Walgreens: Johnson & Johnson Rebate Scenario

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Tomorrow 1/10 is the first day that you can start purchasing items for the Beauty for All Ages Johnson & Johnson rebate that’s been available on Coupons.com.  You will also be able to find the form and additional manufacturer coupons in your 1/10 Sunday Newspaper.  Some of the products eligible in the rebate will be on sale at Walgreens next week buy one get one half off.  Check out these two scenarios put together by Heather over at NWA Deals.

Deal Idea 1:

Buy 2 Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrubs @ 5.29 = $7.94
Buy 4 (6 oz.) Lubriderm Lotions @ $3.79 = 11.36
Buy 2 (16 oz.) Lubriderm Lotions @ $7.49 = $11.24
= $30.54 Before Coupons!
Use $2/1 Lubriderm coupons from Coupons.com or 1/10 inserts
Use $2/1 Clean and Clear coupons on Coupons.com or 1/10 inserts
Use $1/1 Lubriderm WAlgreens Store coupon from Diabetes and You magazine
Pay $8.54 after coupons and submit for $10/$30 J&J Rebate

Deal Idea 2:

Buy 2 Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrubs @ 5.29 = $7.94
Buy 4 (6 oz.) Lubriderm Lotions @ $3.79 = 11.36
Buy 2 Aveeno Face Products @ $7.29 = $10.93
= $30.23 Before Coupons!
Use $2/1 Lubriderm coupons from Coupons.com or 1/10 inserts
Use $2/1 Clean and Clear coupons on Coupons.com or 1/10 inserts
Use $2/1 Aveeno coupons on coupons.com or 1/10 inserts
Use $1/1 Lubriderm WAlgreens Store coupon from Diabetes and You magazine
Pay $10.23 plus tax after coupons and submit for $10/$30 J&J Rebate

Those two are pretty good scenarios that combined with coupons and rebate will net you free items.  What are your plans for this rebate?

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  • karen

    I think something’s off with the math here…
    Deal #1: $14.54 and submit for $10 rebate if you use $2q per item
    Deal #2: $14.23 and submit for $10 rebate if you use $2q per item

    Am I missing something?

  • karen

    Figured it out… Heather has listed an additional Wags q that is $1 off Lubriderm from the Diabetes and You booklet. Now the math makes sense…

    • Thanks Karen!

      I added that coupon to the scenario.


  • Kristina L.

    I think that the Walgreens coupon for the 1.00 off Lubriderm in the Diabetic mag is still good till the end of the month.

  • I think all this stuff is supposed to be on sale at Rite Aid, too. And Rite Aid – I think – has in ad Qs. Anyone check this out yet?

  • I just looked at the CVS ad as well. It looks like everyone will be having sales. I guess it’s just a matter of putting together the best scenarios.

  • katie

    can the products be any J&J products? or specific ones?

  • pennyscents

    They are not going to let me do the bogo + bogo coupon deal. I can’t even take it to another store to do a price match either, because it doesn’t list a price. A store will only match a bogo if it says, buy one @ $3.00, get one free. They don’t know the cost of the buy one, so they have no way to match that offer.

    I am sooooo mad! This happened to me with the LaCross deal. Their was a manager that checked me out that would not even ring up the coupon. I have used a bogo at Wags before, and not had a problem. I did contact the district manager. He sent me $3.00 in the mail, and told me he would be checking with his buyer on this. I have not heard from him. Apparently I have been written off with $3.00. I called LaCross and was told that yes, the MC should have been accepted, but they can’t make stores accept their coupons just like they can’t make stores sell their products. I asked the lady if she could contact the store to let them know the proper procedure at least. She said they couldn’t. She is going to send me some new coupons. She just recommended to me that I not use them at Wags.

    I just called Wags customer service to see what they said, and they said no too. I explained if one is $3.00, and the other one is free for the sale then I would have a balance of $3.00. I could either pay that $3.00 with a coupon, or with cash. She said if I had a $3.00 off coupon I could do it, but not a bogo where they would have to fill in the price. She said this was two different things. NO IT’S NOT!!!! I hate stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I just told her, “your right, the manufacturer is wrong, your computer system is wrong for accepting it, every other store is wrong, and YOUR RIGHT.”

  • Kristen

    Do all the items for the rebate have to be purchased at the same time? Or can we combine the best offers of all the stores (Rite Aid, Wags and CVS) and compile them for the one rebate?

  • Lora

    Is the Diabetes & You booklet still available?

    • Nancy B

      The Diabetes and You mag is at the pharmacy counter.
      There weren’t any out when I was there and I just asked for one, and they gladly got me one.

      • jenny

        my walgreens had the fall 2009 diabetes and you (maroon cover) and there was no coupon in it!

        • pennyscents

          The diabetes & you coupon booklet that I have is the Holiday 2009/Winter 2010 Diabetes & You. It has a picture of a turkey dinner on the front of it, and also has a green circle that says, “over $60 savings”. The magazine itself does not have the coupons in it. There is a separate smaller magazine wrapped around the larger magazine. Both magazines are bound together by staples in the middle. I found mine on an end cap by the pharmacy where they had several forms, flyers, etc… pertaining to overall health information. I do have an extra one that I could mail to you. I have know idea how you would get your address to me, though. I wouldn’t want you to post it on here. You should still get it by the end of the week. The coupons inside expire at the end of this month. I am in the Washington County area in WI.

  • kristine

    Did anyone else do this? I did it tonight, buying 3 C&C, 3 Aveeno baby lotions, 1 Aveeno bodywash and 3 Aveeno face cleansers, and when it rung up it was buy one get one FREE!!! after coupons, I paid $16 for all 10 items, and will get $10 back from the rebate!!

    • angie

      My wags was ringing up buy one get one free also! I got the 4 lubriderm lotions, 2 aveeno lotions and 2 roc facial cleansers. I’ll make $1.50 on this AND I got 2 more roc’s free since I had to bring up my total!

      • Nancy B

        Can you still send it in for a rebate if your total after BOGO is less than $30?

        • Hi Nancy

          Yes, in general these rebates are calculated before coupons and sale prices. since the BOGO is calculated as a single line at the bottom of the receipt not as a price adjustment I think that works in your favor too.


  • Maureen

    Has anyone replied to Kristen’s question? Can you do this with multiple transactions or does it need to be in one? The rebate form states “SEND….receipt” Not “SEND…..receipt(s)” Makes me think it needs to be one transaction.

    • I agree with you Maureen. I don’t have the form near me right now but if there’s a 1800 number I also suggest to call to confirm the details of this offer.


  • Diana

    I went last night and they were ringing up BOGO free also got 8 items for $2.12.

  • Alicia

    I went to my local Walgreens today to purchase products for the rebate. My store had all of the products from the rebate ie: Aveeno, Lubriderm as buy one get one 50% off. But, when I checked out, they rang up as buy one get one free. I am concerned with sending in my rebate as it shows all of my purchases but then it lists the Aveeno and Lubriderm products that I received free and my total is under $30.00

    • Carol

      That is my concern, too.

  • Marco

    You have to pay $30 or more for it to work, coupons/sales/bogo don’t count towards the $30.

  • Mary

    Usually rebates are calculated before coupons or sale prices as BOGO. I have submitted and received all of my rebates and I did not the total the manufacterer was asking after coupon s, etc.

  • kathy

    You guys might want to check out the post below. I sure hope it’s not true because it would be horrible PR for J&J not to honor the rebates…