Walgreens: Free Tide Detergent Scenario


IMPORTANT UPDATE: It seems that even though the Olay Quench lotions are advertised as part of this deal they have not been programmed to be included in it.  I am hearing conflicting reports that when included in the order sometimes they trigger the free Tide coupon and sometimes they don’t.

There’s a register promotion going on at Walgreens this week:  Spend $30 in selected Procter & Gamble products and get a coupon at checkout for a free 50oz bottle of Tide detergent (up to $8.99 in value).  I didn’t mention this deal on my weekly coupon match ups because I couldn’t figure out a good deal but with the new Olay Regenerist rebate I have come up with one.  These are the steps you need to follow to get this deal:

  • Add to your cart: two Olay Quench Lotions (on sale $7.99 each), ad two Olay Regenerist Scrub Cleansers (on sale $5.83), and one Crest toothpaste $2.50.
  • Head to checkout and before the cashier starts ringing up your receipts let him/her know that you need a Rebate Receipt (Instructions on how to get Rebate Receipt below).  You need to get a rebate receipt for the Olay Regenerist Cleansers so you can submit for this rebate with the rebate receipt and for the Olay Quench Rebate with the regular receipt.
  • Do the following transaction and use the following coupons

$15.98 when you buy two Olay Quench Lotions
$11.6 when you buy two Olay Regenerist Scrub Cleansers (you need rebate receipt for these two)
$2.50 when you buy one Crest Toothpaste
=$30.08 plus tax
-$2 when you use two $1/1 Olay Lotion coupons from 12/27 P&G insert (or $3/1 from Marie Claire and Self magazines)
-$6 when you use two $3/1 Olay Regenerist coupons from 11/29 P&G insert
-$0.75 when you use Crest toothpaste coupon from 11/29 P&G insert
Pay 21.33 plus tax out of pocket and get coupon for free Tide at checkout

Plus get back $15.98 back via Olay Quench Rebate and $15 back via Olay Regenerist Rebate.  Sounds like a really good deal to me.

How to get Rebate Receipt

– Tell the cashier in advance that you need the rebate receipt BEFORE he/she starts
scanning items.
– Cashier will need to press “Special receipt” button on the LEFT key pad; it’s the middle key on the bottom row. Not every register has this button so ask for the register that has this.
– Cashier will scan the items that need Rebate Receipt.
– Cashier needs to select option “3” when prompted. This is for rebate receipt.
– When transaction completed, 2 receipts will print.

I know not everyone may feel up for this scenario.  But if you were wondering how to make both rebates work to your advantage with this offer then this is the way.  If there are any of you who have already had experience asking for a rebate receipt at Walgrees, please share your experience in the comments section.  If you decide to give this a try please share in the comments section how you did.

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  • Kristins L.

    I remembered a coupon for a Buy a Olay Quench lotion and get a body wash free (it was a couple of weeks ago). This coupon should help with this deal????

    • hi Kristina,

      None of the body washes are included in this sale. Only the in-shower lotions are included and those are not body washes. So, you can’t use that coupon for this deal.


  • I am going to try this tomorrow and I will report back. I have never asked for a rebate receipt at my Walgreens, so I hope this works!

  • Is the $30 before coupons then? I know a lot of the Walgreens deals are for after coupons.

    • Hi,
      In my experience it’s always been AFTER coupons. I have never had a problem using coupons to lower my out of pocket expense.


  • Sarah

    Wow! I’m not a big follower of the Walgreens sales, but I think I will definitely have to try this one. Thanks!

  • Ann

    Love this deal idea!! Thanks for the post!

  • Julie

    I don’t think I’ll get to a Walgreens this week, but I am awed by your scenario. Thanks.

  • You are always so creative coming up with deal scenarios, thanks!

  • Melissa

    I did the deal tonight and it did NOT (technically) work. Bonus karma – got to “teach” main manager how to run rebate receipt (THANKS Mercedes)

    2 Regenerists cleansers (couldn’t find “scrubs” but cleanser $5.99 on sale) = $11.98
    2 Olay quench lotions = $15.98
    1 crest toothpaste = $2.5
    $2.47 tax = $32.93
    – $8.75 MQ
    = $24.18

    No detergent Q printed!!! I ran into same problem w/ my last RR purchase – bought items, used MQ’s, expected RR to print. It didn’t and manager, asst. manager, etc. said RR required you to PAY stated price, i.e. couldn’t use Q’s, so RR are “after Qs” now???

