Walgreens: Sonicare Toothbrush as low as $14.99

sonicare essence

I have a really good deal on Sonicare toothbrushes for you today.  Walgreens has the Sonicare Essence toothbrushes on sale this week for $49.99 (down from the regular $74.99).  There’s is also a new sheet of Walgreens coupons available in stores.  These coupons are Walgreens coupons and valid through 12/24.  You can see all of the coupons included in these sheet of coupons by clicking here (Thanks SD). So, how do I get a set of this toothbrush down to $14.99 for you?  By combining the following coupons and rebate:

Philips sonicare Essense Toothbrush $49.99
-$10 when you use $10/1 Walgreens coupon from this coupon handout
-$10 when you use $10/1 manufacturer coupon from 11/22 SS insert
-$10 when you submit for manufacturer mail in rebate (get $10 back) *see note below
=$19.99 plus if you do this deal starting on Wednesday and you will get a $5 Holiday register rewards back!

To get the $10 Sonicare Toothbrush Rebate, first register with Sonicare.  After 24 hours of registration you will get an email with up to $29.99 in savings.  You get to choose between the $10 mail in rebate for buying the toothbrush or One FREE brush head replacement (when you buy a multi-pack) – valued up to $19.99.

Happy Savings!

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  • Vicky

    I just bought this at Walgreens today rather than waiting til Wed and used my previous $5/25 Catalina and got it for the same price. Thanks Mercedes!

  • Natasha

    See how you can get this down to $14.99 here! Thanks Common Sense with Money!

  • Lisa Fischer

    so who has one of these & is it worth it??

  • Tara

    I tried to do a similar deal last year. I used a coupon to buy brush head replacements and my rebate form was rejected. Oh well….guess I needed them anyway, but still a bummer.

  • jen

    Where did you find these coupons?

  • Penny

    If you wait until the Friends and Family 15% on Friday, it will be $12.50 + tax

  • Sybil

    Can someone please tell me what this in?
    -$10 when you use $10/1 manufacturer coupon from 11/22 SS insert
    Where do I get the 11/22 SS insert?

  • far

    where do i get the ss insert coupon,,,,can i get it online

  • KMS

    [Sybil and far] SS insert means the Smart Source insert. It is one of the coupon booklets in the Sunday newspaper. The insert you need is from the November 22 newspaper. [11/22] You cannot get it online but you can get it from a coupon clipping service or ebay. HTH

  • Couponswithstyle.com

    Great, I’m in! Thanks for the heads-up. I would’ve missed this one!

  • Maria

    Last year my rebate for my first toothbrush was rejected too. And I tried the signing up after buying an extra handle, the model wasn’t qualify for rebate (Sonicare Essence). Maybe I made a mistake, but it would be worth it to check if the model is qualify for rebate or not.

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  • Anne Marie

    Last year, I attempted to do a different Philips rebate (for a Norelco shaver). My rebate submission was rejected because I had used a $10 coupon from a newspaper coupon insert. In the rules and fine print, it didn’t say that you couldn’t combine coupons/rebates, but it’s something to think about.

  • Chasity

    The best idea might be to leave the Sonicare unopened to see if the rebate gets approved or not.. I am sorry, but if mine gets denied.. I will be returning it. There should be no reason to deny a rebate that is offered as long as you purchased the correct product. I guess we will see!! 🙂 Good luck!

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  • Christy

    Philips WILL reject the rebate. It happened to my MIL since she had a CVS coupon for hers. I called about a Sonicare I bought after my first one died. They sent me a rebate thru email and I sat on it to see if I would need it. My old Sonicare died and I ordered one through drugstore.com. I got a $10 off a $50 purchase since it was my first order. I called Phillips and asked if I would qualify for the rebate. They said “NO”. If you get ANY type of savings on the toothbrush, regardless of the provider of the coupon/sale/savings, they would NOT give you a rebate. However, that is still a great price and the toothbrush is without a doubt, WORTH EVERY PENNY. My dentist is an expert in restorative dentistry, a professor at the UT dental school and a former president of the Texas Dental Association and told me to get one of these. He said he had never recommended a product before but believes in this toothbrush. My FIL has periodontal disease and he bought one after I did. It has helped him tremendously. It is a good deal on the toothbrush. Just my 2 cents.

