Walgreens: Two Olay products for 50 Cents

This week Walgreens has Olay Bodywash, lotions and soap on sale buy one get one half off.  Here are a couple of ways you can get a good deal:

Buy one 10 oz Olay body wash $4.99
Buy one 8.4 oz Olay ultra moisture lotion $4.99

Use one B1G1 Olay Lotion WYB Body Wash 11/28/2010 P&G Insert (exp 12/31/2010)
Use one $2/1 ANY Olay Soap, Body Wash or Lotion 12/26/2010 P&G Insert (exp 1/31/2011)
Pay $0.50 cents for two after coupons

Mary emailed me to let me know that she did the above deal and the half off was deducted off the price of the body wash.  So the full price of the lotion was deducted by the buy one get one free coupon.  If you don’t want to try this deal, you can get the two-count bars of Olay soap then:

Buy two 2ct bars of Olay Soap $2.99 each
Use two $2/1 ANY Olay Soap, Body Wash or Lotion 12/26/2010 P&G Insert (exp 1/31/2011)
Pay $0.50 for 4 bars of soap

Thanks Mary!

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  • Laney

    I tried this at my wags in missouri this morning and they would not let me use both coupons together.

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  • S

    They were out of the 8.4 ounce lotion at my Walgreens but they had a larger size. I managed to use both coupons and spend about $1.60 for both items, still a great deal.

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  • The Credit Guy

    I’m going to Walgreens tomorrow just to see if I can get these items.

  • donna

    what determines which item you get for 50% off. is it the 2nd item that is rung up ?
    please advise.
    thanks …

    • Kathy

      I believe the 50% will be taken off the lowest priced item. I was there yesterday and that is what happened with my purchase. Bought the lotion and the bodywash. Got the body wash for 50% off ($2.50) and received the lotion free after my coupon and also was able to use my $2.00 coupon on the body wash. So, I got both items for a total of 50 cents.

      • donna

        but what if both items are the same price as shown in the example ?
        what was the price of your bodywash and lotion ?

        • Kathy

          If the items are the same price, it doesn’t matter which item the 50% is taken off of because it will be the exact same amount deducted. EXAMPLE: if both items are $4.99, you will pay $4.99 for one and $2.50 for the other.
          The price of my lotion was $8.99 and the bodywash was $4.99 so I received the 50% off the lowest priced item (the bodywash). I think the discount will always be off the lowest priced item and if the items cost the same amount, the 50% discount will be the same.
          Hope this explanation helps!!

          • donna

            that makes sense. see i wanted to use the $2 coupon off the body wash and the free lotion when you buy body wash coupon. but if the 50% is taken off the lotion than the free coupon will only take off the remaining $2.49 and not the full $4.99. than the body wash will be $4.99 – $2.00 coupon. so, if this happens i will end up paying $2.99 instead of .50 cents as in the the example. hope that make sense.

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  • Kathy

    I know exactly what you mean and I was concerned about that as well, but it does appear that both items ring up at the full price and the 50% discount is taken off at the bottom of the receipt where the coupon deductions usually appear. So, I would hand the cashier the free coupon first and just make sure that they deduct the full cost of $4.99 for the lotion and they also should accept the $2.00 coupon for the body wash. I had no trouble at all with mine but it might depend on your store. I am planning on going back again as I have some more coupons to use.
    It’s a really GREAT deal if you can get it!!! Good luck!! 🙂

  • mary

    I believe many of the good deals this week at Walgreens can apply to the Olay Get Caught Looking Beautiful Rebate. Pantene, Herbal Essence, Aussie?, Olay.

    Receive a $20 Mail-In Rebate when you buy $50 worth of ANY Olay, Venus, Secret, Covergirl, Pantene, Herbal Essences and/or Clairol products. All purchases must be made by December 31, 2010. Rebate submissions must be postmarked by January 14, 2011.

    You can find the rebate form on Olay.com, look under offers.