    Manager tonight was REALLY nice and “ran” transaction again w/o Q’s. Sure enough detergent Q printed with final total over $30 and I did get my “free” detergent.

    My question is when did Walgreens switch to “after Q” deal? I have used Q’s w/ RR’s before, why have I had two issues now? Is it hit or miss? I hate trying to return items immediately and get my Q’s back!

    I would be careful here. Sorry 🙁

  • Thanks so much Mercedes! Love this scenario..cant wait to try it out. 🙂

  • Carmila

    Went to Walgreens in Miami area, was told they do not do rebate receipts and said I can’t do rebates and get the free tide because I can only do one or the other. (What?) I told them Tide was Walgreens offer and the Olay was 2 separate rebates not through them. Manager and employee said there was no such thing as rebate receipt and said I can run them as 2 different orders, course this means no free Tide because it means $30 in one purchase for it.

    I came back here and printed the rebate receipt details you posted, as well as my 2 rebate forms, and intend to go back to the store when there is a different managers and try again. I can’t believe that no one there has never encountered needing to make a rebate receipt!

    • Lucy

      Carmila – I purchased (2) 20 oz Olay Quench Body lotions at $7.99 each. (2) Olay regenerist daily regenerating cleansers 5.0 oz for $5.83 each and (1) Crest toothpaste for $2.50.

      Coupons I used:
      3 Olay Manufacturer’s coupons for $3.00 off.
      1 Olay quench for $1.00 off
      1 Crest coupon for .75 off

      My total with tax came to: $21.50 (tax is 7% where I live)

      Anyway, point is that I forgot to mention the rebate receipt so when I got home I called and spoke with the Assistant Manager who helped me during checkout. He told me and I quote “No problem just bring your original receipt and we’ll scan and reprint another one for you.” Also, he said I did not have to go today to have it printed. You may want to let them know that your sending for rebates and that you need to submit original receipts. I hope this helps.
      Oh and the Tide coupon printed as well.

      I posted this below as well. I just realized that I could reply to your initial post. OOPS.

  • Beth

    I am glad you have a store that will allow you to do this. My Walgreens store is “coupon illiterate”. The manager & clerks are rude when you try to use any coupons and let me know that I am RIDICULOUS when I ask why my RRs didn’t print, or why an advertised sale doesn’t ring up! I’ve sworn off Walgreens because frankly, I don’t need the stress.

  • sherry

    Went to WAGS last night. Deal did not work. Mgr was rude. Told me that I had to SPEND $30. The ad clearly does not say ‘spend’. It says ‘buy’ and there’s no details about before/after coupons. I had them void the entire transaction, return my coupons and money. I’ve about quit doing WAGS. They’re such a pain.

    • Patti

      Coupons are a form of tender. I would tell them that if they don’t want to make the extra few cents on EACH coupon you use, you will SPEND your coupons elsewhere. The WAGS personnel who are nice are SO nice, and a pleasure to work with, but jerks abound, and it is FRUSTRATING.

  • Nancy

    All the comments about wags employees being coupon illiterate, rude and managers making their own rules: I think walgreens really need to work on their customer service especially with coupons. I have had several bad experiences and so has my mom. Yesterday I encouraged her to call and complain, and I have done the same. I encourage all of you to do the same. Maybe if they hear from enough of us about how they treat their coupon customers they will do something about it.

    • Regina Clark

      I agree with Nancy. Wags needs to train managers and employees. Everyone wins with coupons. It should be store policy to always accept them. The store makes the sales, thus continuing to remain profitable and employ people paying both corporate and individual taxes, gets refunded coupons plus handling fee, which they mail back to the handling unit for processing, keeping the postal service and the handling unit employed, the manufacturer gets to keep selling products, thus employing people and paying both corporate taxes and employees individual taxes, and if I had time i could break it down even further, but everyone wins with coupons, there’s just no reason to hassle anyone over them. And lest we forget, we couponers are saving the economy; think about it what have we been hearing for the past months–People need to shop to save the economy! Well while others are sitting on their money, we are shopping and saving the economy! Couponers are super heros!

