Walgreens: Listerine and Reach Toothbrushes Clearance Alert


There’s a Register Rewards deal going on at Walgreens this week (8/9-8/15):  Buy three Reach toothbrushes or Floss or Listerine 500ML 3/$9 and get a $6 RR back.  I just got an email and a comment from two different readers about the clearance items they found at their stores and how they worked this deal to make it even better:

First: Angela from the Coupon Project found the 500ml bottle of Listerine Vanilla mint on clearance for $1.09 (down from $4.49).  If you found three you could:

$3.27 three clearanced listerines
-$1.50 when you use three $0.50/1 coupons from 8/2 inserts
=$1.77 out of pocket and get a $6 RR back

The Frugal Beagle on the other hand found Reach Ultra Toothbrushes for $1.09 each.  If you found three you could:

$3.27 three clearanced Reach Ultra Toothbrushes (single packs)
-$3/3 or $3/2 coupon from 8/2 inserts or $3/2 printable coupon
=$0.27 out of pocket and get a $6 RR back

I also just found a couple of other deals if you have the Back to School booklets or Children’s activity book:

$7.98 when you buy two Neosporin
-$2 when you use two $1/1 coupon from 8/2 inserts or $1/1 printable coupon (IE Link) or FF Link (Thanks Marcia!)
-$4 when you use $2/1 coupon in Children’s activity book
=$1.98 out of pocket and get $4 RR back

Zone bars are 3/$3
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 6/14 SS insert or sign up for Zone Perfect VIP club and get BOGO coupon emailed to you
Use $0.50/1 coupon from BTS booklet (should deduct $1.50)
Pay $0.75 for three Zone Bars (or FREE with BOGO coupon)

Is shaping up to be a good week at Walgreens, isn’t it?

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  • Jaime Gerhart

    Do the RR actually work and print out with a clearance item? I seem to remember having trouble with that before.

    • Hi Jaime,

      You should have no trouble really. because this RR deal is going by amount of products bought (three) not by amount of $$ spent. I have never had a problem and know others haven’t either.


  • Modern Day Mom

    Oh, I wish I could find that $4 off Neosporin coupon! I love the mist spray. Benadryl mist spray was actually ringing up for $1.59 last week at my local Walgreens. I bought two, used two $1/1 Benadryl coupons, paid $1.18 + tax, and got $5 RRs. For some reason, only this Walgreens had the spray ringing up at that price, but I tried two other Walgreens and it rang up full price. I’m hoping my local Wags will have the Neosporin spray on sale like that this week!

  • I tried it today with the toothbrushes and it does not work. I went to the site where you said she did it, and I don’t think she did. I think she saw them, and gave people a heads up. The RRs did not print for me.

  • Holly

    I used the Walgreens $2 off Neosporin from the kid booklet today, and it doubled itself. I’d purchased two of the booklets and brought both of the coupons to use, but the first one rang up at $4.

    • Hi Holly,

      That’s the beauty of Walgreens coupons. One coupon is all you need and the discount gets applied to all the items in your order that coupon is good for.


  • Modern Day Mom

    Jennifer – I got the deal to work once, and then tried it again and it didn’t. The first time I bought (1) single medium-bristle Reach Ultra Clean toothbrush on sale for $1.09 and (2) 2-packs of regular Reach toothbrushes priced 3/$9. I used a $5/3 coupon, used a $1 RR, paid $1.09, and got the $6 RR just fine. The second time I tried buying (1) 2-pack of Reach Ultra Clean toothbrushes that were on clearance for $1.59 and (2) 2-packs of regular Reach toothbrushes priced 3/$9. I used the $3/2 coupon and paid cash for the rest, but didn’t get my $6 RR. The clerk said it was because the 2-pack was on sale for $1.59 and it only worked with the 3/$9 toothbrushes… but then I showed him the first receipt and he just shrugged. Go figure? But maybe my experience will help someone else find those single-pack brushes on sale!

  • The three items I bought were listerine 500mL, reach floss 30 yd, and a 2-pack Reach Ultra Clean toothbrush that was on clearance for $1.59. It didn’t work. I guess the single packs work though. Yay for you! :o) I like doing deals at CVS much more. I feel more confident that deals will work, and if they don’t, the cashier can always print ECBs if you show them the ad. I feel like the people at Walgreens don’t have a good grasp on how their system works. They are always confused.

