for the products. The only way to make it free for me was to get the infant drops at $6.49. The other Pedia Care products were $7.99 or higher.

  • Doc Poteet

    Walmart’s new policy does allow for overage….print out the new rules and take it with you to Walmart.