Walgreens: Studio 35 Curling Iron $1.99 After Coupon


You guys were so excited about this hair dryer deal last month, that I also want to share this deal on a curling iron.  Walgreens has the Studio 35 Curling iron on Megasaver sale for $4.99 each (down from regular price of $9.99).  There’s a coupon in the pharmacy coupon booklet for $3 off one Studio 35 curling iron.  Use this coupon to get a new curling iron for $1.99 only!  The megasaver price ends on 6/27 and the coupon doesn’t expire until 6/30.  so, you have a few days to get in on this deal.

The pharmacy coupon booklet is a coupon booklet usually located behind the pharmacy counter.  It is free for you to have and you should just have to ask for it.    At my store, I have had to tell that that it is a thin red tri fold booklet that says “$50 in savings inside” for them to be able to find it.  Some people report finding it on a table at the entrance of their stores.

Thanks Dealseekingmom!

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  • Michelle

    You said the megasaver price ends 5/27… I believe this is a typo since May has come and gone. Thanks for the heads up on this deal.

    • Thanks Michelle,

      I fixed that.


  • Carolyn

    I visited two different Walgreen’s today, and both of them didn’t know what coupon booklet I was asking for. Is there any other tips for finding the booklet so that when I visit another store they are able to find it for me?

  • Michelle

    I got the coupon booklet (and I’m CERTAIN it’s the right one, because it’s $50 in Savings, and tri-fold, behind the pharmacy counter, etc), but mine doesn’t have the curling iron coupon in it! Bummer.

  • I also asked the pharmacy counter for the coupon booklet. She said that they were no longer making those because people weren’t using the coupons. Then she found some that were behind the counter, but there was not a Studio 35 coupon and the rest of them were already expired in March anyway. Bummer…I needed a curling iron too!

  • Janice

    The flyer is red, tri-fold, about 7″ tall, and is available by asking at the pharmacy counter. The curling iron I purchased was on sale for 4.99 (regular price 9.99), then minus $3 coupon. So maybe even a good price at 4.99 is you can’t locate a coupon.
    Oh, it was a curling iron with a comb attachment and is available in 3 sizes: 1/2″, 3/4, 1″ (curl size).

  • Lyla

    I went to Walgreens in Lackawanna, NY and asked for the booklet at the Pharmacy counter. They had a lot, the woman gave me 3. Coupons expire 6/30.09. I was able to find the curling iron and paid $1.00 plus tax. Thank you for the great information on this deal…

  • Lyla

    oh sorry $1.99 not $1.00

  • Janice

    Saturday –
    Took son’s girlfriend to Walgreens today because she was all excited about the $1.99 curling iron.
    Sad news — the $4.99 sale tag had been removed. Seems that the sale is over, although the coupon is good until 30 June.

  • Janice

    Ok, crazy stuff …
    The $4.99 sale tag is back as of 3pm today!

  • Julie

    It worked for me today. The girls behind the pharmacy had a hard time finding the flyer, but I told them exactly what to look for and they found it. The coupon expires 6/30 so I was excited to get this fun deal. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone know if this flyer has been published again since the end of June when all the coupons expired? I’ve gotten them in the past, but the gal at my local Wags today didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked for the current one…..