    • I just bought three of the $1.09 clearances Reach TBs. Used the $3/3 coupon from an older insert and the $6 RR printed beautifully!
      I also just got 5 tubs of wipes had three $0.75/1 homemailer coupons and two $0.50/1 insert coupons that I used with the BTS booklet to get super cheap wipes!


  • Mary

    If you get 2 of the free Colgate toothpastes first, you have $6 in RR’s to work with before you buy the Listerine. Less out of pocket that way.

  • Diane

    Just went to a Walgreens other than one I visited this morning. Got the Reach deal with 3 toothbrushes, but the guy checking me out was being anal and over analyzing the $5/3 q (thought I had to by 1 of each item, not 3 of same). Manager saw no problem with it, but did find a problem with me using 2 scotch tape q’s for the buy one 3-pack, get one free. At first neither q was going through and she wasn’t going to do anything about it. Then one went through, but not the second and she wouldn’t push it through since it was “free.” I had done this same deal earlier this morning at the other Wags with no problem. Didn’t push it with this manager, though I told her I do this all the time with other B1G1 q’s with no problem. A customer behind me,who works at HEB, commented to me outside the store that she would have taken it because the store gets the money anyway. Also, have done the Huggies wipes deal several times with the $2 off Wags Back to School q and the $.50 insert stacked. Some clerks have pushed it through, a couple of times 2 women wouldn’t.

  • Modern Day Mom

    Jennifer – It sounds like the 2-pack won’t trigger deal but the 1-pack will. How weird, but not surprising, as Walgreens isn’t known for being consistent in anything. The manager was really nice, albeit a little pushy: she tried to “make the deal” by exchanging the 2-pack for one of the regular priced 2-packs, but I had to explain to her that the RR still wouldn’t print by exchanging only one of them. She rang it incorrectly one more time, so I finally said “no thanks, forget it, I just want my money back at this point”… then she couldn’t figure out how to do the refund because I had paid part in cash and part with RRs, and she had rung the two incorrect exchanges as well… she thought giving me the exact cash for the refund would make her register off (which it wouldn’t, really), so she handed me back all of my RRs, all of my cash, and all of my coupons and said she’d figure it out later. After doing the math, I realized I came out $3.74 ahead because I had bought Colgate toothpaste, too, but she handed me back the cash and coupon for that. All in all, I completely agree that CVS is easier to figure out – both for customers AND for their employees!

  • Modern Day Mom

    Diane – hand the clerk scan the $0.50/1 Huggies manufacturer coupon before handing them the $2/1 Walgreens coupon. This will avoid beeping at the register. The register will beep if they scan the Walgreens coupon before the $0.50/1 Huggies coupon, which is where they usually claim they can’t force the coupon through.

  • Just wanted to pop on – yup; sorry if it wasn’t clear…I didn’t think the clearanced Listerine would work with the deal (although the Vanilla had been in the past). Just alerting that I thought it was a good deal! 😉

    Interesting to know about the clearanced Reach toothbrushes though…that sounds like a steal!

  • Hi Jennifer,
    I did buy 3 one pack Ultra Reach toothbrushes on clearance for 1.09, use the 3/3.00 coupon and got a 6.00 RR. My sister who was with me did the same deal and also received the 6.00 RR. I’m guessing the solo toothbrushes triggers it but not the double pack.

  • Jill

    I don’t understand how the double pack wouldn’t trigger the Register Reward, considering the flier shows the double pack. Oh, well. I bought the toothbrushes and the Band Aid RR and didn’t realize until after I paid that the Catalina machine was broken. So they gave me a $10 gift card instead. Not bad!

  • Emma K

    I’m getting ready to head to Wags tonight to see if they have the Reach toothbrushes on clearance. I had a buy 3 save $5 coupon in my paper and was going to try to use that and buy 4 toothbrushes and combine it with the neosporin deal.

    Does anyone know if Wags has in the past or think that in the future they will do RR on Oral B Stages kids toothbrushes? I noticed there’s 2 coupons for 0.50 in the 6/28 P&G and $1 off in the WAGs coloring book. I don’t know how much those toothbrushes normally are but I was going to keep an eye out for those to go on sale.

    • Hi Emma,

      Both Wags and CVS tend to have sales on children’s toothbrushes for the Holidays. I remember getting free TBs for my kids last Dec. using the old coloring book and coupon inserts from back then. Just hold on to your coloring booklet coupons if you don;t have a rush.


  • Brittany

    Where is the Zone bar sale in the ad? Is is a regional thing or a month-long sale? I can’t seem to find it in my ad.

