Walgreens: Back to School Coupon Booklet (now with image)


Thanks to I Heart Wags I can share how the back to school booklet looks like.  This should make it a bit easier to be on the hunt for them.  I would *love* to get my hands on one of these booklets as it has a coupon for $2/1 Huggies wipes that works on the tubs.  The tubs at my store sell for $2.79 and if I stack with a insert coupon for $0.50/1 I should pay $0.29 a tub of wipes which I am very happy to do.  So, if YOU find more than one and would like to share with me I would be forever grateful.  Here’s the list of all coupon in this booklet:

100 calorie packs $1 off 2
Capri Sun $1 off 2
Chips Ahoy $1 off
Claritin $2 off
Claritin $3 off
digital prints $.15 each
Excedrin Express Gels $1.50 off
Frito Lay Stax $.50 off
Green and black chocolate $1 off
Huggies wipes $2 off
KISS everlasting nail kits $1 off
Kotex pads or tampons $1 off
Kraft cups $1 off 4
Luster weekend tooth whitening $3 off
No Doz caplets $3 off
Ocean Spray craisins $.50 off
One a day adult $2 off
One a Day Teen $2 off
Panoxyl facial $2 off
Poppycock $1 off
Purina one $.50 off
Sea Breeze $1 off
Silent Snooz snore relief $3 off
Triaminic $2 off
Vagistat – 1 $4 off
Walgreens smoking cessation gum $5 off
wrigley’s 3 pk $1 off
Zone Perfect $.50 off

They all expire 8/29/09.  Happy Hunting!

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  • lora

    where do you get this booklet?

    • AT Walgreens, some stores may carry it some may not. You need to look for it.


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  • Linda K

    Our store no longer carries them

  • Kristin

    I grabbed an extra one today in case you still need it. Let me know.

    • Hi Kristin!
      I just sent you an email.


  • Diane Anderson

    I found a whole bunch of these today if anyone is interested in some!

  • Modern Day Mom

    FYI: The Huggies wipes coupon actually shows $1 off on the back above the barcode, but rings up $2 off as printed on the front. Also, to avoid beeping at the register, make sure to hand over any manufacturer coupons first before giving the clerk this Wags coupon.

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  • Kristina

    I am on the lookout for one of these booklets. If some one has an extra one they’d be willing to send to me (I’ll pay postage), I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. kristina_@fastmail.fm

  • Stephanie

    If anyone has extra and is willing to share, I would be ever so grateful!!

  • Emma K

    My store put these out sometime in the last week or so. When I went in today they were next to the weekly ad. I don’t mind going back and getting more and sending them to some people if you can’t find them. Do these work like the activity book coupons where you can use one coupon for buying multiples of the same item in the same transaction?

    Also does anyone know if someone has matched these coupons up with manufacturers coupons?

    • Hi Emma,

      Yes and Yes. They work like the activity book and any other walgreens store coupon. You only need one and the discount gets applied to all of the same items in your order.

      I use the coupons there with a manufacturer coupon with no problem. No beeps whatsoever, and the cashiers are my store know that you can stack both no problem.


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  • kristin w

    My Walgreens in VA will NOT use a manufacturer coupon w/ the BTS coupon. The back of the BTS coupons states it is a manufacture coupon; therefore, they can’t use both!?!?!?!?!?!

    I’m really frustrated w/ Walgreens! This happens every time I shop there. I think all Walgreens should have the same policy state to state!

  • emily

    My walgreens will not give me the 2 bucks off on a tub of wipes! They told me its a typo and the coupon is only $1 on the tubs! Makes no sense… ugh!

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