Walgreens Special Ad 12/3-12/6

Walgreens seems to be mixing things up a bit: first a $5 off $25 coupon good on Monday and Tuesday, now an extra sales ad for this week. The most notable things about this special sales ad are a couple of Register Rewards promotions:

Buy $25 of Merchandise, Get $5 Register Rewards
(see ad for details) and

Buy $15 of the following products, Get $5 Register Rewards

  • Capri Sun, on sale $3
  • Planters, on sale $3
  • Coke 2-liters, on sale 4/$5
  • Coke 12-pks., on sale 3/$10
  • Evian, Fuze, Powerade, Vitamin Water, on sale 4/$4

At first I thought the $5 RR when you buy $25 in products works the same as the $5 off $25 coupon. However this may work out better. Usually with this type of register reward offers the amount needed to spend is $25 before manufacturer coupons. So after coupons you may bring your out of pocket lower than you are a allowed if you are using a $/$$ coupon. Just be aware that the ad states the Register Reward expires on 12/13. This is sooner than the regular two-weeks to expiry register reward.

Update: some folks at Hotcouponworld are confirming that they bought $15 worth of coke products plus extra items to bring their order up to $25 and they got back TWO $5 Register Rewards back. This may be a glitch and may get fixed but it may also not. Proceed at your own risk.

Happy Savings!

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  • Anonymous

    Do you think that it would print 10 RR if I bought 7 capri suns and one planters or something like that?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Anon

    I am not sure. There was some discussion of this over at hotcouponworld. but until a brave soul tries it I can’t confirm.


  • TA-TA

    Does any one have any idea why I can’t see the Walgreen’s ads on their site?

  • Heather

    maybe we can buy $25 including the free after rebate item? That would be pretty cool.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Heather,

    I don’t think the Free after rebate items are part of the exclusions so you should potentially be able to buy them and get $5 RR.


  • Mercedes

    Hi Ta-TA,
    I just went to the Walgreens website and was able to see the new ad. Just go to “weekly ad” and enter your zipcode. It should show the new ad right away.