    • It’s a month long sale Brittany. It should be tagged at your store.


  • Emma K

    Thanks Mercedes. I bought two coloring books so I might buy some now and save the other coupon for closer to Christmas. My 2 year old son decided to put his toothbrush in the toilet so he is in need of a new one.

  • Modern Day Mom

    LOL @ Emma! I found a 6-pk of Walgreen’s brand toothbrushes marked down from $2 to $1 at my Wags last week. Cheap toothbrushes are fantastic toilet divers.

  • Modern Day Mom

    * forgot to say the Walgreens toothbrushes were kid’s toothbrushes. They’re multi-colored with a cute little bear on them. My daughter loves them.

  • Lana

    Do you have to buy three of the same thing or can I buy two toothbrushes and one listerine? The $3/2 printable states it has to be 2 brushes and 1 listerine.

  • Lana

    Also, can you remind me….do WAGS coupons (like the activity book ones) cound towards the number of coupons per transaction? For instance, I want to buy one Huggies, but use one manufacturer coupon, one RR from a previous transaction, and the one activity book coupon. I know I have to have as many coupons as items, so I at least have to buy a small filler in order to use the RR, but do I need a third item to use the WAGS coupon? Thanks!

  • karen

    I tried earlier today with 2 single toothbrushes at $1.09 each and 1 double pack at $1.59. I used a $3/2 printable coupon and it didn’t work for me. The manager even tried scanning the double pack 3 times and that didn’t do the trick either.

    • HI Karen,

      For some reason the double packs don’t work for the RR. But the single packs do. You needed the single packs scanned three times not the double pack.


  • Emma K

    I went to one Wags tonight but they were out of the 1.09 toothbrushes. I’m trying a different one tomorrow depending how the kids are acting after well child checkups. I ended up buying some toothbrushes though in hopes they were on clearance but I just got the sale price which worked out okay with the coupons and pairing it with the Neosporin deal, it turned out to be a small moneymaker. But I’ve got started on family stocking stuffers.

  • Sherri

    I went to Walgreen’s tonight and bought 2 double-packs of toothbrushes (they looked just like the double pack in their ad) and 1 package of floss. It initially didn’t ring up the register reward but then a manager came over, did something at the register and then it printed. I’m not really sure what he did and the other cashier had already torn off my receipt so my total didn’t change. Anyway, admidst all of the confusion I didn’t look at my receipt until I got home (I know – gasp!) but it rang the 2 double-packs of toothbrushes up at $5.99 each and the floss at $3.00 (maybe I picked up the wrong toothbrushes?). So I spent $14.98, used $2.00 in coupons, and received the $6.00 register reward. Not even close to a good deal.

    My dilemna is this; I think I should return to the store with the merchandise and register rewards, speak to a manager and ask to have my transaction corrected. Would that be the proper way to handle this type of thing?

    • Hi Sherri,

      Yes, you can return RR items as long as you also surrender the RR as well. But just bring up that the items did no ring up at the sale price but regular price. You don’t want to return the items jst get the price adjusted. But bring everything with you just in case.


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  • Emma K

    I went to another Wags this morning and paid $1.19 and got 3 toothbrushes, floss, and a matchbox truck plus $6 RR only using a $5 off wyb 3. The cashier doublechecked the coupon to make sure it was the right item after the total rang up. She must not be used to Walgreens deals.

  • Sherri

    I went back this morning to the Walgreen’s that I was at last night to get my purchase corrected (I had everything with me, their ad, items I purchased, register receipt and RRs).

    The only thing the assistant manager could come up with is the fact that the toothbrushes were in a double pack. Makes no sense to me since that’s what is shown in their ad? Anyway, she did a return on the three items I bought last night, and then rang up two single toothbrushes and one floss and the transaction worked like a charm. What’s funny is when she rang up the new items it spit out another RR for $6. I told her I already had the RR from the initial transaction but she said to keep it for my trouble of having to come back. Very nice jester on her behalf.

    End result . . . 2 toothbrushes, 1 floss, -$2 coupon = $7 OOP and $12 RR. Not bad! I’m glad I went back.

  • Brittany

    I am really frustrated with Wags. I had to go to two stores to do all of my transactions because the first store I went to did not have the Children Activity Book that I had yet to purchase.

    I went this morning to the first store and got 3 Reach Toothbrushes for a total of $3.27 since they were on clearance for $1.09. I used the $5/3 Q and got $6 RR back. A great purchase and I was happy.