      • TracyZ


  • Kindra

    I heart wags says as of 12/28 this deal doesn’t work when you buy Olay?

  • Tara

    Just got back from Wags and did not get a Tide print out. The gal seemed overwhelmed by the rebate receipt, but did it and it worked. At least I have a rebate to use!

  • Did the deal and the Tide coupon didn’t print. The manager tried to manually trigger the Tide coupon by just doing a transaction of just 4 Quench 20.2ou lotions and sure enough it didn’t print! So there is something going on with the lotions. When the manager tried to manually trigger the Tide coupon by just doing Gillette deodorants it worked just fine so beware when using the $7.99 lotions in your deal.

  • Laura

    Sounds like the lotions aren’t triggering the Tide coupon – bummer. 🙁 Has anyone tried the deal with the Olay Regenerist and other items like toilet paper or paper towels?

    • Yes! The lotions work. Well sort of… I did the two lotions, two cleansers, and one crest toothpaste. The tide coupon printed after I gave her all my coupons. I had two for the lotion, two for the cleansers, and one for the toothpaste. They had NO idea on how to make a rebate receipt but were very nice and made me a printed transaction from the back. The new store out by Sandhills was very nice and I got my tide right after it printed. I guess I’ll see if Olay will take a printed transaction receipt for a rebate.

  • karen

    I just got back and had problems too. First, no one knew how to print out a rebate receipt. Second, the Tide rebate didn’t print. BUT they did give me a flyer that said “We’re sorry, the coupon machine for this store is not yet available. Receive a Walgreens next shopping order coupon by mail.” It then went onto to list the P&G products. It says to mail it in along with the original receipt for the Tide 50 oz coupon via mail. So now I have 1 original receipt, 2 photocopies of it, and 3 rebates requiring orignal receipts. I’m planning on calling the numbers on the Olay rebate forms to ask if they will accept a copy.

  • Nicole

    This deal was a mess for me as well. I will also be calling Olay about accepting a copy receipt the store printed from their computer. No one knew anything about the special receipt button. The manager ended up just giving me free tide to get me to leave the store. All in all I got one crest, tide, always infinity, and two lotions and scrubs for $10. I shouldn’t complain.

  • I had no problems, thanks.

  • I just got back from doing the scenario. The Tide didn’t print, but I intend to follow up with Catalina tomorrow to request my coupon! They also didn’t know how to do the rebate receipt and weren’t about to follow Mercedes nice instructions I took in with me!!! — but the mgr printed off something from a computer in the back — I am wondering if they will accept it for the rebate? I have $42 RRs to burn by end of day tomorrow….gonna try to come up with a scenario to get the most bang from my RRs!

  • Crystal1969

    I gave up on Walgreens and CVS years ago for being rude and for not standing behind their sale ads/prices. I thought about filing a report with the Ohio Attorney General for their sales practices and for their fraudulent sales adverts. But I never did. I just stopped shopping there. By the time you do all the prep work and the math on it, and go and shop and stand in line and then they give you crap and you can’t get the deal, it’s a waste of time and it IS stressful. I just don’t understand it, either. Every coupon says that the face value is paid to the store, plus 8 cents for handling, for EACH coupon, so they are MAKING MONEY in accepting the coupons. I get sick of getting treated like a cheap*** every time I use coupons….anyone agree with me on this??

  • Kristen

    Yes this one is a mess mine didnt print but the clerk said it had to be 30 after coupons , and wanted to tell me i could only use one like coupon in my transaction because “it says only one per purchase” to which i replied I am purchasing 2, it doesnt state one per person or transaction…. he gave me a rude look but scanned it. and then when the reward didnt print he said it has to be 30 after coupons. I had him call the manager explained that i know their instant savings usually states after coupons but this did not specify, he ran all of my tampax which triggered the coupon and gave it to me. Quite frustrating.. and i grit my teeth when the clerks use ther own interpretation of what a coupon means, please walgreens put something in writing for us so we can whip it out when we encounter these problems..

