Walgreens Scenarios: Rolling My Register Rewards

This afternoon I took one more visit to my local Walgreens and was happy to find two lonely Nature’s Bounty vitamins.  Between that and what I had before, this week I have $20 in Register rewards to use.  So, here’s how I am “rolling” this week:

First Transaction
Buy Plackers flossers $2
Buy Stayfree pads $2.99
Buy Skintimate shaving cream $2.99
Buy Clio Trimmer $4.99
Use $1/1 Stayfree Brand Product(my area didn’t get $2/1 in inserts a few weeks back)
Use $0.50/1 Plackers Dental Flossers 4/18/2010 RP Insert (exp 7/31/2010)
Use two $5 register rewards from Nature’s Bounty
Pay $1.47 out of pocket (no sales tax, weee!) and get back $13 in register rewards

Second Transaction
Buy Plackers flossers $2
Buy Tone bodywash $3.99
Add 60 cent filler (Easter candy was on clearance 10 cents each this afternoon)
Use $0.50/1 Plackers Dental Flossers 4/18/2010 RP Insert (exp 7/31/2010)
Use $1/1 Tone Body Wash
Use two $2.50 register rewards from U by Kotex
Pay 0.09 out of pocket and get back $5 register rewards

I would still have $5 in register rewards to use, so if I get a chance to swing by the store a second time before the week ends, I may do the second transaction again.

Just getting started? I suggest starting your purchases with the two small moneymakers like Stayfree and the Flossers.  Your out of pocket would be $2.50-3.50 and get $5 back in register rewards.  With those $3 and $2 RR you could get the trimmer, but you will need to add a small filler so you can use both RRs to pay for it.

What is YOUR master plan?

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  • Pam

    I did not know you could use more than one register reward in the same transaction. I have about 10 from the Nature’s Bounty offer. Could I combine all 10 of these $5 register rewards in one transaction?

    • Tina

      sure you can! just remember the register rewards are considered a manufacturer coupon and must attach to an item. Let’s say you have 10 register rewards and 2 manufacturer coupons. This means that you will need 12 items in order to check out.

      • Pam

        Great info in your reply. Thanks so much!

  • sumi

    This looks perfect.I always spend more OOP ,but at the same time I get RR too but I don’t do a good job in rolling. Tomorrow I will do the same scenario as yours,first time to spend less OOP.

  • OK neighbor – rub in the no tax thing – OUCH!!! Isn’t this a great week!!

  • Meghan

    So, if you pay with RR you will still get RR? I thought you would not get any if you paid with them. Why do you need a filler? Is it because you need as many items as you have coupons and rewards? Sorry – I’m new!

    • Annette

      Meghan- you’ll get a RR as long as you pay with a RR from a DIFFERENT deal. Meaning, you can use the Nature’s Bounty $5.00 RR to pay for the Tone body wash, Skintimate shave gel, etc. But you can’t buy one Tone body wash and then use that RR to buy another Tone and still get another RR from it. Does that make sense? That’s how you “roll” them.

  • Christina

    Thanks for the scenarios. This helps a ton!

  • Lisa

    Is anyone having trouble printing the Tone coupon?

  • Kristina L.

    I did the Benadryl deal and bought two for 4.99 each and used the 5.00/2 manufacturers coupon and it WOULDN”T print the $5 RR because of the 5.00 manufacturer’s coupon. The register was confused and thought it was a RR. Beware!!!

    • qudz104

      ive read on some sites that the $5/2 q was coded the same way as the rr and thats why they dont print out.

      • Kristina L.

        Yeah I tried it again and the cashier told me they have to key in the coupon so that the RR will print.

  • Mary

    I tried printing the Tone coupon from 3 different computers using differnt names and addresses as well as different e-mails. Just did not work no matter what senior I tried. Maybe a driffernt state that’s the only one thing I did not try. lol

  • Janet

    No more Tone coupons available. I get this message: There are no prints available for this campaign.

  • qudz104

    i had 2-$2.50 RRs from last weeks kotex so this is what i did:
    trans 1:
    personal trimmer- $5
    1 pair of latex cleaning gloves- 2/$1
    total was a little over $5, i used the 2 RRs and got $5 back
    trans 2:
    1 pack stayfree
    1 tone BW
    1 plackers
    used the .50 cent plackers q, $2 stayfree mfq and the $5 rr from trans 1. total oop was a little over $1, and i got back a 3 rr, 3 rr and 2 rr
    trans 3
    1 stayfree
    1 pair of latex cleaning gloves- 2/$1
    used the 3 rr from tone, total oop was like 15 cents and i got back $3
    trans 4
    SB shower kit $12.99 (i really wanted to try this out!)
    1 pair of latex cleaning gloves- 2/$1
    i used the $5 mfq and a $3 rr, total oop was like 4 and some change and i got back a 3 rr
    total oop for all the stuff was about $5.10, and i still have $8 rr for something else!

  • Cathy Powers

    I bought 1 Tone body wash (used $1 off Qpon from Tone website). Got a $3 RR.
    Used $3 RR to buy 1 Skintimate shave cream & 1 Wags pantiliner (50 cents each with in ad Qpon). Got a $3 RR.
    Used $3 RR to buy 1 Tone body wash (used $1.00 off Qpon) & 1 Wags pantiliner. Got $3 RR.
    Used $3 RR to buy 1 Skintimate shave cream & 1 Wags pantiliner. Got a $3 RR
    OOP $4.46 (plus tax) & I have 1 $3 RR left over

  • Kelli

    Bought the stayfree with 1 off coup but RR woulndt print mgr told me the RR are actually sponsored by MFR and on some items MFR will not let You use coup and get RR.I didn’t know this

    • Kelli

      I had no problems getting my RR when I used a coupon yesterday. There are other reasons why your register rewards may not have printed:

      There are a few reasons why your RR didn’t print: you bought an item that was not eligible for the deal (type or size), the catalina machine was off, the RR deal had ended already or not started yet. If you bought the right item, the catalina machine was on and you bought during the correct offer period then you can do two things:

      1) Contact the Catalina company at 1-888-8 coupons. Explain your situation and they should be able to send you the information you need to get your RR in the mail.

      2) Return the product and surrender any RRs that may have printed. Then rebuy the item at another register.

    • Stephanie

      I’ve been told this before as well.

  • Kelli

    Thanks Mercedes I’ll try again later this week.Maybe I didn’t have the right package the other RR printed out for the transaction.Thanks, Kelli

  • Jo Ann

    The same thing that happened to Kelli happened to me. The cashier kept saying it was because I used a Mfr. coupon for the Stayfree. I told her I had done many deals like this before(where I used Mfr. coupon for RR items) and never had a problem. Then another cashier came by and said the same as first cashier and I told her same as I had told the other. She went and asked the mgr. and mgr. said the catalina/RR machine was not working on the Stayfree for some reason and the second cashier came back and gave me a mail-in rebate form to fill out and send in w/Walgreens cash register receipt to get my RR coupon in 6-8 weeks. Gonna cost me a envelope and stamp but I will do this. Very frustrating situation.

  • Alex

    If I go to buy an item that will print out a register reward, can I use a manufactures coupon from the newpaper on the transaction to pay less out pocket and still have the RR print out?