Walgreens Scenarios 4/26-5/2

Here are a couple of scenarios to give you ideas how you can roll Register Rewards at Walgreens this week.  I try to keep the number of transactions to around two transactions.  I think that’s a number someone who’s getting started can manage to do in one trip at their store without feeling flustered.

Transaction #1

In this first transaction I am adding two Ecotrins to my order.  This is just in case you usually have problems at your store with coupons beeping because the value of the coupon is higher than the value of the item.  However, as you can read in this article “How the Walgreens Register Works.”  Because the value of both Ecotrins is $4, the $2.25/1 coupon won’t beep even when you are adding a $1/1 Ecotrin coupon because the total value of the items ($4) is less than the value of the coupons ($3.25).

$14.99 bayer breeze
$4 two ecotrin
-$14.99 bayer coupon
-$2.25 ecotrin printable
-$1 ecotrin coupon from 1/25 SS insert
=$0.75 plus tax out of pocket get$5 RR from Bayer and $2RR from Ecotrin

Transaction #2

$4.99 Nivea Bodywash
$2.49 Bayer Quick Release Crystals
$0.39 Hallmark Gift Wrap (This is your filler items so you can use the Bayer RR)
$0.39 Hallmark Tissue Paper (Filler so you can use the Ecotrin RR)
-$1 nivea coupon from 4/19 RP insert
-$5 Bayer RR
-$2 Ecotrin RR
– in-ad coupon to get the Hallmark gift wrap and tissue paper for $0.39 each
=$0.26 plus tax out of pocket and get $4.99 RR from Nivea and $2.49RR from Bayer

Now if you feel like going back home with items instead the $7.48 in Register Rewards you could buy:

$6 two Starbucks pints of ice cream
$1.18 two Campbells Soups
$3 Two Flipz
$3.99 Visine
$0.78 two Hallmarks gift wrap or tissue paper (or any other cheap filler you want to get)
-$2 two Starbucks coupons
-$1 One campbells coupon
-$1 One Flipz coupon from 4/5 inserts
-$3 Visine coupon from 3/15 inserts
– in-ad coupon to get the Hallmark gift wrap and tissue paper for $0.39 each
-$4.99 Nivea RR
-$2.49 Bayer Crystals RR
=$0.47 plus tax out of pocket

How cool are Register Rewards? You just bought $41.42 worth of items and only paid $1.48 plus tax out of pocket for them.  That’s a really good deal I think!  What are your plans for Walgreens this week?

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  • I am excited because I have a new store opening near me, so I have some $3.00/$10.00 purchases I saved from last weeks newspaper.

    Also, I figured out 4 transactions for a profit of over $14.00!!

  • Tatiana

    I heard you can’t use the 5RR from the Bayer meter on the Bayer crystals as they are the same company and you will not recieve your RRs back for the crystals.

  • There’s quite a few great deals this week, aren’t there? I plan on getting a few meters, then rolling it into Nivea body wash, Rembrant toothpaste and I’m also going to be doing the Buy 2/8 get $4 rr Listerine and use 2 $2 off q’s to get those for free. I couldn’t see the point of paying .59 for them at Kmart doubles, LOL!! 🙂 When I am exhausted from rolling all that I’ll save a few RR for next week. Then buy something useful like toilet paper, which I haven’t figured out how to get FREE yet. I’m hopeful that our Pick N Sve will have the 4 pack of Cottonelle Ultra on super sale soon and I can double some $1 off q’s I found at Kmart this week.

    Thank you for outlining some scenarios for us this week Angel Mercedes! 🙂

  • My Scenarios!!!


    4 transactions for $2.84 including

    2 -monitors — I will donate
    4 -Ecotrins
    2 -Smuckers jelly
    2 -5# bags sugar
    2- boxes Honey nut Cheerios
    1- Nivea body wash
    1- gift wrap
    6- boxes Kleenex

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Laurene

    I am having problems with RR printing if I use one on a purchase. I have used ones for different brands but the cashier just tells me it is because I used a RR. Does anyone know their policy. I just have found a lot of inconsistancy among the Walgreens employees in my area. One will let me get an item with overage and then one will not. Then one will make sure I get compisated when my RR does not print and them some will not. I just am curious if anyone has any advice.

  • Sharon

    I’m just getting started with the RR’s… I’m loving FREE stuff! And my box for charity is filling up quickly!

    But where is everyone finding these 14.99 Bayer coupons?
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Sharon,
      There was no $14.99 coupon. There was a $30/1 coupon that will need to be adjusted down when you use it. Check out my weekly walgreens post to get the exact date that coupon came out.


  • Sharon

    Thanks Mercedes! I’ll go check it out. I’ve pulled out all the other coupons and I’m going to try out your scenarios today!

  • Kathleen

    I just got back from Walgreens. When I got my Ecotrin aspirin, a $2 coupon printed out along with the register reward. Went back and got another, and another $2 Q + register reward printed.

  • Linda

    Can someone explain to me how I find a coupon when It’s simply listed as “printable” here. Where do I go to print it?