  • Kari

    Everytime I shop at walgreens it’s a huge production and I get so stressed out I end up snapping at my poor boyfriend. At his request (and actually I feel a little relieved), I used my last $14 in RR’s today buying diet pepsi for my mom and don’t plan to shop there anymore. It’s not worth the stress, drama and angst of knowing I’m going to be treated like a thief (or worst) for using coupons. I really wish that Walgreens would take a hint from other customer/coupon friendly stores. They have such great deals, if the deals would ever work the way they are suppose to.

  • Crystal1969

    I know it’s not Walgreens I am speaking of when I say this, but it’s the same subject…and I wanted to share what I found out recently. I shop at Kroger here in Cincinnati, and there are several very close to where I live. So I thought, Kroger is Kroger, right? No. One, the sales can be different in different neighborhoods, and two, every store manager has the distinct ability to decide on how to handle the issue of coupons. One store near my house has a 20-coupon rule. After 20 coupons, the software “locks up” and no more will scan thru. Hmmm. So when I have a stack of coupons, I have to drive further away to another Kroger where they will accept them. My friend had 50 cents off Cottonelle t.p. coupons, and the t.p. was on sale for $1 for 4 roll pkgs. So she collected 20 coupons and went to her local Kroger and they REFUSED to honor the coupons, because they said she’d be getting the t.p. FREE. She was livid! But…those are the rules of that Kroger and their rules say you can’t get a product free. Kroger Corporate would not make good on this. They stood behind the store manager. Seems they don’t want to double the coupons, but feel locked into it now. I contacted Kraft for the DND (do not double) coupons they now put out and was told, in writing, that this is due to retailers such as Kroger who now do not want to double coupons pressuring them. Kraft personally would gain sales from the doubling, so they are fine with it. See a problem? Follow the money.

  • Casey

    I also received the manual Tide rebate that I need to mail in . It reads that I need an original receipt which I do not have, I was handed this after the whole sale was done and I was on the way out the door. I just e-mailed corporate because I do not have enough receipts now to do both Oil of Olay rebates and the Tide one.

    • samon

      I had same problem with olay and tide rebate thing .Tide coupon would not print out .Now I have to send original sale recepit to olay quench and regenerist and walgreen corporate office I have two orginals I wrote email to olay no response now tell what to do.one original to olay quench and one to play regenerist and one to walgreens corporate for tide what to do what amess.

  • On Christmas Eve I went to Wags to get the toothbrush RR deal. They were on sale for 4/$10 and if you bought $10 worth you got $5 RR. I figured great deal that I can get stocking stuffers for my kids. First they had little signs on all the sale toothbrushes talking about the RR sale. I grabbed 2 zooth and 2 colgate (I actually thought they were oral b), got some of the cheap candy that they had in ad q’s for and went to the register. First the candy q in the ad didn’t want to scan. I had the right brand and the right weight. She finally voided them and price adjusted them to the price. Then my toothbrushes. They were all supposed to be 2.50. 2 rang up 2.99, 1 rang up 2.39 and 1 rang up 2.50. Thats when I realized 2 were colgate not oral b and the ad said zooth and oral b. So I ran back to the toothbrushes and got 2 more zooth. 1 rang up 2.39 and 1 rang up 2.50. so I give my $1/2 q’s and the wags coloring book q. (all together I should have made 1 profit after RR) Of course the RR didn’t print. She said she had a line so to go over to jewelry and the manager would help me. He came over and at first started asking oh did your thing not print did you use coupons. While I was waiting though I noticed on my receipt that 2 of the brushes rang up 2.39 which didn’t bring my total to $10. I showed him that so we went over to toothbrushes and he made sure they were the right ones and then he grabbed a 2.50 one rang it up 4 times and gave me the RR for it. (I assume he voided the transaction afterward) Thats the first time a manager has been the cooperative with a RR but it was xmas eve and real busy. But the whole thing is so annoying, its like the purposely made them the wrong price so we wouldn’t get it.

