Walgreens: Possible Free Breathe Right Strips

Have you shopped at Walgreens yet this week?  Well, if you haven’t, you may want to read about this deal.  I got an email from reader Isa letting me know that she bought the Oscillococcinum that’s free after register rewards this week and at checkout she got a coupon for FREE 10-12ct box of Breathe Right Strips.  I have read that people who bought Sinex Daytime, also got this freebie.  Now, you may or may not get this freebie as it may just be random.  But it is a nice bonus to hope to get.

If by any chance you got this surprise freebie, make sure to share what you bought in the comments.  Thanks Isa!

PS.  I also wanted to let you know that the $5/1  Oscillococcinum Walgreens coupon does not work on the type that is free after register rewards this week.  It is only good on the adult type.  Also, the $2/1 manufacturer coupon beeps and it needs to be pushed through.  So it seems this deal is not a moneymaker but still FREE.

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  • CJ

    I got the free Breathe Right catalina for buying the Oscillo. My cashier manually entered my $2 Oscillo coupon so I made profit on that.

    • Blaire Ruch

      same with me!

  • Jenny

    I got the Breathe Right coupon also after buying the Oscillioum also. I live in Missouri.

  • Suzanne

    I received one at Kroger this morning, when I bought the Kroger Day-time cold medicine.

  • Nora

    Yes, I got two to print as a matter of fact. ; )

    • Nora

      This was after buying newspapers. And I also received some other good coupons as well.

  • Jessica

    I got the Breathe Right Coupon also after buying the the Oscillioum, and they had to manually enter the coupon also.

  • Sun

    I got the Breathe Right Coupon after buying the the Oscillioum. Same deal for my on the coupon, they had to manually enter it.

  • I got it after the oscill and after buying dayquil and nyquil.

  • Jill

    I got it after buying Panteene x2 , Finesse x2 , Crest x2 , and some assorted Christmas Clearance.

  • I got one when I bought the Salonpas and Crest! And another when I bought the Oscillo.

  • sheri

    I got it after buying the Oscillioum.

  • Julie B.

    I got one after buying Finish.

  • I bought Vicks and Robitussin this morning in separate transaction. One gave me the coupon (I don’t remember which) but the other did not. It was a really nice surprise.

  • Stephanie

    MONEYMAKER!!! I just found new forms at Walmart on a Breathe Right Display. The forms are for a FREE Breathe Right 10 ct. up to $3.97 exp. 1/31/2013 One per household, except RI, who may do the deal twice.

  • Mercy Goodwin

    I did the Vicks deal this morning, and I received two catalinas, one for a free Afrin Nasal Spray and the other for Breath Right. I wonder if I can combine the Afrin catalina wit the Aftrin $3 mfr. coupon to make it a $3 money maker.

  • Melo

    I got two Breathe Right catalinas after buying two prescriptions, including Singulair. I also got 2 other catalinas in the same purchase: one for -$4 on Balneol (never heard of it) and one for -$1 on Colgate Total 4oz or larger.

  • Elizabeth B

    In AZ, I got the Breathe Right catalina for buying Tylenol Cold and Flu.

  • I got it too when I bought the cold medicine.

  • Sheila

    I got the same coupon when I checked out at Kroger this evening…..value up to $7.49

  • Denise

    I got two Breath Rights and a free Sierra Mist and five other RR. I bought one electrical, three mechanical pencils, three tridents and two gallons of milk.

  • lee

    I got two Breath Right coupons too. I bought Oscillioum and was able to use the $2 coupon with no beeps.

  • Layla

    I bought the Oscill-whatever (LOL) and got the $9 RR and the free Breathe Right catalina too!

  • Madelleine

    I got the free nasal strips coupon after paying for 50% off christmas items!!

  • cathy

    I did 4 transactions in a row – and with each transaction – got the free nasal trips.
    Question- Can I use the $4 of in ad coupon for the Breath Right Strips and the Manufacture Free Strip catalina coupon to make it a $4 money maker?

    Please reply!!! New to Walgreens.

  • cathy

    ok – I see the in ad coupon is for 36 count – but if it had been for the same size, would I’d been able to use both for it to be a money maker?

  • brian

    I got the coupon also after buying childrens oscillo and I used a $1 coupon for the oscillo it specifically said for children they had them on display at Whole Foods.

  • Amy

    I am in Pittsburgh, got the coupon after buying oscillo.
    Funny they did not want to push my $2 coupon, but let me use the $5 coupon from the book.

  • Tracey

    I got it after buying Quaker instant oatmeal and Quaker chewy granola bars which are on sale for 1.99. The strips were 6.79 which I got for free but I paid .41 cents for tax.

  • sharon

    I got it from Kroger tonight i bought 4 P&G items along with jose ole and coast

  • Jennifer B

    I also got the Breathe Right Strips and a free Afrin nasal spray one too! Walgreens is hot this week!!

  • KimH

    I bought the Oscillo and got the Breath Right Strips coupon too. The asst manager pushed both the $5 & the $2 coupons thru for me.. thought that was doubly nice! 😀

  • Denise

    I bought one Citracal and one alka selzer cold and flu. The Breath Right strip coupon came from that purchase. However, I didn’t get the $5 register rewards as advertised. The manager kindly gave me a $9 register reward he had for the inconvenience. It definitely pays to ask when the specials don’t come through…yeah Walgreens!

  • I was actually able to get my walgreens to give me the $5 wags coupon. That was before reading this post…lol. It beeped but then she called the manager. He said to manually enter it. I also got a cat for free breath right strips.