    Then I went to the second Wags and purchased the Activity Book. After that I put down my 2 Neosporin for $7.98. I gave the cashier 2 $1 IP Qs and then showed her the book for the $2 off Q. She told me I couldn’t use that coupon because I had already used a coupon. She then proceeded to ask me if I was “one of those women who try to get everything for free or close to free.” I was appalled. I told her there was nothing wrong with trying to get a good deal and use coupons that were within the coupon policy. She proceeded to tell me I was being rude and she would no longer serve me. She asked me to leave the store. I could not believe the situation that was occurring. I asked for a manager, and although he apologized, saying it was not necessary for me to leave, I still didn’t get the deal. I guess I know now, not to go to that store again, unless absolutely necessary.

  • I was able to create a MONEYMAKER with no clearance items. I ubought 3 reach toothbrushes and used the $2.00 off any reach toothbrush coupon.

    check it out!

  • Karla

    O I am so sorry they asked you to leave!!! I would have just wanted to fall thru the floor. She was so wrong to do that to you! I know how you feel tho have a rude cashier act like we are just trying to rip them off. I had my first time useing coupons at Kmart double coupons go very bad fast!
    She said I alredy got a good deal what was I complaining about? I said well that is how I make my budget work is by using every coupon I need for my grocery bill to be a resonable amount each month. She was the store manager to. By the time I finally got thru I was bawling! My daughter was with me and she works at a grocery store and she gave them a piece of her mind and told them she wanted the names of all the people that had been involved in this very long transaction! She even made the manager sign her name! Needless to say in the morning I called back and talked to a different store manager and she was so nice! She was so sorry and she credited me for what I had been trying to explain to the other gal. She sent me a sent me a couple of Kmart gift cards one was for 25 bucks for my pain and suffering. I do forgive her but it makes me feel like a criminal every time I go and use coupons. I have the shakes and I am sure it is due to that experience.
    Sorry this is so long! I feel your pain.

    • Guys,

      I am so sorry you both have had such terrible experiences. But I think you both handled it well. In both cases you both took it to the next level up and got some resolution. These stores owe their businesses to their customers and there’s no need to be rudder to them just because they are using coupons. they get that money back anyway.


  • Jaime

    Ugh….a huge glitch in my planning. 3 different Wags, none had the listerine or the toothbrushes on clearance. I was able to get a colgate toothpaste $2.99 with a $2.99 RR, had a coupon for $3 off a Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush. Also Listerine Smart rinse $4.99, had a BOGO coupon, and $3 RR back. Total transaction $3.50 (or close), with $6 RR back.

    HOWEVER…suddenly a glitch in the system. The first Wags I went to I was only able to find the Jergens lotion $5.99 with a $5 RR. Also picked up 2 campbells soups with in-store coupon (to make them .79 each) plus a $1/2 mfr. coupon, and found the .99 activity book. I combined them and had a $5 RR coupon from last week’s transaction (john frieda frizz eaze). Cashier rung all through, total transacton $2.98. NO RR came through for the Jergens. Cashier got manager, and he explained what he was told, that even though the $5 RR I was trying to use was from a different transaction last week, it was generated from the same manufacturer, therefore the system wouldn’t allow me to get another $5 RR (the first 5 digits on the bar code on both the product and the coupon was the clue, as they were the same). Thankfully I had a spare $4 RR also, so my bill was $1 more. He rung up the entire transaction again, and I was able to get the $5 RR in the end. If this is the way the computer system is being programmed, trips to Wags will be a hassle if I have to compare all the UPC codes to make sure that I will get all the RR I am entitled to! The manager says it is not a Wags thing, but a manufacturer directive. He was very nice and apologetic.

  • Miranda

    Some peop0le are so rude. I don’t understand why some cashiers get so offended by coupons. You would think it came directly out of their paycheck or something. But I do love reading all these horror stories they make me feel better about some of my experiences. My biggest problem latley is impatient people behind me. Walmart cashiers are so slow at ringing up coupons. They have to do them all with this little hand scanner and it seems like it takes forever. I try to go when it’s not as busy but sometimes I have no choice. I really bugs me when the people behind me in line are tapping their foot or sighing the whole time I’m checking out. So rude.

  • Carol W Hall

    I tried this deal this morning bought listerine, tootbrush & floss used the $3 coupon, but RR did not print. Had to go to beauty counter to get help and manager told me it did not print because I used the manufacture’s coupon. Clerk corrected transaction and printed the rr for me, but the manager told me you don’t get the rr if you use coupon?????

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