Walgreens: Loreal Preference, Tresemme, Gillette and More

Readers Jessica left a comment sharing the following deal.  It seems some of you got a coupon for $3 off Loreal Hair Color in your newspaper inserts yesterday 1/10.  Do the following deal to get Loreal hair color for 50 cents:

Loreal Preference 2/$13 after in-ad coupon

Use $3 Loreal manufacturer coupon from 1/10 RP insert
Use $3/1 Loreal preference Walgreens store coupon from the January Coupon Booklet
Pay $0.50 each

Here are some other clearance finds:

Tresemme 24hour Body Weightless Creme 5 oz  UPC: 022400624327 $1.29 clearance price
Tresemme Color Thrive Blonde Shampoo 25 oz UPC:02240062568 $1.29 clearance price
Buy two of these Tresemme products and earn a $5 register rewards back.  That’s an $2.42 moneymaker.

Loreal everpure $2.29 (clearance price)
Use $2/1 Loreal Everpure coupon from 1/3 RP insert of $2/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.29 each after coupon

Gillette Shampo for men $1.59 (clearance price)
Use $1/1 coupon from 12/27 P&G insert
Pay $0.59 each after coupon

What other clearance finds have you come across at Walgreens? Share them with us in the comments section.

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  • Tammi

    I hope I can find the L’oreal…….I really like that type of Shampoo/Conditioner! Thanks for the tip!

  • Elise

    I tried to do the loreal preference hair color & the store wouldnt take the coupon from the January coupon book : ( They said it was only for the Loreal Blonde something… Anyone have any luck with this?

    • Jill

      Mine said the same thing, it ended up costing me about $6 total instead of $1 total. It was something I wanted, but didn’t work out quite like I thought it would.

    • Josie

      Oh, my goodness! I had the same exact thing happen to me today! The cashier and assistant manager tried and tried to get the $3.00 coupon from the January coupon book to work without any success. It is a legitimate Walgreen’s coupon for Loreal Preference hair color, but it WOULD NOT scan. And I ended up paying $3.50 each rather than $0.50 each. 🙁

    • Kristina L.

      The same thing here too.

      • Julie C.

        I went yesterday for the deal and they put up several signs in front of the hair colors stating that there was a misprint on that $3 store coupon and will not be deducted for the PREFERENCE variety. Bummer!

  • Christie Henderson

    I don’t think you can use 2 Walgreens coupons. That’s probably why it didn’t work.

  • Maria

    Same thing,I just voided the transaction. We often use 2 wag’s cps. I think its something else with that coupon.

  • Elise

    What coupons did you end up using instead? I’m trying to figure out the best deal without that one Walgreens coupon that isn’t scanning.

  • christine

    my walgreens actually had a little sign posted about the january booklet coupon…apparently there was a misprint. the coupon was supposed to be for the dream blonde color, which is regular like $15. so that’s why it wouldn’t work on the regular loreal preference color that was in this week’s ad. i ended up voiding my transaction too. seems like they would have to honor it regardless. kinda disappointing 🙁

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  • Rae

    For the Tresemme deal do you have to purchase 2 or 3????

  • Kristina L.

    Has anyone done the Tresemme deal. A few weeks ago there was a buy 2 Colgate battery powered toothbrushes for 10.00 and get a 4RR. I did the deal and got one of the clearance toothbrushes and didn’t spend 10.00 so I didn’t get the RR. I was worried this would happen on this deal as well.

    • Hi Kristina,

      That’s why you need to read the add and tags carefully. there are usually two types these register rewards deals are worded. Some are get $x in RRs when you buy x number of items and the other is get $x in RRs when you spend $x. In the case of the toothbrushes the RR was worded as spend $10 get $5 back. The tresemme deal is buy two and get $5 RRs. This last type is usually the type when you can get a good deal with clearance finds.
      Hope that makes sense.


      • Kristin

        I’m pretty certain the Tresemme deal is buy 3 (not 2) and get a $5 RR. I’ve done it with 3 of the clearanced items and it worked just fine, the items were $1.29 each.

        • Amy

          I tried the Tresemme deal today. I bought 2 of the Tresemme 24hour Body Weightless Creme 5 oz UPC: 022400624327 $1.29 clearance price and it did NOT print out a RR. I will return tomorrow and try with a purchase of 3 and see if that works.

  • Tammi

    Kristina, I dind’t do the Tresemme deal yet (the Walgreens I went to didn’t have the clearanced types), but I did the Curel and Jergens deal that was posted not too long ago and got the RR just fine. All of the lotion was on clearance and I used coupons too…..still got the RR so I don’t think it should matter. Hope this helps. Plus you can always return the items if things don’t turn out like you had expected.

  • Tammi

    I got a good deal on L’oreal makeup since some of the concealers/foundations ($4.29 clearance) and eye shadows are on clearance ($1.79 clearance). These still count towards the ‘buy $20 in L’oreal, get $5 L’oreal RR’. (count them at the clearance prices) I even used the $3 and $1 coupons from the 1/3 RP. I got 4 concealer/foundations and 5 eye shadows and paid about $7 after all of my discounts….still got the $5 L’oreal bonus RR too!

  • At my store, the Tresseme shelf was cleaned out. And the problem with the L’Oreal Q in the booklet was that it was for either the Blonde stuff or plain Preference. The in-ad Q, apparently, was only for the Superior Preference. I had asked the cashier in that department before I picked it up if there were any other types of ‘Preference’ and she said no, just the Superior. I told them never mind then and left empty-handed.