    • Patti

      Heads-up on those coloring book qs: they state right on the coupon that they are to be used ONLY on regular retail prices. I think that’s dirty pool, and what’s even the point in having a coupon, but that’s what they say. They scan just fine regardless, but if you’re going to use them on a sale price, I wouldn’t advertise it. Just my personal opinion.

  • Kathleen

    Retailers get their money back for the coupons. So what do they care if you use 1 coupon or 20. We are buying stuff in their store and they should be happy. It is a win-win for the shopper and the retailer!

    • hsnmp

      The problem is they do not understand win-win part.

  • Kristin

    I also went to Walgreens and vowed never to shop there again. They were terrible in taking the 4 coupons I had, wouldn’t even ask a manager how to print out the rebate receipt, and argued with me about the tax (it was $29.08 before tax, so the tide coupon would not print out) I left the store stressed and unhappy. I will not shop at Walgreens again!

  • Green Thumb

    I tried to do this Walgreens deal and also had a horrible experience. They couldn’t get the rebate receipt to work correctly & the Tide coupon did not print out. The whole thing gave me a big headache! As usual, thumbs down for Walgreens!

  • OMIDucky

    No luck! I made sure to get $30 after coupons and it still didn’t work. At least I got the rebate receipt (which was not an easy thing – the assistant manager was nice about it though). I plan on writing to Walgreens about the issues though. At least I get the Olay refunds!

  • Andrea

    I went to Walgreens tonight and the Tide coupon did not work. The manager came over and refunded the products and rang them up separately without the coupons. The total was $32.03 before tax. The Tide coupon did not print out. He told me to go get a bottle of Tide and he rang it up for 0.00 and gave it to me. At least I don’t have to deal with the rebate. This time they were very helpful.

  • NHI


  • Brittany

    theres a mq from weight watchers mag for buy 1 and and body lotion get one body wash free so if you use 2 of those a and 2 of the buy body washget lotion free it should all be free.

  • Sarah

    I was just looking at my buy 1 body wash, get body lotion free coupon. Can I use that coupon and still get the rebate on the body lotion? That would be a sweet deal!

  • pennyscents

    I was wondering the same thing as Sarah. Even though the body wash is not on sale it may be cheaper than the lotion, and then you would get the lotion for free. Plus the body wash too. I still don’t know if you could then submit for the MIR (quench) too. Has anyone tried this coupon & done the rebate? Usually you can use a coupon and still get the rebate. I am not sure how this one would work, though. With the lotion already being free after coupon. ???

  • Sara

    I am very lucky. I have never had a problem at my local Walgreens. All of the employees I have met have went out of their way to help me understand how things worked when I first became aware of their RRs. I have never had a problem with my RRs printing, and I have ALWAYS used coupons on the products I bought. Not once have any of the cashiers made me feel bad by using their program to lower my costs on cleaning supplies, medicine, etc. However, I feel the same way about Wal-Mart as a lot of you guys feel about Walgreens…..

    At my local Wal-Mart, I’ve had so many cashiers make rude remarks about my coupons. Recently I had 2 cashiers in the line I went through. One lady said I’ve always told myself I need to start using coupons, but I never seem to do it. The other girl got an attitude out of nowhere and said, I wouldn’t use coupons for my family and be stuck buying only certain foods that we would never eat. She just went on and on, and the way she snarled her face up and rolled her eyes, I swear if my 4 year old daughter had not been with me…..anyway, I was like, I’m not even going to waste my time pointing out the fact that I save tons of money that I can use elsewhere, and only buy the food my family likes.

    Also, it doesn’t matter if I’m using 3 coupons or 20, the cashiers always seem to miss some of my coupons. I always call them on it, and then they get an attitude with me, as if I’m causing them some kind of discomfort. And it also seems that my Wal-Mart is more expensive than most. Every good deal I read about, when I get there and check it out, it’s way way higher than people list on their blogs / websites. So sorry for venting, but I just really really hate Wal-Mart.

    • Crystal1969

      Sara, I feel your pain on the coupon thing…our Walmart gives us grief when we use coupons there, too…they act like we are scamming them. Procter and Gamble is phasing out their internet-printed coupons, because they feel that they are easily photo-shopped and that people are copying them and possibly selling them. Dollar General won’t accept them at all. Now I hear that Walmart and Kroger are considering changing their internet coupon policies. Pretty soon, the only coupons available will be those like Cellfire, loaded onto a cell phone or shopper’s card…and then we won’t be able to shop in bulk with coupons…it’ll be one deal per customer.