  • Chasity

    Thanks Christy!! I guess I could splurge a little and keep it! 😉

  • KMS

    I don’t understand how they cannot give the rebate, how do they know the $10 off is on that product if you buy it with others, wouldn’t it look just like a RR does “Manufacturers coupon” on the receipt??? So if I use a 10 RR to pay for it will my rebate be rejected??

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  • Kate

    There is also a $10 off printable coupon here if you don’t have the coupon from 11/22 SS insert.

    • Brian

      Thanks Kate!

  • kent

    Please modify your post on the Sonicare deal to let everyone know they will be rejected for the rebate if they use ANY coupon and possibly even if the item is on sale. No rebate if combined with ANY other offer. Sonicare has a great (overpriced) product, but a crappy attitude at their customer service phone center.

  • Brian

    Here is something we can do (It is a little shady)…

    Buy the toothbrush with all of the coupons.

    Then buy ANOTHER toothbrush at full price. Return the Full Price one, but keep the receipt and send that one in to get the rebate???

  • kent

    Brian, great idea and after the way we were treated by Sonicare customer noservice, I hope it works for you. However, the rebate form says you must mail in the ORIGINAL sales receipt. That would usually be marked by Walgreens showing the item was returned. If you returned the item WITHOUT the receipt it might work. After reading Christy’s comment above, I would not be surprised if Sonicare rejected the rebate because it was on sale (reduced price).

  • Christy

    Yes, Phillips will reject a rebate if the item is on sale, too. I have a rebate for a set of replacement heads for my Sonicare. I need to use it and I saw that Walgreens had them on sale for $24.99 down from $27.99. I called yesterday to see if that would void the rebate and they said YES. The receipt will show if the item was on sale. So, I have to order them from Amazon or get them from someone else at full price. The free shipping from Amazon will not void the rebate.

  • AC

    I checked my 11/22 SS insert, I didn’t get the Phillip Sonicare but I got $10/1 manufacturer coupon for Phillip Norelco shaver instead…bummer..I want to use toothbrush, not the shaver 🙁

  • nikki

    do they still have the coupons from that walgreens ad anywhere?

  • Carrie

    I bought this toothbrush tonight. I was not able to use the $10/1 manufacturer’s coupon and the $10/1 WAGS coupon. They tried to scan both, even switching the order and it didn’t work. So I only got $10 off instead of $20. They said it was because the WAGS coupon says manufacturer’s coupon. Anyone else had a problem stacking manufacturer’s coupons with this new 4-page WAGS packet, because all of them say manufacturer’s coupon on them…

  • Michelle

    I bought my sonicare last night, used the 15% friend/family discount good on 12/18 only, making it ring up $42.49, used the $10 printable from link Kate posted above, cashier scanned the $10 Wags coupon from a flyer they have a register, so total $22.49 which was good enough for me!!

  • Leann

    You could go to a store that offers gift receipts as well and then send in the rebate with the original receipt and return the toothbrush with the gift receipt. Seems like a lot of work, but $10 is $10 :-)!

  • Nancy

    The Sonicare email says “$10 rebate on any future Philips Sonicare toothbrush purchase.
    … Qualifying purchase is a purchase with a dated receipt on or after the date of this email.”
    I don’t think we can get a $10 rebate for this purchase. I don’t plan to submit for the rebate unless, I buy a new toothbrush within a year. I am wondering if you received similar email.

  • Medication online

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  • Jim

    I bought a Sonicare toothbrush with nothing else. It was suppose to have a $10 rebate. I bought my toothbrush back in 12/10. Mailed in the rebate form before xmas. I have called Sonicare at least four times… They keep telling me they either mailed the check, reissued the check… always some excuse. I still haven’t receive my rebate and it’s not 4/12/11. I wonder if they are pulling a bait and switch. No one should have to beg to get what they are entitled to. Like the toothbrush, hate the way they handle rebates.