    Thanks for helping a newbie!! 🙂

    • Hi Linda,

      If you were talking about the Ecotrin printable I have added the link to the scenarios.


  • Casey

    I have been told numerous times by different employees at different stores that a RR cannot be obtained if a RR is used for payment. Is this true? Has anyone else had this experience?

  • Tatiana


    The $2/1 ecotrin coupon that prints out is only for 125ct. The ecotrin on sale this week is 45ct.

  • Cindy

    I tried to print the Campbells soup coupon and it just prints out a very small picture of 3 soup cans. Any suggestions? I downloaded the print program and have my printer settings ok (I think)

  • Casey, that is only true if you’re doing the same deal, like using the RR from the monitor to buy another monitor. For instance you can not use the $5.RR from the monitor and get another $5. RR for the monitor.

    however if you use the monitor $5.RR to buy the Nivea Body wash you SHOULD get another $5.RR for the Nivea…

    Check out these senerios it might help with the confusion…


    hope that makes sense!


  • Megan J

    I’m going to call myself Megan J since there are multiple Megans on this board 🙂 I just wanted to note that the RRs are rounding up as usual, so the Nivea RR is $5 (rather than $4.99). Also, I tried using the $2.25 Ecotrin coupon on one package (there was plenty of extra in my order to apply the overage to), but it beeped, so I offered the $1MQ I had instead. Has anyone tried this Mercedes’ way with the two Ecotrin, the $2.25Q and the $1Q? Good luck to all! ~Megan

  • Mrs.C

    Walgreens has Air Wick starter kits on sale for $4.99. There is a $4.00 off coupon in Red Plum this week.

  • Kathy

    Walgreen’s is limited the number of RR I can use at a visit. They only allow the total number of coupons and RR to equal the number of items bought. Hopefully that made sense. Is anyone else finding this happening?

  • jen

    my walgreens had 150ct ectorin clearenced to 2.19. i was able to use the 2.25 coupon on it and then got the $2 MQ. so no RR, but a large ecotrin for free! (i actually did it 4 times!)

  • jen

    just an FYI: my region wasnt offering the 2.00 RR on the ecotrin so the clearence was a bonus!

  • I read on HCW that you cannot roll the Bayer meter RR into the Bayer aspirin and still get the RR. Even though they are two different items, still the same company. Haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t say for sure, but just in case you’d rather be on the safe side!

  • Shannae

    Thanks for the great scenarios Mercedes…just wanted to add a quick note here that my Wags wont let me use more than one RR to pay for a transaction…so some may have a higher OOP but still not bad deals

  • kristina L

    Mollie you can get Angle soft for free @ Krogers if you have them or a sister store. They are on sale for .99 and w/the .50 off coupon when doubled will get it for free.

  • Kathy – That’s the case anywhere. That’s why many times you see people using “fillers” – so the coupon to item ratio is 1:1. In the scenarios posted above, the Hallmark Gift Wrap is the filler. Oh, but Walgreen 7-day Coupons don’t count toward the coupon count – only manufacturers coupons and register rewards.

    Jen – The Ecotrin wasn’t in my ad either, but it still gives the Register Reward. It works out as 2.99-2.25=$0.74 OOP, and then gives you $2 back, so it’s still a MM. But, hey, you got a good deal anyway!

  • Deanna

    At my Walgreens they just adjusted the price of the ecotrin coupon to $2! And i think most employees (the ones i’ve come across) say that an rr won’t print if you use an rr. Not the case! You just can’t buy the same product you are using an rr for and expect to get another rr. We would be there all day just rolling and rolling! :)Only makes sense!

  • Laurie

    Adraina/Mercedes/others: My experience at Walgreens tonight was horrible. You can NOT use tissue/gift wrap as a filler since there is a Q needed (the in-ad Q) to get it to that sale price of .39. They DO count the in-ad Q’s toward the total of Q’s/RR. It screwed up my first 2 transactions and the manager was getting really fed up with me… then I asked, and she assured me they did “count”… and in my subsequent transactions I used gallons of water/milk etc as fillers and it went off without a hitch!

  • HI Laurie,

    I’d question your Walgreens manager or shop at a different one. I used the Hallmark got wrap yesterday as a filler at many different stores without any issue I have never had a problem using a Walgreen IN AD coupon item as a filler. Only manufacturer coupons count towards the total, not Wags. Argue with them a bit and get them to call someone in charge. Trust us—everyone on this board is able to do this, otherwise we wouldn’t be posting it. If it’s not worth the effort to argue, then can you shop at another Walgreens nearby?

  • Amanda

    I stopped at WAGS this morning at 6:45 to get the Ecotrin and Nivea body wash. The Nivea had been cleared from the shelves! I did find the Ecotrin, used 1 $2.25 coupon on two without a hitch. The cashier told me I could only use one RR per transaction. I mentioned that it says on the RR that you can use as many as you have items as long as they do not exceed the cost of the items. He was very nice, but that is their policy. Any ideas? I have an envelope full of RRs now and it is getting hard to use them up just one at a time! Thanks for the great list!