      I also wanted to point out that I come into contact a lot with people who seem to think that coupons are not worth the trouble. It hits home when they see the receipt. Couponing is a part time job for anyone, with clipping, sorting, procuring, matching up sales…it’s a lot of work. Personally, I roll my eyes at people who DON’T use coupons, wondering why they’d not use a coupon, but would bend over to pick up a dollar bill off the floor!! And don’t worry about venting. We all have been through this, in some form or other. Keep up the good work of saving!

  • Lucy

    Carmila – I purchased (2) 20 oz Olay Quench Body lotions at $7.99 each. (2) Olay regenerist daily regenerating cleansers 5.0 oz for $5.83 each and (1) Crest toothpaste for $2.50.

    Coupons I used:
    3 Olay Manufacturer’s coupons for $3.00 off.
    1 Olay quench for $1.00 off
    1 Crest coupon for .75 off

    My total with tax came to: $21.50 (tax is 7% where I live)

    Anyway, point is that I forgot to mention the rebate receipt so when I got home I called and spoke with the Assistant Manager who helped me during checkout. He told me and I quote “No problem just bring your original receipt and we’ll scan and reprint another one for you.” Also, he said I did not have to go today to have it printed. You may want to let them know that your sending for rebates and that you need to submit original receipts. I hope this helps.

    • Carmila

      Lucy: The two men at my store KNEW I was needing 2 receipts for rebates, and told me flat out (we have gone 3 times and the same guys every time I go..) and they keep saying to buy them separately so I have 2 receipts to mail in. I said no free Tide that way, they said I can’t get a rebate receipt, and argued with me that I can’t get everything free even though me doing rebates has NOTHING to do with them giving me Tide. I am buying the products, I shouldn’t have to hold their hand and show them my rebate forms and such. And they were incredibly rude when we brought rebate receipt instructions yesterday and said to come in when the day manager was there.

      I am going to call and complain. I feel humiliated having to go back there every time. If they can indeed print rebate receipts when I go speak to the manager, I will make sure I make those 2 guys who refused to help me be the ones to print it every time. I am sorry I am so bitter about this, I am very jealous of some of you having nice workers for sure!

      • Lucy

        I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. I had a bad experience at my local Walgreens as well.
        This is what happened to me. I went to buy the Olay products and the Crest toothpaste but before she started to ring them up. I told her that I needed a Rebate receipt. She said “What are you talking about – what rebate?” I don’t know what your talking about. I proceeded to tell her that Olay had a rebate deal and I would need to submit original receipts. I then said “Could you tell me if these products qualify for the P & G deal?” She said “I don’t know what to tell you – I’ll have to run it through and see what happens.” I told her to void the transation and left.

        So I decided to drive 15 minutes away to the next Walgreens where I dealt with the assistant manager who was very helpful.

        I hope you have a nicer experience next time. I think you should bring it up to the store manager though. Which is what I’m thinking of doing myself.

        • Carmila

          I went to a Walgreens about 10 minutes away and DID get rebate receipt and free tide!!!! 😀 The thing is, it seems the registers all HAVE the button, but the problem was it isnt marked. Its just a plain black button. In fact, lots of the registers had lots of buttons unmarked. I had a nice younger man help me, and he was willing to look at my directions and try pressing the button I pointed to on the register. Sure enough it worked! Everything rang up fine and got my free Tide. I thanked him profusely, he was very kind about the whole thing 🙂 So it seems I will go to that store every time and not the one within walking distance.

    • karen

      They said the same thing to me and all they did was phoocopy it in the pharmacy area.

  • Lucy

    Oh and I forgot to mention that my Tide coupon printed as well.

