Dead Now: Walgreens: Triaminic® Night Time Cold & Cough Moneymaker

triaminicnightUpdate:  This deal no longer working as of morning of 9/16.

I haven’t had a chance to shop at Walgreens yet but I am seeing this deal reported both on HCW and SD.  Reportedly, the Triaminic® Night Time Cold & Cough is printing TWO $5 Register Rewards instead of just one.  I saw a few of you commented that the printable coupon has already reached print limit and it is no longer available.  But even with hyst the coupon in the Healthy Savings Coupon booklet this deal is still a moneymaker:

$10 wyb two Triaminic Night Time Cold and Cough Syrup (UPC 3 0043 6344 04 5)
-$4 when you use the coupon in the Healthy Savings Coupon Booklet
=$6 out of pocket and get TWO $5 Register Rewards!

If you did get a chance to print the manufacturer coupons then this deal is even better.  Just remember to always hand the manufacturer coupon first.

I am going to try to do this deal this evening if I find any at my local store. If any of you tries this please share your experience in the comments section.

Happy Savings!

  • Amanda

    Mercedes, I remember you explained that we should give the cashier store coupons either before or after manufacturers coupons, but I can’t remember which way it goes. Using your example above, would I use the coupon from the HS booklet before or after handing the MFQ? Thanks!

    • Mercedes

      Hi Amanda,

      Manufacturer coupon first always, at CVS, Target and Walgreens. and pretty much anywhere else too.


  • WHM

    Thanks for this great tip!

  • Holly

    I only received 1 $5 RR for the 2 Triaminics.

  • Misty

    Did not work for me. Bought two of the grape cold and cough triaminic (4 oz) and only received the one $5RR. Also bought the 14count strips in a separate transaction and only received the one $5 RR.

  • Jennifer P

    I did get two RR for the Triaminic!! Yahoo

  • Kathryn

    Thank you very much. I purchased the upc you mentioned and received 2 $5 RR’s. Earlier I purchased 2 other triaminic thin strips (nighttime and cold/cough) and it only printed 1 RR.

  • Kelly

    Wow, I only got one $5 RR for the thin strips but I may go back and try it with the night time type. Definitely worth the extra trip!

  • Heather

    Humm… I got 2 $5 register rewards with one of my tansactions today and ony 1 $5 Regiter Reward with the other. I was wondering why I got 2. Thanks for the tip! I will have to go backand look for more!

  • Hollye

    I did it using the UPC that you mentioned and it worked for me! Awesome! Good thing I went tonight. I forgot that I had some RR that were expiring today!

  • Amy

    Worked for me as well. I did two transactions :)

  • Lynn

    I did this deal and it worked for me!!

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  • Amy

    This worked very well for me. It was still working as of about 12:30 this afternoon. It will work with the night time cough & cold UPC# 3 0043 6344 04 5 and also with the thin strips allergy UPC# 3 0043 6383 14 3. I’m not sure if it will work if you buy one of each. I didn’t want to risk it, so I bought 2 of the same each time.

  • Kara

    I cannot seem to find any of the Healthy Savings books at my local Walgreens in WI. :( I’ve been waiting for my Wags to put them out since you first posted about this.

    (I’ve asked the clerks in the stores and I have looked both at the entrance and by the pharmacy.)

  • Brenda A.

    My Wags sucks @ stocking ad items, I was able to get one fever & one cold & caugh strips (which was the only ones left) so I didn’t get to find out if the extra RR would have worked. I talked to the new manager since everything else in the ad was not there and he said since he was new (ya, he’s been their 3 months) it could take up to 3 more months for corp to catch up to his ordering style. Leave it to Wags to blame someone or something for mistakes!!!

  • maria

    it works with the liquid, not with the strips or thats my case!

    I didnt have any coupons but i did have RR carried over. I bought $10 worth and got 10 right back!!

  • Betty

    I work for Walgreen’s, and when I bought mine, it did not happen, but when I rang up a customer at the front register, it did! Go figure??

  • Betty

    Oh, by the way, often times the item is out at the warehouse, and the stores are unable to get it. This is especially true if the store receives it’s truck late in the week. Ad items are often ordered months in advance for some items, and since the manufacturer is supplying over seven thousand stores for a particular ad, it may not be able to meet the demand. While we can override the automatic ordering system, most of the time the system orders items based on past sales for about the last 12 weeks, and inventory on hand. ( I do the inventory, and some of the ordering, so I am familiar with how it works) And please, it’s not the cashier’s fault if the store has a low supple, or is out, so no need to berate them over it.

  • Mercedes

    I just finally got a chance to do this deal. Just make sure you get the right product with the right UPC codes. I first bought the True north crisps and tehn use that to pay elss for the triaminic. I was also lucky to find the healthy savings booklets at another store on Saturday because my store didn’t have them.


  • Kara

    I FINALLY found a Walgreens that a Healthy Savings booklet but the gal in the pharmacy REFUSED to give it to me because I wasn’t getting a flu shot. :(

  • Wendy

    If you only have 1 coupon from the Healthy Savings book, do you just get $2 off one of the Trianimics, or do you get $2 off of both? Most Walgreens coupons say that they can be used on more than one item, but this one doesn’t say for sure.

    I couldn’t find these books at my Walgreens. I had to ask a gal in the pharmacy. She reluctantly got me one but I definitely got the impression they were meant for people getting flu shots. So, I’m really hoping my 1 coupon will cover both!

    • Mercedes

      Hi Wendy,

      yes, in general a walgreens coupon when scanned will apply to all of the items in the order the coupon is good for. In this case if buying two triaminic it will take $4 off not just $2.


  • Luba

    I went to Walgreens last night with my sister-in-law, and we both got the double $5 coupons. Great Deal.

  • Amber

    I bought 2 and used the upc above and it didn’t work at my Walgreens in IL. Oh, well! :)

  • Laurie

    yeah, wish I’d have seen that this deal is dead before i spent all night looking for them. looked all over town at all the Walgreens and finally found a store w/ 2.. only to have it not work! oh, well, suppose $1 for 2 is still good 😉 man are we stingy or what?!?! lol

  • Mary

    This stopped working in Grand Rapids on the 15th. I got plenty though…gave some to every parent I know! LOL

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