Walgreens: Sandies Cookies only 50 Cents!

Walgreens has Keebler Cookies on sale this week 2/$5. Plus there is a Walgreens store coupon for $2/2 Sandies in the April Coupon booklet that makes each pack only $1.50 each.  There is a new manufacturer coupon for $1/1 one 9.5oz Sandies Cookies (IE) (FF Link) that makes them only 50 cents each!  Thanks couponing to Disney.

Check out all Walgreens deals available this week here.

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  • Letty

    I couldn’t get this deal to work at my Walgreens. 🙁

    • What happened to you Letty that you could not make it work?


      • Letty

        I was so disappointed ! The cashier scanned the “Instant Value Coupon”, then my Manufactor coupons. She said the mannys wouldn’t take and gave her an error message. She said I couldn’t use both. I didn’t want to raise a fuss, but I was mad! I just had her take off my cookies. I thought maybe I’ll go back later and try it with a different cashier. Maybe I should have the mannys scanned first, THEN the IVC? I’ve never had a problem stacking those before!

        I also couldn’t get the $1 RR from buying two boxes of the Kashi sale cereal. The AM came over and said it was because I had used my Vocalpoint “Free box” coupon and $1.50 off coupon. She said this week the Catalinas haven’t been printing when people pay with a coupon and that those “loopholes” have been fixed. Again, I didn’t argue, just politely pointed out that the circulars often have “Look for additional savings in your Sunday newspaper!” printed next to the RR deals. She wouldn’t budge. It was not a good Wags day.

        • Letty

          UPDATE: I tried again- making sure to hand over the Internet Printable Manufactor coupons first, then “remembering” to use the booklet coupon after she scanned the printables. Yay! I’m saving them for when my mother-in-law visits (she LOVES Sandies with her tea!).

          • Patti

            Yay! Happy for you! 🙂

  • Jenny

    The coupon in the April WAGS Coupon Book is a manufacturer coupon as well, which is why the register beeped and did not allow you to complete. You cannot use 2 manufacturer coupons on the same item!

    • I have looked at the barcode of the coupons in the April coupon booklet and they are not manufacturer coupons. They are store coupons.


  • Tina

    I was able to use the coupons in Sacramento. The cashier had to manually enter them though.

  • Isaiah Chavez

    At my Walgreens, they allowed it just fine. Got it for $0.50 each!

  • Jennifer

    Went yesterday and was told that I couldn’t use the coupon book Q and 2 MQs together because the coupon book Q was a MQ….still a good deal for $1 each, but sure would have loved $.50 each! 🙁

  • Patti

    Gotta remember to give the cashier your manufacturer coupons FIRST. Always. The the IVC or monthly coupons. The IVC will take off a certain amount regardless of the manufacturer coupons used. If the IVC has already reduced the price, sometimes the MQs will make things go haywire.

  • Gail

    I don’t see the Q in the April booklet. There are two Q’s for cookies but they say specifically what cookies are allowed and neither of them say Sandies. Maybe I have to looki into another April Q booklet??