Walgreens: Theraflu Moneymaker Deal


There’s a new coupon available on Coupons.com that can help you get some better than free Theraflu this week at Walgreens. Just combine this coupon with a register reward promotion to get a good deal:

Buy two Theraflu products 2/$10
Use two $2/1 Theraflu printable coupons
Use $2/1 Walgreens store coupon from Healthy Savings Booklet (will deduct $4)
Pay $2 out of pocket and earn a $3 RR back

Happy Savings!

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  • Maria R

    I just have bad luck with good deals like this. I went to walgreens to take advantage of the john frieda root awakening deal and the lady told me that i couldn’t use the $3 coupon(with the walgreens logo) and the $5 coupons because they were all manufacturers coupon and i could only use either one. Is this true? and what can i say to them when they do this to me?

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  • elisabeth

    Anyone know what zipcode to use for the Theraflu printable? I cannot find it. Thanks!

    • Kristina L.

      I can’t find it either???

      • 77477 Is the zip I used. Hope it will help. =)

  • Kathy

    I couldn’t find it either but you can print it out on the Theraflu website.

  • chris r

    I couldn’t find either, but thanks for the tip of going to the Theraflu website, Kathy. Also hit back and you will get 2! Going to get my bargains now!!

  • rek

    try zipcode 10001. i got it from there.

  • rek

    try zip code 10001.

  • elisabeth

    Ah, Ok, thanks. I still couldn’t seem to find it on Coupons.com but got 2 just fine from their website! THanks sooo much! You girls Rock!

  • lisa

    about walgreens coupons and manufacturers coupons-i was told at my walgreens, that even though they SAY walgreens coupon on the front, in the print under it, it says MAUFACTURERS coupon. they said it IS a manufacturer’s coupon because the company of the product on the walgreens maufacturer coupon is reimbursing walgreens for the price off the coupon. so, yes, they say, you can only use 1 manufacturers coupon since that is not fair to the company to use 2 coupons-it will be taking away so much money from them? something like that.it kind of made sense to me after that. now, they said if it is an in-ad coupon, with no manufacturer coupon printed on it, then you can use another coupon, a manufacturer coupon with it. hope this is not too confusing. did anyone else get the same answer from their walgreens about this? i sure wish i could be using 2 coupons on products like many others do, but i just can’t at my store. oh well.

  • Teresa

    I went today to do the Theraflu deal and could not find the coupon in the Healthy Savings Book! I looked through it over and over thinking I was missing it. I know it was in one earlier in the month. Is it possible that they issued a new version? Just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone else ran into this….

  • Sol

    This was my first week couponing, and I have you to thank for it! I got some great deals; I got the 2 boxes of Theraflu for $2, received the $3 in RR, and then used those to pay for 2 of the John Freida products (that came with bonus samples) for just $0.16 out of pocket. First I was intimidated, as I had never used couons before, but then I got this sort of rush, lol. Thanks again1

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  • Karen

    I’m done w/ Walgreens. They will not take a wags coupon & a manufacturers coupon on anything. The manager told me today that they only take 1 coupon per item. This does not mean they will if you have 1 extra item in your buggy to balance the amount of items vs. amount of coupons. I like Rite Aid so much better. They don’t mind tons of coupons, they’ve given me written rebates on items if they didn’t have it in stock. Plus, I’ve received great rebates & now a $20 gift card as a special December savings. Thank you Rite Aid!

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