  • Crystal1969

    I am just tired of underpaid, undereducated-about-couponing employees who are allowed to offer customer disservice, and are not reprimanded. I just love going up to a checkout and having the cashier exclaim about the savings and tell me how awesome it is! I do get those from time to time. Yet…sometimes I get the cashier who “palms” my coupons (yeah and try complaining to customer service that you presented coupons that didn’t ring out…they don’t believe you.) Also, the clerks sometimes act like the savings is coming out of their wallets or pension plans. Maybe it’s just the realization that if a fat, middle-aged mom of 5 like me in a wheelchair can accomplish this, then they personally have no excuse for NOT being able to do it. I hardly think they make enough money to not need to save some of it. LOL

  • te

    I went to my walgreens and did the deal I brought
    2 olay lotion 7.99 ea
    2 olay cleaners 5.99 ea
    2 olay body washer 5.29 ea
    1 crest 2.50
    2 b bady wash g lotion
    2 3.00 off olay
    1 75 off crest

    21.70 after coupons are tax is 8.25%
    and tide coupon printed

    the asst manger followed the rebate reciept order and it printed fine she said she learned something new and would like a copy so I gave her the paper
    Thank you for your offer

    • pennyscents

      Did the free tide coupon print out too?

      • te

        yes the tide coupon printed

    • pennyscents

      Sorry, I though of some more questions about this. Hopefully you can help.
      Do you plan to submit the receipt for the free quench lotion too? Even though the lotion was already free after the Q. Does the rebate receipt show the coupons, and such? Does it look just like a regular receipt?
      I really want to do this deal, but I am kind of scared to try, because of some of the experiences that people have had with this. This deal is not worth it for me if I can’t do the rebates.

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  • annette

    I tried the Walgreens Tide offer. Bought Metamucil, two quench lotions, cascade and dawn. Totaled $30.94 plus some other items. RR did not print and Manager said it was because of coupons. I think my New Year’s resolution is to boycott Walgreens. CVS is SO much better!

  • pennyscents

    This deal is working at the Walgreens in Germantown on the corner of Pilgrim & Mequon rd.

    Here is exactly what I bought:
    Regenerist face wash $5.99-$3.00mc=$2.99
    Regenerist face wash $5.99-$3.00mc=$2.99
    Olay Quench lotion $7.99-$7.99=0 (mc free wyb body wash)
    Olay Quench lotion $7.99-$7.99=0 (mc free wyb body wash)
    Olay body wash $5.29-$1.00mc=$4.29 (I don’t think I was supposed to use $1.00 off on the body wash and the free lotion wyb body wash Q. She had to manually push the 2nd $7.99 lotion Q through. I think it was b/c I used this Q. It was a mistake on my end.)
    Olay body wash $5.29
    Crest $2.50-.75=$1.75
    Charmin t.p. $3.49
    Cheerios $2.00-$1.00mc=$1.00
    Cheerios $2.00-$1.00mc=$1.00 ($2 RR did print w/o buying the milk)
    3 things of Pepper 3/$3.00
    Total after coupons & before tax is: $25.80
    I used a: $5.RR (Oral B); $5.00 RR (Oral B); $3.00 RR (Theraflu); and a $5.00 RR (bayer meter).

    My total after everything was: $10.29
    I got a $2. RR, free tide ($8.99), submit for Regenerist rebate ($10.58), and submit for Olay Quench rebate ($15.98). After all of this it is a $27.26 Money Maker!!!

    Everything that I bought was not part of the $30.00 get Tide deal.
    The body wash is not. If I just would’ve bought the lotion, face wash, and crest it would not have been over the $30.00. I had to add the toilet paper to the deal too.

    The store manager did know how to do the rebate receipt. She was explaining it to an employee as the employee did it. She has the employee do exactly what Mercedes has listed on here as far as how to do it.

    The rebate receipt that printed does not show the coupons that I used to get the Quench for free. It just shows 2 @ $7.99. It says along the top & bottom of the receipt, “WALGREENS REBATE RECEIPT”. Then it goes on to say: “This receipt is for manufacturers rebate purposes only. This receipt is not valid for refund, exchanges, or the easysaver catalog program.”

    I hope more people have better luck with this. Hopefully some of the info that I provided will help somebody.

