Walgreens: January Coupon Booklet

wags jan booklet

The Walgreens coupon booklet for the month of January is back.  It looks like pictured above and it has a lot of coupon for diet supplements, smoking aid products, Revlon make up and chocolate and candy.  In total it has around $400 in coupon savings.  You can see the detailed list of coupons available here.

Thanks Moms by Heart!

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  • Where do you find these?

  • I too am interested in where these monthly coupon booklets are found. Last week I asked one of the cashiers at my Walgreens and she didn’t know what I was referring to.

  • Kelly Dickson

    I’m interested in where to find these booklets as well. I’ve never seen them and I can’t find anything on Google telling me where to get them. Anyone know?

  • FOUND THEM! I talked to the manager of my Walgreens yesterday and he pointed out a small carousel (2’x 4′ tall) located near the newspaper racks, semi-hidden by the front door. He agreed that the carousel should be moved, making it easier to find. Check around and if you still can’t find them, ask the manager! =]

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  • Monique

    As an ex manager at walgreens, here is an easy way to “clip” their coupons without having to print them or even find the coupon book, because they can be out. Look at the detailed list offered above. Find the coupon, write down the last four digits. IF a coupon does not scan immediately at walgreens, we just type in the last four digits of the coupon and hit coupon. All the cashier will need is the last four digits of a walgreens coupon. It has to be a walgreens coupon but it is an easy way to get coupon without having coupon. Just tell cashier to type in coupon code which is last four digits.