Walgreens: Free Toblerone Chocolate


I want to thank Laina over at Abundant Food Savings for confirming this deal for us:  The Toblerone bars of chocolate are ringing up 2/$3 at Walgreens this week.  Use two manufacturer coupons for $1 off one from 11/22 SS insert and the $1 off two for the Walgreens November Coupon booklet to get them free.  This is an unadvertised sale, so if your store is not tagged you may need to price check the item.

Tonight I am thankful for free chocolate, yay!

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  • mona

    hello, is this price only ringing for this week only?

    • Hi mona,

      That I know of yes.


  • Carrie

    I’m in Dallas and I don’t see this coupon. Was it regional?

    • Hi Carrie,

      I am not sure. I know my area didn’t get it but we usually don’t get any good coupons.


  • Renju

    Do we need to buy 2 toblerones for the 1 off 2 coupon from the november book to work? If so, then shouldnt it be 1.5 x 2 = 3 dollars – $ 1 (from SS insert) – $1 (nov coupon) = $ 1 for 2 chocolates?

    The only way i see this being free is if the Nov coupon booklet actually scans $.5 off for 1 item. Can someone confirm?

    • Yes, in my experience Walgreens coupons for say $1 off two will deduct $0.50 off one if you only buy one item.


  • Kristina L.

    I too live in Dallas and I don’t see it either. Carrie I remember seeing one either last week or the week before. I did a coupon search and it didn’t show up so if I find it I’ll post it on here.

  • Maria

    I live in Round Rock, TX and I found it!! I did this deal already and worked perfectly!!! Thanks a lot Mercedes!!!

    • heidi

      I am also in round rock. we should talk sometime.
      Mercedes, Love your work. You have helped me out a lot.

  • Laura

    I was contacting Walgreens a few times, and i found out that all of their November Booklet coupons are actually manufacture coupons, and i was told that i couldn’t use two manufacture coupons on one item. Anyone have any comments.

    • Elena

      Laura, I’ve used Wags coupons and MNF coupons and the cashiers didn’t tell me anything… I’m in SoCal.

      • Telly

        I’ve havent had a problem with this. But I have had a problem getting my RR when I use coupons. The cashiers say that they wont print out if you use coupons on the items.

    • Laura,

      It’s funny you were told that because just last week another reader emailed me the Coupon Guidelines that Walgreens store follow and it says you can use Wag store coupons and manufacturer coupons from inserts on the same item. I know this is the closest thing to a Walgreens coupon policy because it’s also available on hotcouponworld and it’s been for a couple of years.


      • Laura

        YOU ARE ALL CORRECT ON USG WAG COUPONS AND MANF COUPONS. but the one thing i was told was specifically the Walgreens coupon booklets, ON THE FINE PRINT, it states that they are manufacture coupons. I am still going to use them because whenever i try using them, the cashier doesn’t tell me no. I got a lot of sweet deals using them both together, I believe that if WALGREENS has such a policy, i find it amuzing that even their employees are as confused as we readers/customers are. So i don’t see where the fraud occurs. We simply ask, get told yes, and thats it.

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  • Tammy

    Good Morning I am wondering if you will hve the Pick N’ Save coupons up this morning? You do so good at getting the infor for us. I want to thank you for doing all of this I know you also have alittle one and its hard tring to get on the computer without being bothered. I am getting it right now from both my kids 6 and 1. Thanks again :~D

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