  • Amanda,
    Often, other stores will accept RR. It is worth the effort to inquire. Many of the super, super big box stores accept competition coupons, and a RR is in fact a manufacturer coupon. The Wags cashier herself yesterday said to me, “You know you can use Register rewards at Walmart, right?”

    Just trying to alert everyone. I have posted this information twice on the large coupon site, and they delete it. This is NOT coupon fraud. Other stores happily accept other’s coupons and it is fair game for you as a consumer to inquire at the stores you shop at if this is a fact. The RR is a gift to you, and I think nice to us at Walgreens, but if someone else is offering you a better deal, why not act upon it?

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  • Amanda

    Thanks Mollie, I had not thought of asking at other stores if they would accept them. I have a lot and they will expire in a few days, maybe now I can use them. Thanks again for the great tip.

  • We are heavy pop drinkers so I am stocking up on pop this month using last weeks RR I bought some pop, Nivea and the bandaid/Neo Combo three times yesterday – I also threw in the schick Intuition deal on those transactions. Cost me some serious OOP but received enough RR to buy more this week and roll my pepsi RR into next week. All in all I will have spent about $60 and received 18 6 packs of soda, 3 bandaids, 4 Neo to go, 4 razors, 3 Nivia body washes, 2 listerine, 6 Reynolds wrap OOP is about .66 cents per item! $60 bucks sounds steep but I would spend that JUST on the soda if I went to sams this week! So as I told my hubby, it is like buying the soda and getting all the rest for free!

  • Nicole

    can anyone verify if the Campbell’s coupon is working on this deal? It says “cooking soups” and technically tomato and chicken noodle are not “cooking soups” – Thanks!

  • Sharon

    Hey Nicole,
    I got chicken noodle and tomato yesterday and it worked! 9 cents a can! Wahooooo!

  • Everyone, please do ask around at other stores if they will accept your RR. I just got back from Walmart, where I got:

    5 boxes Electrasol $3.50 each
    I used 5 $2.50/1 man. q.
    after coupon price is $1 per box.

    I included a tiny filler and paid with a $5 RR. You need a filler item because a RR is a man. coupon.

    So, those five boxes of Electrasol were free for me, minus tax. I got the $5 rr from the Bayer meter at Wags, which was 100% FREE, no tax. 5 dollars of pure profit.

    See how this works? I’m just illustrating what the possibilities are.

  • Lana

    Walmart accepts competitors coupons??? Is that at all Walmarts or just the one in your area? I do price matches and such there but have NEVER heard of being able to use competitors coupons. Aside from RR, can you use like the Walgreens in ad coupons and Food Lion and Meijer coupons, etc.? I’d LOVE to get in on that if it is corporate wide.

  • Danielle

    Did anyone else hear that the ESR books have been discontinued?????

  • April

    One of the employees at my Walgreens won’t let me make two transactions especially if I want to use the register reward that printed from the last transaction.He told me I could not use it till next time in the store.

  • Lana


    I am really lucky. I have a great asst. manager at my store that is there a lot. Once I asked him if I could do just that….and use my RR on the second transaction, and he said, “Sure of course. Our employees do it all the time, so why shouldn’t our customers be able to as well?” But anyway, if your cashier says that to you again, I’d simply walk out to my car, put my first transaction away and walk back in a few minutes later. It’s your next trip INTO the store, right? 🙂 LOL! Especially for someone like me who has to drive 30 minutes to get to the store, I try not to leave the store with RR unless I KNOW I’ll be back for sure in the next week, because with how fast they expire, I don’t want to run the risk of wasting them.

    • Hi April,

      Lana is right. In theory, you are considered a new customer once a new transaction start. If this was a cashier who told you that I would ask to talk to the assistant manager. if this was the assistant manager I would ask to talk to the store manager. You can’t be making several trips to the store and spending money in gas to put up with a truly made up rule.


  • April

    Thanks Lana and Mercedes I really didn’t know if it was a rule or not so thank you and I will do as suggested.

  • Laurie

    Mollie, thanks for your feedback on my RR/in-ad Q problems… can I ask you…at your Wag’s do the items ring up as sale prices (like the tissue/gift wrap example) or do they need to scan the in-ad Q to get it to the sale price?

    I just don’t understand why I had problems when no one else does. And then had no problems when I added more filler items. I even read right on the RR (just as you said) that “the total of MFR Qs and RR cannot exceed the # of items” (so has nothing to do w/ Wag’s Qs), but the register kept beeping when the cashier tried to scan my RR at the end… like I said, UNTIL I added more filler items. Any ideas gals? I really need to figure this out… any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Neelam

    Can I use Register Rewards for milk and bread to pay?

    • Hi Neelam,

      In most states you CAN use your RRs to pay for milk. Some states have regulations regarding using coupons to pay for milk. But it’s only like six states, so chances are very good you can use them in your state too. For sure you can use them for bread.


  • Kristel

    Hello Mercedes,

    I have not tried these exact transactions but in the past when I buy 2 or 3 items that should each give me RR it only prints one. So for example in transaction 1 it would only print $5 RR Bayer OR $2 from the ecotrin NOT BOTH. Has anyone had this problem or is this just my WAGS.