Walgreens: Glade Spray Moneymaker and FREE Kleenex


There’s a very nice moneymaker deal going on at Walgreens on Glade Sprays.  They are on sale for $0.99 each after in-ad coupons but if you play your cards right you can get them for better than free.  Hand the coupons in the order I outline:

$6.76 when you buy four cans of Glade Spray @ $1.69 each regularly
-$3.38 when you use two buy one get one coupons from 11/1 SS insert
-$0.75 off two when you use one coupon from 11/1 SS insert or this $0.75/2 printable coupon
-$2 when you hand out the $1/2 coupon in the November Coupon Booklet
-$2.80 when you hand out the in-ad coupon to adjust price down to $0.99 each
= FREE plus $2.17 in overage. Then submit this receipt for the SC Johnson rebate and you have an additional $5 coming to you by mail.

You can get some FREE Kleenex this week at Walgreens. There’s a coupon in the “Healthy Savings” Version of the November Coupon Booklet for $1 off one box of Kleenex Ultra Soft 85ct. Kleenex tissues are on sale this week for $1.09 after in ad coupon. This is your transaction:

$5.97 when you buy three boxes of Kleenex Ultra Soft 85 ct
-$0.50/3 coupon from 11/1 SS insert or the $0.50/3 printable coupon
-$3 when you use $1/1 coupon from Healthy Savings Coupon Booklet
-$2.70 when you use in-ad coupon to lower price to $1.09 each
= FREE plus $0.23 in overage


I hesitated for the last few days to share these deals with you because both include the use of two Walgreens coupons per item.  Last time I shared a scenario like this I read your comments and listened to what you had to say.  So, I went looking for guidance on whether this could be done or not and I turned to Hotcouponworld which is where I usually go for reference of what’s a legitimate deal and what is not.  What I learned is two things: one there’s no official coupon policy at Walgreens.  Some cashiers will be OK with you doing this and some will not.  But from a manager at Walgreens the word is that you can combine two Walgreens coupons as long one is a seven day coupon (in ad coupon) and one is an instant value coupon (which is what the coupons in the coupon booklets are).

If you are uncomfortable using both coupons then you can’t get free Kleenex but you can still get very cheap Glade Sprays.  Just choose to use the coupon in the November Coupon booklet instead of the in-ad coupon and you will pay 63 cents for the four cans of Spray.

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  • Nicole

    Does anyone know what zip code to use to access the kleenex coupon?

  • Every WAGS I’ve shopped at has never had a problem with using the sales ad coupon and their coupons from the monthly booklet. I feel like they treat the sales ad coupons like a sale item. Thanks for the post…I was wondered when you were going to post the Kleenex deal. 🙂 Now, just to find the Healthy Savings book with that Kleenex coupon in it??

    Nicole, I don’t see the .50/3 coupon out there under my zip. It was out there earlier in the week for me? It may be gone.:(

  • Stephanie


    Where do you see the B1G1 Glade in the 11/1 SS? I don’t see that one…


  • Ashley

    my store in Beaver Dam WI looked at me crazy when I asked them if they had the healthy savings book. Oh well they were still cheaper then walmart

  • Debbie

    i don’t have a kleenex coupon on the healthy savings booklet nor the Nov coupon booklet. where do i get this booklet from? Thanks!!

  • Randi

    Our Walgreens won’t accept any coupon that results in an overage. I’ve tried to get them to adjust the coupon or the sale price and the manager says it can’t be done. Bummer….

  • Kim

    The November Healthy Savings Booklet you are looking for is a lime green and tall & thin like the November Coupon Book.. It has a lady & kiddies baking something on it & has a tag that says over $160 in savings inside. They just put these out at my Wags yesterday and werent in another.

    The free Kleenex deal only works on the 85 count Kleenex which is what the Wags Q in the booklet is for.. The one in the circular is for any size..

    I was able to get my 3 free Kleenix yesterday though I always seem to run into some sort of issue there cuz the gal at the register gets all flustered when she sees me comming.. lol. Shes very nice, just very nervous.. She always freaks out at my end total and it blows her away..

    And.. No matter which one I go to (3 in my area) I’ve always been able to use
    *1Mfg Q-ALWAYS hand this one to them first..
    *1 booklet Q (which I dont cut out of the book.. I just hand them the booklet and they scan it that way & I get to keep it to use again since they just throw them away)
    *1 Circular Q. for each item.

    I do love Wags!! & I love your site too, Mercedes. Thanks! 🙂

  • Maria

    I have the 2 November booklets and I can’t find the $1/2 coupon for Glade. I even checked the original post y it didn’t appear on the list of coupons. Any ideas?, Thanks!

  • Stephanie


    It’s on the other side of the $4 off Almay mascara coupon. Do you have that one? It’s in the November coupon booklet with the red Christmas ball on it.

  • Sandra

    I can’t find the other coupon book. Can anyone send it to me?

  • Gloria Brown

    My Wags had the ‘other’ coupon book, but someone posted the coupon code (Code for Kleenx Ultra Soft 85 sheets is 5236-8). My closest Wags has the most wonderful girl working there. I asked if she could just type in the coupon code. She said sure. It worked like a charm!
    She loves to see my totals and usually writes down my transactions!!

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  • Stacey

    One thing I learned the other day when trying to buy multiples of one item with a Wags coupon out of the coupon booklet, the coupon specifically states one coupon per customer per purchase. So I often see posted here if there’s a $1 off coupon and you purchase three items that the register will automatically take off $3… but from my experience it doesn’t and while some cashiers are willing to adjust the price/coupon, it doesn’t automatically happen. So sometimes the deals posted here look great and still are but aren’t always quite as cheap. Just an observation.

  • Maria

    Thanks a lot Stephanie!!! You’re right. I used the Almay one, that’s is way isn’t there. I’m home trying to have everything ready, but of course a can grab another booklet at the store. I really appreciated your kindness!!!

  • Erin

    I don’t think I got the B1G1 glade coupon in my inserts. I get the MPLS Star Tribune.

  • Laura

    Has anyone tried doing these deals? Does the register beep when you try to use the second Wags coupon?

  • newmommy13

    I tried to do the lubriderm deal using a man q and a q from a booklet. the cashier said that the booklet coupons were really man qs so they wont multiply like the flier qs which are sore qs. The verbiage on the booklet qs does state manufacturer coupon and so i confirmed this with a manager. im guessing some stores treat the booklet qs like the flier qs and its a ymmv thing. It was funnt the manager i spoke with said that if it was the registers are programmed to do the coupoons correctly every time so you dont have to question if its right or not. lol ok not in the world i live in!

    if it works great! if not oh well. I really appreciate the work you do this blog has been a blessing!

  • Melissa

    I did the Kleenex deal today, using only
    —the in-ad coupon that puts them on sale at $1.09 each and
    —the Healthy Savings coupon that was $1 off 1.

    I bought 3 (the limit) and the Healthy Savings coupon at my particular Walgreens *did* take $1 off of each box, even though it states it is a Mfr coupon, so I’m glad my store is one that does multiply those.

    I didn’t get it for free, but I got it for 9 cents a box, so I’m happy with that. 🙂

  • Paul

    This is in regards to the Kleenex. I am not sure it is stated on all in store or instant coupons but most of them state cannot be combined with any other offer.

  • boink

    “So, I went looking for guidance on whether this could be done or not and I turned to HCW which is where I usually go for reference of what’s a legitimate deal and what is not”

    Good grief! That site is full of hypocrites who privately scheme to take advantage of all kinds of coupon programs.

    Going there for advice is like going to a strip club looking for a conservative woman.