    I did have a problem using the BOGO LaCross coupon she said that I had to buy 3 in order to get the one free. I told her that she was wrong. I am still buying one to get the one free. The manufacturer is just paying for the, “buy one” instead of me. She said that the manufacturer already pays for the buy one in order to do the sale. She said the buy one, get one free in store sale is not from Wags, but from the manufacturer. She did give me the D.M. phone #. He was in the store when I was there. I could here them talking about store stuff, and he was in a suit, so I knew that he was from corporate or something. It made me really nervous. He left before I checked out, or I would have spoke with him right there. I highly doubt he is going to disagree with his store manager right in front of her, though. I called and left a message with his secretary for him to call me. Initially she told me that I had to call through the customer service center in order to talk about a store complaint. I very politely let her know that I have tried that in the past, and the complaint that you make just gets e-mailed to the store that you originally had the problem with in the first place. She said that she would have the DM give me a call. I will update you guys as soon as I know more.

    • pennyscents

      I spoke with the District manager about this today. When I was checking out the SM said to me that, “she had just talked to her DM about this before he left”. He left before I checked out, so I was thinking how could she have asked him about this when I hadn’t even checked out yet. Anyway, she must have been referring to an incident where someone was trying to use a bogo mc, and another mc on just two items. In that case they had to buy 3, which is what she was telling me I had to do. Two different things here! I was buying two items, and had one bogo mc on a bogo sale. The DM is going to send me $3.00. I told him the cost of the tweezers that I was getting was right around $3.00. Really he should be sending me $6.00, because I was supposed to get two free. I don’t care, though. I was more trying to get the proper information relayed to the SM. I really don’t think this is that hard to understand! If I buy one at $3.00, and the 2nd one is free because of the sale that leaves a balance of $3.00 right. Pay the $3.00 with the MC, instead of with cash. There all confused just because it’s a bogo mc, instead of a $3.00 off mc (the coupon is up to $7.00 even).

      I even told him how I bought the 3 hunts tom. sauce for $1.00 a couple of weeks ago, and I had a mc for $1.00 off of 3. I got them all free. I guess the manufacturer paid for them twice there too(this comment is referring to when the SM said that the manufacturer already pays for the free one included in the sale…). I didn’t do anything wrong, though. I just combined the store sale with the MC.

      I don’t know how I could have explained this any better unless it was an actual in person presentation, and he still seemed confused. He said that he was going to check with his buyer on this. How can the DM, and SM of ANY company not know this stuff?!?

      Update: I got $3.00 in the mail today with a letter letting me know that he will call me once he has an answer on the use of a bogo coupon with a bogo sale.

  • Sarah

    I did this deal yesterday and had a little trouble, but I did get it to work. Everything was more expensive than you had listed, so I didn’t have to get the toothpaste.

    I got:
    2 Olay quench body lotion $8.99 each
    1 olay body wash $5.29
    2 Olay regenerist $7.29 each

    subtotal $37.85
    -$3/1 regenerist
    -$1/1 any olay cleanser
    -$1/1 olay lotion
    -$8.99 buy body wash, get lotion free

    grand total $26.66

    My problem was that we couldn’t get the rebate receipt to print. So what the ended up doing was returning the 2 regenerist and selling them back to me. So I walked out of there with all of my products, 2 receipts, and the coupon for free tide. Yeah!

    I was kind of nervous walking in there with all the bad experiences everyone had been having, but both the cashier and the manager were really nice and worked to make sure I had what I needed to do my rebates.

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  • Sara

    No matter what store you go to, any offer to spend so much money to get something back it’s not going to work if coupons bring he transaction total below that point.

    • Laura

      I went to Walgreens on the last day of the sale (Saturday) and it worked fine for me. I bought 2 Olay Quench lotions, 2 Olay Regenerist scrubs, and 1 Crest toothpaste. My total was just above $30 before coupons and I used coupons to bring the transaction down to about $22. The Tide coupon printed with no problem. My only hassle was trying to get the rebate receipt – the cashier had no idea what I was talking about and insisted that he could reprint a receipt after the sale was over. He rang my items and, of course, was unable to print a second receipt. The manager was nice enough to refund/rering my items to get a second receipt, and also used that opportunity to show the clerk how to print a rebate receipt. 🙂