Walgreens: Pantene and Comtrex Moneymakers


Can you believe there are even more hot deal going on at Walgreens this week?  Here are a couple more:

This week there’s  a register reward offer on Pantene products : Buy two and get $2 RR.  The Pantene trial size shampoo and conditioner are triggering this register reward as well.  They are priced from $1.09 – $1.29.

$2.18  when you buy two Pantene Trial size
-$1 when you use $1/2 coupon from 10/11 P&G insert (doesn’t exclude trial size)
Pay $1.18 plus tax out of pocket and get a $2 RR back

You may be thinking that this is too much of a hassle for two trial size shampoos. But the trial size shampoos I have gotten from other deals have really become in handy when I have traveled. It’s really something good to have on hand.

Here’s the second deal: Comtrex 20 count sell for $5.99, this is how you can get paid to buy them:

$5.99 Contrex 20ct
-$3/1 coupon from 11/1 SS insert (some areas got $1.50/1)
-$3/1 coupon from November Coupon Booklet
-$2 from Healthy Savings coupon booklet
Get it FREE plus $2.01 in overage

Thanks Abundant Food Savings!

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  • pennyscents

    No they won’t. However, I have seen some blogs where ppl have done it, and gotten away with it. It was not on this deal, though. It was on the kids band aids back in October. There were MC’s on the band aids, and 2 Wags coupons on the band aids too. Most ppl were only able to use one of the Wags coupons. The band aid deal was actually taken down, and called an error on the website administrator’s part.

    • I guess it would depend on your store. But with no official Walgreens coupon policy out, there’s no definite reason why you can’t do this. The Walgreens coupons have a different number so they are different Walgreens coupons.


  • Becky

    Would they actually allow you to use both WAG coupons?

  • I was wondering the same thing…can you use both store q’s on one item?

    • bobbi

      I manage at a Walgreens. The limit is one wal coupon and one manufacturer coupon:)

    • bobbi

      per item that is!

  • Alan

    Hah! I was just about to ask the same question.

  • Has anyone tried this deal?

  • Merritt

    The Pantene coupon in the P&G insert I received, states in small letters “any TWO(2) Pantene products (excl. trail size)”.

    • Merrit,

      The one in the November insert does exclude trial sizes but not the one in the October insert which is the one I mentioned.



    Are coupons in the walgreens november coupon booklet manufactors coupons or walgreens store coupons? because I thought the coupons in the booklet where store coupons & that I could use one manufactors coupon & one walgreens store coupon on a item, but when I tryed doing this earlier this week with a Glade product the casher told me the walgreens coupons are manufactors coupons & I could not use both, as a result I did not buy the Glade product, please help me understand this.

  • Kasya

    I just tried to buy comtrex with those two coupons and it didn’t work. The coupon kept beeping and the cashier tried it several times as well as trying scan the MC first and then the WC. So I didn’t get it. BUT I got two almay mascaras for free.

  • Laurie

    With all the great deals out there, do we really need to try using 2 store coupons on 1 item? Let’s look at our ethics, rather than looking for a coupon policy. No stores ever allow this that I’ve heard of. It should be good enough to get the item for free, rather than trying to make it a money-maker. Thank you Mercedes for adjusting this deal on your weekly Wag’s post. 😉 I appreciate your tact and agree with your decision! Makes me that much more of a follower to this blog!

  • Angie

    When does the comtrex deal end?