Walgreens: Free Wrapping Paper

More great news and sweet deals from Walgreens!  The Hallmark register rewards deal is also working on the Hallmark wrapping paper.  To make it better the wrapping paer is on sale buy one get one free this week.  So do this deal:

Buy two Hallmark Wrapping Paper, B1G1 Free @ $1.99
Pay $1.99 plus tax out of pocket and get a $2 Register Reward (Jingle Cash) back

Or mix it up with the tissue paper deal I shared earlier:

Buy two Hallmark Wrapping Paper, B1G1 Free @ $1.99
Buy four Hallmark Tissue Paper, 3/$1 with In Ad Coupon
Pay $3.32 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 Register Reward (Jingle Cash) back

I am sort of beating myself because I bought these when they were buy one get two free which made them 66 cents per roll. Oh well, I used them as fillers so I am not going to beat myself up “so” hard. You go and get them FREE!

Thanks Passion for Savings!

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  • pennyscents

    I bought 14 rolls of the Hallmark paper on Wednesday & I did not get any RR’s from it. ???

    • Penny,

      Maybe the RR machine was off? But if it should have printed then you should contact the catalina company 1*888-coupons. They should be able to look up your transaction and mail you your register rewards.


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  • Kerri

    I just did two separate transactions of 6 tissues papers and I didn’t get a single reward.

    • I just bought 6 packs of tissue paper and I got $5 RR in Commerce, GA

    • Kerri,
      See my response to Penny above.


  • cheyenne

    I got 4 tissue paper & 2 wrapping paper–the rr printed fine…my cashier was nice and made sure I bought the right tissue paper..in the Christmas aisle, not the Hallmark aisle…happy Christams for all my cat loving friends (tissue is the BEST cat gift)

  • Ana

    I’m wondering if I buy the two rolls of paper then use the $2 register reward to pay for the 6 tissue papers, will I get the $5 register reward? I want to keep my out of pocket expense as low as possible.

    • Ana,
      you can’t do that. The tissue paper and wrapping paper are considered the same deal. If you use the register rewards from buying hallmark products to buy more hallmark products, your register rewards won’t print in the second transaction.


  • Maria

    Worked for me, thanks a lot!!!

  • Dealseeker

    I really don’t like Walgreen’s Cash Back… because when you go to redeem them, you can’t stack them with other MFR coupons. I went crazy with the Thanksgiving day sale and now have to spend all my Jingle cash before Friday otherwise they will expire – and I can’t get good deal without stacking. 🙁

    • DS,

      you ca stack. what you need to do is use “fillers” small items that the register rewards can attach too. Use something really inexpensive like the holiday pencils that are 8/$1. OR better yet, in your transaction use the tissue paper as fillers and then you will get a register rewards for having bought them.

      I hope that makes sense. Here is more info on how that works http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com/2010/02/shop-walgreens/


  • Angie

    I had the same problem with my jingle cash not printing. I bought 2 wrapping paper and 4 tissue paper. I also had another transaction that I spent over $25 and didn’t get my $5 jingle cash either. I called the number you posted and it says the number is no longer valid. It was really busy and I had a difficult cashier so I didn’t say anything at the store. Is there anything I can do?

    • Sadie

      I think the Walgreens circular changes by state. I notice a lot of the deals posted here aren’t advertised in New York. Bummer.

      CVS forever <3

  • Nancy B

    I to wags today to get my Hallmark wrapping paper and did not get register rewards. The manager and cashier were awesome, and the manager said if I find where the offer is listed online and print it out they will make it right. Do you know where I can find the advertisement for this deal? I looked on the website, and got lost.